402 The Best Way to Earn Experience Points

    Swoosh! A white light flashed. Jiang Fei and Isabella entered the Dungeon.

    As usual, after entering, there was a small safe area. This was where players could prepare themselves, like fully recovering their Health Points and buffing themselves.

    Not far from the safe area were two monsters guarding the door. Both the monsters were more than four meters tall and looked ferocious. The upper bodies and legs of the two giants were exposed. They were only wearing lotus-shaped short skirts and were holding Vajras. One could tell at a glance that they were powerful.

    Heng and Ha (Giant Race, Vice Leader)

    Level: 43

    Health Points: 500,000

    Attack Power: 4,500

    Skills: Smash, Stomp, Heng! Ha!

    Smash: Immediately deals a powerful blow to the enemy.

    Stomp: Steps on the target, knocking the target down and weakening the target's Defense by 10%.

    Heng: Immediately deals a lot of damage to the target and knocks the target back.

    Ha: Immobilizes the target and causes damage over time.

    Remarks: Heng and Ha share 500,000 Health Points.

    "That's pretty interesting!" Jiang Fei smiled as he looked at the two small bosses at the gate. It really was no wonder that this was a small twenty-man party Dungeon. The two gatekeeping monsters were already Vice Leaders.

    However, although these two monsters were quite powerful in the eyes of ordinary players, they were absolutely insignificant to Jiang Fei.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei told Isabella and immediately rushed forward.

    The two monsters had less than 5,000 Attack Power. As Jiang Fei had the Lightbringer's Armaments equipped, the monsters could only deal around 2,000 damage to him even with the use of skills. Thus, the combined damage of the two monsters was still insufficient to pose a threat toward Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei had super high Attack Speed and super strong Lifesteal after he stacked Ruthless Barrage, so he could completely ignore the damage.

    Isabella did not summon her Demon Flame at all. Instead, she just stood behind and used Abyssal Flame. Even so, the Health Points of the two monsters decreased rapidly,


    One of the monsters used a skill which knocked Jiang Fei back.


    Following that, Jiang Fei was immobilized by the other monster's skill.

    While Jiang Fei was stuck, the two monsters immediately turned and charged toward Isabella.

    "Damn! So this is the difficult part!" Jiang Fei suddenly realized. If an average party came here, the melee attackers around the monsters would be in trouble as soon as the Tank got knocked back and immobilized. So, an additional Tank was needed. Once the main Tank got knocked away, the sub-Tank had to immediately Taunt Heng and Ha.

    However, this did not apply to Jiang Fei and Isabella. Isabella was also tanky. She had high Defense and nearly 90,000 Health Points. She had a stronger ability to survive compared to Jiang Fei.

    After the immobilizing effect ended, Jiang Fei returned and continued to fight Heng and Ha. Even though the two monsters shared 500,000 Health Points, both Jiang Fei and Isabella's Attack Power was high. In less than thirty seconds, Jiang Fei and Isabella killed the two monsters.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Heng and Ha. Obtained 84,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have eliminated Heng and Ha. Obtained 84,000 Experience Points!"

    "Awesome!" Jiang Fei who had not done solo Dungeon runs for a long time was very happy. As expected, doing solo Dungeon runs was still the best way to level up.

    The two small bosses each dropped a Green Level 40 equipment. However, these were totally useless to Jiang Fei. He directly disassembled them into Enhancement Materials.

    After killing the gatekeeping monsters, Jiang Fei entered the Dungeon for real.

    Samanera Ghost (Specter, Elite)

    Level: 42

    Health Points: 35,000

    Attack Power: 2,700

    The normal monsters in the Dungeon were not as strong as the gatekeeping monsters. However, they came in groups. There were about seven or eight monsters in a group. Occasionally, there would be a large group of more than ten monsters.

    "Bella, don't attack for now. I'm going to pull the aggro of all the monsters at one go!" Jiang Fei smiled at Isabella. As these monsters had less than 3,000 Attack Power, they could not break through his Defense. So, Jiang Fei was too lazy to kill them group by group.

    "Hey! Come on!" Jiang Fei yelled as he rushed into the groups of monsters.

    As he was wearing the Lightbringer's Armaments, Jiang Fei had close to 6,000 Defense. So, the attacks of these small monsters could not break through his Defense at all. Isabella who was further away did not join the battle. Jiang Fei generated aggro and charged straight into the depths of the Dungeon.

    When Jiang Fei was nearing the first boss, there were already countless small monsters behind him forming a long trail. Once Jiang Fei stood still, he was immediately surrounded by three layers of monsters.

    God's Wrath!




    Jiang Fei's vision was instantly filled with damage figures.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Samanera Ghost. Obtained 40,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have eliminated Samanera Ghost. Obtained 40,000 Experience Points!"


    "Hahaha! Awesome!" Jiang Fei was extremely happy when he saw his Experience Points increase rapidly. He realized that although the cooldown time of God's Wrath was a little long, it was the best skill for killing monsters.

    The monsters in Dungeons had the tendency of chasing players to their deaths. As long as players did not exit the Dungeon, the monsters would chase them wherever they went. So, while Jiang Fei casually generated aggro along the way, he was not afraid that some monsters would stop chasing him. When the time was right, he could just use God's Wrath and he would immediately gain a lot of Experience all at once!

    "As expected, a Level 40 Dungeon gives a lot of Experience. I can probably level up again after clearing one round!" Jiang Fei thought to himself with great joy.

    Normal Dungeons were not the same as Secret Dungeons. Players could only clear Secret Dungeons once but could clear normal Dungeons every single day. Moreover, normal Dungeons had three different modes. This meant that Jiang Fei could reach Level 49 within a day or two. Then, once he consumed the Abyss Crystal, Jiang Fei would immediately reach Level 59.

    At that time, Jiang Fei would be able to bully anyone because of the level difference.

    After he kept his excitement in check, Jiang Fei turned his gaze toward the first boss.

    Temple Manager Ghost (Specter, Leader)

    Level: 45

    Health Points: 550,000

    Magic Attack Power: 7,500

    Skills: Greed, Suspicion, Jealousy, Manipulation.

    Greed: Temple Manager Ghost asks for your belongings and disarms you for twenty seconds!

    Suspicion: Temple Manager Ghost enters a state of suspicion and its Avoidability increases by 50%.

    Jealousy: Temple Manager Ghost becomes jealous of your abilities and steals 50% of the target's Attack Power to strengthen itself.

    Manipulation: Temple Manager Ghost refuses to fight fairly and immediately summons four small Ghosts to help in the battle.

    Remarks: Originally a monk in the Temple of Deities and Demons. Due to unknown reasons, his soul still lingers even after his death.

    "It's actually a Magic-type boss!" Jiang Fei nodded slightly. Before this, he had extremely high Physical Defense but very low Magic Defense. This was not the case anymore. Now, the Lightbringer's Armaments gave him extremely high Magic Defense.
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