400 Constructor

    When the Uranium mines' positions were recorded, Jiang Fei did not act hastily. Instead, he tried to think of excuses to leave home for several days instead of leaving unannounced. His mother would have something to say about that.

    After preparing himself, Jiang Fei went to the training room. He had been diligent as he had never once skipped training his nameless fist style that the Old Hai had taught him.

    When school time was over, Jiang Fei timed himself nicely and headed back home.

    "Mom, in two days, there's somewhere I need to attend for two days!" Jiang Fei informed his mother.


    "Remember I went to some competition a while back? I got some good results and there's a rematch two days from now!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Oh my! That's great! Go get that champion's trophy!" said his mother happily. Why would a mother stop his own son from getting his glory?

    After dinner, Jiang Fei headed to his room and discussed the plans to steal the Uranium. Before that night, 0541 was constantly in Hibernation mode to preserve as much energy as possible. There was no telling what would happen in the mines, hence, 0541 would have to prepare for the worse.

    10 pm at night, Jiang Fei logged into the game again.

    The atmosphere on the Battlefield had subsided after the great war. Especially since everyone in Dawnlight City had gained a permanent experience boost buff, they had been vigorously training to enjoy its benefits. Hence, there were not many players left on the Battlefield map as they were all returned to the original world.

    Maps that were desolated were filled with players. Many small and average sized ones had already dominated several fields for their members.

    Approximately two-thirds of players had left the Battlefield map. Even so, Billy Boy remained in the map to make a stand as the absolute champion of PvP. There were many pug players who preferred large scale PvP warfare. Those who did, joined Billy Boy's cause. With Empyreal Dragon's own PvP enthusiasts, their numbers totaled up to 45,000 players. Even though the numbers were not too great, they were still able to make their stand as the undefeatable city with Billy Boy as their commander.

    "Hoho. That man surely is the King of PvP!" said Jiang Fei happily after listening to Lady Casanova's report. Billy Boy's incredible leadership had attracted numerous numbers of pug players to become Empyreal Dragon's backup. Best of all, those players were independent. Jiang Fei need not spend anything to sustain them! In a crude way of saying, they were expendable players who would march into war with Billy Boy leading the army.

    "This goes without saying that Billy Boy, a Profession player, would be worth a fortune!" said Rosette Rose.

    Jiang Fei had no need to meddle anything related to the guild management. Leaving things behind for the others to take care of, Jiang Fei headed out to search for Level 40 dungeons. All of a sudden, Smart Tomato contacted Jiang Fei.

    "What's going on? Did you find a Level 40 dungeon for me?" asked Jiang Fei hopefully.

    "No... It's ehrm..." Smart Tomato winced.

    "Oh! Is it a Secret Dungeon then?"


    "Could it be a treasure test that is being guarded by a powerful boss?"

    "Not that one..."

    "Yo, are you messing with me?" Jiang Fei could not think of anything else that could make Smart Tomato contact him.

    "Well, I have a rare Profession player here. Are you interested in that?" said Smart Tomato, smiling.

    "Hm. You should have talked to Rosette Rose about this," said Jiang Fei, annoyed. He knew that the profession player would be a matter of fishing from another guild. This sort of issue should be handled by Rosette Rose.

    "Well... You see..." Smart Tomato winced again. It was obvious that Smart Tomato knew that Rosette Rose was a cunning businesswoman who could easily lower the price of anything she was planning to buy. That made Smart Tomato very much reluctant to talk to her since he wanted to earn more from Jiang Fei. Based on his past records, Jiang Fei had never been more generous when it came to buying information.

    "Fine, what is this player's profession?" asked Jiang Fei without thinking too much about it.

    "This player is a Hidden Class, called the Constructor. An advancement if the Blacksmith class. Currently, he is in a large guild but I had accidentally met with him. He mentioned wanting to venture into better places. He wants to join a guild that could further his potential!" said Smart Tomato.

    What Smart Tomato said was only half the truth. He was being truthful about meeting a Constructor but that player had no plans in changing to a better guild. When Smart Tomato knew about the value of that player, he purposely lit a fire in that player's heart to fight against his own guild.

    In a way of saying, Smart Tomato had engineered the entire facade in order to "sell" that Constructor to Jiang Fei. It was a method which players like Smart Tomato loved to used. They did not care about the means, only the end. Not only did he sell information but he went ahead and even ventured into fishing players to another guild.

    "Constructor? What sort of perks does he have?" said Jiang Fei. If it was a normal profession, there would be information about it on the official website. Rare class and Hidden Class would have little to no information on the internet. No one could really put a finger on their perks.

    "A constructor could help in strengthening guild's territory building. Not only could he build the building faster, he could also upgrade the towers!"

    Constructors were very useful, especially to Jiang Fei. That was why he had rushed to contact Jiang Fei about it. The Constructor was useless in his current guild. Since Dawnlight City guilds with territory were only Empyreal Dragon and The Aristocrats, his value would never shine in other guilds. Hence, if he was part of Empyreal Dragon, his value to the guild would outshine Jiang Fei as an equipment producer.

    "What? There's even such a class?" exclaimed Jiang Fei. He was worried that his territory building was slow! The arrival of the Constructor would be a lifesaver!


    Now that Jiang Fei was excited about it, Smart Tomato's plans had worked. This was why he wanted to talk business with Jiang Fei instead of Rosette Rose.

    "Tell you what? Get that man over to my guild and when he's in, I'll send you the money via the system contract. My price for that Constructor would be real cash! 200,000!"
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