403 Instant Death Skill

    "Come on! Let's kill this boss!" After Jiang Fei rested for a short while in order to let God's Wrath cool down, he immediately charged at the boss.

    Jiang Fei could already solo a Level 60 Lord. So, a Level 40 Leader boss like this one definitely had no chance against him. This boss that had less than 10,000 Attack Power posed no threat to Jiang Fei at all. He did not even have to transform.

    Even though it was a twenty-man party Dungeon, it was of Normal difficulty. So, the difficulty of this boss was also limited. After all, Dungeons of Normal difficulty were for average players to clear in order to get equipment. Only Dungeons starting from Elite mode were really difficult.

    As soon as the boss battle began, Isabella summoned her Demon Flame and fought alongside Jiang Fei. After a short while, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage became fully stacked. When both of their Attack Powers were combined, they dealt more than 20,000 damage per second. The boss's Health Points decreased quickly. Before the boss even had time to fight back, its Health Points had already fallen below 80%.

    Starting from 80%, the boss gradually activated its skills. Its first move was to disarm Jiang Fei.

    Unfortunately, Jiang Fei's Blazing Hammer did not add Attack Power. So, Jiang Fei's Attack Power was not affected after his Blazing Hammer was confiscated. Although he could not use Bash temporarily, his Ruthless Barrage was already fully stacked, so Jiang Fei did not need this low damage skill anymore.

    When this was paired with the Weakness Exploit effect of the Nephilim King's Eyes, Jiang Fei's attacks were extremely painful. Even without transforming, he was dealing about the same amount of damage as Isabella.

    Soon, the boss who was being bullied entered the enhanced Avoidability state. This made things a little more difficult for Jiang Fei. When he attacked, there were misses one after another. Occasionally, his Ruthless Barrage would be affected, which made his Attack Power fluctuate. It was very unstable.

    However, as soon as the duration of enhanced Avoidability ended, Jiang Fei's Attack Power stacked again and the boss's Health Points started to decrease rapidly.

    When the boss's Health Points fell to 50%, the boss summoned four monsters. However, as soon as these four Advanced Elites neared Jiang Fei, he used God's Wrath and killed them instantly.

    After that, although the boss stole Isabella's Attack Power once, it only delayed his death. In less than a minute, Jiang Fei and Isabella ended the battle.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Temple Manager Ghost. Obtained 120,000 Experience Points! Obtained 400 gold coins!"

    Jiang Fei casually flipped the boss's corpse and obtained four pieces of equipment. There were a Blue one and three Green ones. He kept the Blue one in his bag. He planned to throw it into the guild storage later. As for the Green ones, he immediately disassembled them.

    "Tsk tsk... Normal mode Dungeons are really just for earning Experience!" Jiang Fei complained. Obviously, he was dissatisfied with the boss's drops. He had extremely high Luck and this was even the First Kill, but he only obtained one Blue and three Greens. If other players came to this Dungeon in the future, they would definitely only get three or four Green pieces of equipment.

    Jiang Fei obviously could not stand in the shoes of other players. Currently, at this level, although average players would have already gotten rid of their White equipment, most of their equipment were still Green. Occasionally, if they managed to obtain a Blue equipment, it was already really great. Many Level 30 players were still wearing Level 20 equipment. Even though average players only had Blue or Green equipment, the Level of their equipment could not keep up with their current Level at all.

    Therefore, to average players, a Green equipment that matched their current Level were also very good. When it came to Jiang Fei, however, he did not even bother to look at the Green equipment. He just immediately disassembled them.

    After the first boss, Jiang Fei continued to move forward. The monsters here had changed. They were no longer Samanera Ghosts. Instead, they were Bhikkhu Ghosts.

    Bhikkhu Ghost (Specter, Elite)

    Level: 45

    Health Points: 43,000

    Attack Power: 2,900

    Remarks: A monk from the Temple of Deities and Demons that was killed. However, due to unknown reasons, his soul still lingers.

    The Attack Power and Health Points had increased slightly. Even so, for Jiang Fei, it was the same thing. These small monsters could not break through his Defense and could not survive his God's Wrath.

    However, there were more of these Bhikkhu Ghosts in each group. There were at least ten in a group. Some groups even had twenty of them. These large groups of monsters would definitely be a challenge for average players. For Jiang Fei, however, the more monsters, the better! It was easier for him to form a long monster trail that way.

    "Hey! Come on!" After waiting for his God's Wrath to cool down, Jiang Fei continued to yell while he generated aggro.

    Isabella found Jiang Fei's joyful look to be a little funny, but she did not say anything. She just smiled as she watched Jiang Fei run around, generating the aggro of all the monsters.

    God's Wrath!





    After he gathered all the monsters in front of the second boss, Jiang Fei used his skill to get rid of all the small monsters once again.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Bhikkhu Ghost. Obtained 50,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have eliminated Bhikkhu Ghost. Obtained 50,000 Experience Points!"


    Jiang Fei gained a large number of Experience Points, which increased up to more than two-thirds of his total Experience. It seemed like he would certainly reach Level 46 after clearing this Normal difficulty Dungeon.

    Vena Ghost (Specter, Leader)

    Level: 45

    Health Points: 600,000

    Attack Power: 8,500

    Skills: Whip, Flog, Confine, Death Cane.

    Whip: Vena Ghost disciplines unruly monks. Causes a moderate amount of damage to the current target, reducing their Defense by 10%. Can be stacked three times.

    Flog: Vena Ghost disciplines unruly monks. Causes a lot of damage to the current target.

    Confine: Vena Ghost disciplines unruly monks. Immobilizes a random target, making them unable to move, attack or cast spells.

    Death Cane: Vena Ghost disciplines monks who have committed heinous sins. Vena Ghost will randomly mark a player. If that player does anything that generates aggro while marked, Vena Ghost will immediately kill that player.

    Remarks: Originally a senior monk in charge of punishment in the Temple of Deities and Demons. However, due to unknown reasons, his soul still lingers even after his death.

    "Bella, be careful later. Once this guy marks you, stop attacking immediately!" Jiang Fei warned Isabella. This kind of instant death skill was the most troublesome. As long as the activation conditions were satisfied, any Defense or Health Points would be completely ignored. The boss would instantly kill the target without any warning.

    Therefore, even though Jiang Fei and Isabella had a lot of Health Points and high Defense, they still had to avoid these kinds of skills. Otherwise, killing a Level 60 Lord but dying in the hands of a Level 40 boss would be way too embarrassing.

    "Don't worry!" Isabella nodded.

    "Okay! Then I'm going in!" After Jiang Fei took a deep breath, he immediately rushed toward the boss with Wild Charge.
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