401 Temple of Deities and Demons

    "Okay! Alright!" Smart Tomato nodded his head like a broken toy. If he had spoken to Rosette Rose, she would have offered him only 20,000 gold coins. Perhaps even a few thousand extra! She could never be the same as Jiang Fei, who would immediately offer 200,000 cold hard cash!

    Smart Tomato might be cunning but he was just an information broker. Fishing someone out of their guild would highly depend on his target sales. In this case, where Empyreal Dragon stood. However, his efforts all lay in his words. He would never thought that he could have 200,000 in his hands.

    Jiang Fei had not been such a generous man since before he had received a several billion dollars from the potion deal with Han Tianyu and the Zhang family. That was why he could be so generous when it came to money.

    Having such a lucrative deal was not a deal breaker for Jiang Fei. In fact, with 200,000 cash just floating in front of Smart Tomato, he would make sure that the deals went on smoothly! If he failed, he would be crying so much worse than a baby would.

    After signing the contract with Smart Tomato, Jiang Fei entered the amount of money into the system and said to Smart Tomato, "Could you please tell me the name of the Constructor?"

    "Ah! Right! His name is Beansprout!"

    Right there and then, Smart Tomato looked up to Jiang Fei like the fortune god. Being friendly was not enough now, from then onward, Smart Tomato would smile from ear to ear whenever he saw Jiang Fei.

    "Get some time and arrange a meeting with Rosette Rose and have her arrange everything too!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Will do! I will handle it!" Smart Tomato nodded vigorously. Even though he liked Jiang Fei for his money, Smart Tomato trusted Rosette Rose, the female butler of Empyreal Dragon, so much that he could just bet his life on it.

    Still, Jiang Fei was still the big boss. Anything related to business had to be discussed with Jiang Fei. Even though Jiang Fei sucked at it. There might be a chance that Smart Tomato failed the discussion with Jiang Fei. In a way of saying, Jiang Fei could never talk his way to persuade someone to leave their guild. It was best to leave the matter to people who knew what they were doing.

    Once Rosette Rose was called, Jiang Fei had no room to talk. As long as Smart Tomato could pull some strings, Rosette Rose could get things done.

    Now that there was nothing for him to do, Jiang Fei moved forward and continued his search for a level farming spot outside of Dawnlight City's region.

    With Isabella hugging Jiang Fei on the Skygliding Dragon, they could see the entire training grounds of Dawnlight City filled with players. Because of the experience buff, they were all training diligently. It was almost the same as when the game had just launched, where everyone was trying their best to reach the number one spot on the Level Ranking Board.

    Since there were players roaming about on the map, Jiang Fei did not bother to look down at all. If there were players, they would have found a dungeon by then. The news of it would spread and Jiang Fei would not have to search for it.


    On a Level 45 map, Jiang Fei found an NPC on the ground that was waving at him.

    "Odd. Might as well have a look."

    Jiang Fei was not flying too high so when he descended, Jiang Fei arrived next to the NPC.

    "Ah! Adventurer! You have come!" said the NPC with the name tag "Roadside Villager". From the looks of it, it seemed that this NPC had no real intelligence. His speech pattern was just a pre-programmed one. Anyone who played MMORPG games would immediately recognize him as a quest-giving NPC.

    "What can I do for you?" asked Jiang Fei. It was the most basic speech choice used to trigger a quest. Since these dumb NPCs would only pick up these sort of answer, Jiang Fei would not be able to "scare" him and cheat him of his belongings.

    "O brave one. My family went to the Temple of Deities and Demons. However, they have been gone for three days and have not returned since! I have heard rumors of ghost sightings there. Could you please help me search for my family?" asked the NPC with the most monotonous voice ever.

    "Ding! Roadside Villager has a quest for you. The Lost Family! Would you accept it?"

    "F*ck me. This is lucky!" cried Jiang Fei. From what the NPC had said, Jiang Fei knew that the quest was a dungeon opening quest. Jiang Fei was lucky to have answered the NPC's call earlier!

    "No problem! I will help you find your family. Where is the Temple of Deities and Demons?" asked Jiang Fei immediately to accept the quest.

    "Please take this map. It will guide you there!"

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    After the system notification popped, Jiang Fei's minimap beeped with a red dot, indicating the location of the Temple of Deities and Demons.


    Jiang Fei cocked his head. The location of the beep was where Jiang Fei had flown over earlier. It was nothing but a plain map. There was nothing that resembled a temple there!

    "Let us head back and have a closer look!" said Jiang Fei to Isabella. With haste, Isabella nodded her head and leaped onto the dragon before Jiang Fei could. The dragon rose to the sky and Jiang Fei flew at top speed toward the beep on the minimap.

    "What the hell? There was nothing here when I flew over!"

    Jiang Fei had arrived at the indicated location and what he saw was a new group of buildings that were not originally there.

    "It must be some kind of illusion spell to hide the place! That is why we could not see it earlier!" said Isabella.

    "I see. My little Isabella is so smart these days!"


    Isabella explanation was illusion spell but in reality, it was just an instance-based map. Those with key-items, in this case, the map that the Roadside Villager had given, could see the entrance.

    Anyone else could never see the entrance, much less enter it, even if they had a large search party looking for it. Players who could enter the map would be entering a spatial door. Even though the location was on the map, it would be a mirrored map which was another instance.

    "Let's go!"

    Now that there was a dungeon to explore, Jiang Fei descended and hurried to the cluster of buildings.

    It was a temple. A traditional chinese temple with several buildings built close together. There was a plaque hanging at the entrance of the temple. On the plaque, writings that said 'The Temple of Deities and Demons' were carved in gold. Underneath the giant gate was a purple vortex. At this point, even the dumbest player would know that this was the entrance to the dungeon.

    "Ding! You are about to enter the Level 40 dungeon, Temple of Deities and Demons. Please choose the difficulty!"


    Jiang Fei chose the easiest to start with. That way, he could still gain experience points and at the same time, understand the mechanism of the boss skills.

    "Ding! You are about to enter the Level 40 dungeon, Temple of Deities and Demons, Normal difficulty. This difficulty can accommodate twenty players. Your party is not full, do you wish to continue?"

    "What the hell? Twenty players for Normal mode?"

    Jiang Fei was thrown off track. He did not know that at increasing level, group dungeon would become the norm.


    Even though it was a twenty-man dungeon, Jiang Fei would not return empty-handed. Especially since he was already at the entrance.
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