398 Three Against One

    "Any bright ideas?" Billy Boy asked Jiang Fei. Fighting players was his forte but never fighting the boss.

    "The boss's level is too high. No normal players could break his defense unless we attack by the thousands."

    Jiang Fei shook his head. There was also other information about the boss, such as Berserk and Lifesteal. Having more players would not be a good thing this time around.

    "By the looks of it, there's no more than a few hundreds of player who can fight the boss." Billy Boy frowned. According to what Jiang Fei had explained, having more players would only be fodder to the boss.

    "I have an idea. I'll have Seven Star Warrior with me. Everyone else must stop anyone else from interrupting the boss fight. No one can come close!" said Jiang Fei. Both Jiang Fei and Seven Star Warrior had attacks that completely ignored defenses. That way, they could fully attack without being suppressed.

    Jiang Fei had already prepared his skills for the boss fight. After Morphing, he would gain 70% Lifesteal effect. Pair that with the Crimson Reaper, he would have double the Lifesteal amount. If he hit 10,000 damage, he would be recovering 14,000 health points. This way, there was no need for him to even have healers backing him up.

    "Just the two of you? Are you sure?"

    "Yeah. 100%." Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Alright. I have your word," said Billy Boy when Jiang Fei was so confident.

    "Seven Star Warrior, come with me. Little Rain had his moments, now it's your turn!" said Jiang Fei as he invited Seven Star Warrior into his party. He then led him and Isabella to fight the boss.

    "Huh? What the-did Ah Fei just rush to the boss with only the three of them?" asked Han Tianyu.

    "Yup. The boss level was too high for anyone to attack properly. The guild master said that the three of them would be enough to take the boss down!" said Billy Boy as he relayed what Jiang Fei had told him.

    The two guilds retreated as they created a safe space for Jiang Fei to fight the boss. Their main task was to secure the boss fight and not allow anyone to approach them.

    "Warrior, go behind the boss and only attack from there. That's all you have to do. Bella, skip melee attacks. Stand afar and just attack as much as you can. I don't think you can deal much damage anyway. Your task is to take hits from the boss!" Jiang Fei ordered.

    Isabella, in her normal form, would not have much special attribute to her attacks. Hence, when the boss was higher level than her, it would be hard for her to deal much damage. However, since she had a large pool of health points, there was no worry of her being killed. In fact, she would be perfect to be the tank.

    The skill that Jiang Fei wanted Isabella to take was Brilliance Pierce. That sort of boss skill was usually used against range attackers. Jiang Fei had predicted that and arranged Isabella to stand further. Seven Star Warrior might have strong attacks but his overall durability was akin to a tofu. A single poke from the boss might actually kill him.

    "I'll attack first, join in immediately when I have the boss's aggro!" said Jiang Fei.

    With a flash of violet thunder, Jiang Fei morphed into his demon form.

    Wild Charge!


    After morphing, Jiang Fei's attack had doubled. Wild Charge had managed to deal over 20,000 damage due to the skill's own 400% attack potency.

    "You dare attack me? Foul invaders! Die!" cried the boss, signifying the start of the battle.


    The boss's normal attack was not too over the top but it was still powerful. Jiang Fei, having more than 47,000 health points, had no threats of being killed at the moment.





    Bash dealt damage based on Jiang Fei's maximum health points. Against this boss, the skill was pretty much useless. The only reason Jiang Fei used this skill was not to deal damage but to stack Ruthless Barrage.


    A split second after Jiang Fei attacked, Seven Star Warrior got into his position and started to attack. Even though his attacks and skills consumed health points, Jiang Fei's Lifesteal effect was able to negate the health point loss. Seven Star Warrior had no need to restrain on his part.

    After attacking speedily, Jiang Fei stacked ten stacks of Ruthless Barrage and pushed his attacks to 17,000. Each attack would restore more than 20,000 health points. With such high regeneration speed, the three of them would be as good as immortals as long as the boss did not use any instant kill skill.

    Qilin's Fist!


    Lightbringer's Armament's equipment skill had now become Jiang Fei's main attack skill. Six seconds cooldown was not short but it was good enough to be used repeatedly. Paired with the Nephilim's Eye passive skill to expose weak spots, Jiang Fei's attack soared to the sky.


    -3,475 (Dragon's Breath)

    Jiang Fei had the Black Dragon Scale on him, hence, when his normal attack did not hit the enemy's weak spot, the dragon scale effect would kick in, pushing his damage to surpass 20,000.

    Having defense ignore attack and Chaos attributes, Jiang Fei and Seven Star Warrior were literally boss slayers. Seven Star Warrior had Holy attribute to his attacks which also granted him ignore defense attacks. Because of that, he was able to deal over 10,000 damage on a Level 60 boss.

    Compared with the two, Isabella was rather pitiful. Each time her black flames landed on the boss, it would only deal a few hundred damage. Whenever Jiang Fei turned to look at Isabella, he could figuratively see comically annoyed squiggly lines.

    With his morphing, Jiang Fei's damage-per-second (DPS) had surpassed 30,000. Paired with his ungodly Lifesteal effect, the boss could not even cause Jiang Fei to flinch after Tri-Slash and Shockwave were used on him.

    Brilliant Pierce!


    When the boss had 70% health points left, he jumped forward and used Brillant Pierce. In a flash, he zoomed passed Jiang Fei and struck Isabella.

    Although she was attacking from afar, she was not the same as other range attackers. Compared to the players, this NPC pet had over 80,000 health points. The damage dealt on her was strong but it was nothing to be worried about since Jiang Fei could heal her in the instance of an attack.

    After the activation of Brilliant Pierce, the boss did not clear his aggro value. When he could not instantly kill Isabella, he turned back to attacking Jiang Fei.

    The total damage on the boss by Jiang Fei and Seven Star Warrior, excluding Isabella because she was too weak, was over 40,000. Even though the boss had over 8,550,000, he could not last long in the battle since he did not have any recovery skill.

    In less than three minutes, the boss was left with less than 5% health points.

    'Phew... Luckily Seven Star Warrior was here. I, alone, could never kill this boss in time! In the worst-case scenario, the boss would trigger its Berserk skill and kill us all!' thought Jiang Fei to himself. He knew that once the boss activated Berserk, there was no way Jiang Fei could tank the boss even if all of his skills were used.
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