405 Lifesteal Demon Form

    "Kill him!" After looking at the boss's attributes, Jiang Fei called out to Isabella and immediately charged at the boss.

    "Come on! There are intruders!" When Jiang Fei arrived in front of the boss, the boss was immediately activated. Right at the start of the battle, this summoner boss had already begun to summon minions.

    Swoosh! A white light flashed and nine Samanera Ghosts appeared.

    Swoosh! Following another white light, nine Bhikkhu Ghosts also appeared next to the boss.





    All eighteen monsters immediately attacked Jiang Fei. With the Exorcism buff, the Attack Power of these monsters doubled. Originally, the Attack Power of these monsters was not enough to break through Jiang Fei's Defense. However, with the buff, it soared to more than 5,000. So, their attacks dealt a lot of damage to Jiang Fei.


    "F*ck!" After receiving an attack from the boss, Jiang Fei's face changed. One monster's attacks were not worth mentioning, but he definitely could not handle eighteen monsters attacking him all at once. When this was paired with the boss's attacks, each round of attacks could take almost 30,000 of Jiang Fei's Health Points away.

    Jiang Fei could only survive by transforming into his Nephilim form. In this current state, it was impossible to maintain his Health Points at a safe level with just Lifesteal.

    "F*ck! I didn't expect the last boss to be this troublesome!" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. Now, he had three choices. The first was the simplest. He could immediately activate his Nephilim form and everything would be solved, but Jiang Fei did not want to waste this skill. After all, he still had to attempt Elite mode! The second was to let Isabella generate the aggro of a few monsters for him. His Lifesteal was an Area of Effect skill anyway, so he could still protect Isabella this way.

    If the two of them split the damage received, Jiang Fei would be able to maintain his Health Points at a safe level with Lifesteal after Ruthless Barrage was fully stacked.

    However, this was not a safe option because the boss would still chant. Once the boss began to chant, the Attack Speed of the monsters would increase and he would not be able to maintain his Health Points at a safe level anymore.

    "Forget it! I'm just gonna go with the third option. That way, I can also see what are the effects of this skill!" In the end, Jiang Fei decided to use a skill that he had never used before.

    Lifesteal Demon form.

    This was the transform skill attached to the Crimson Reaper cape. Jiang Fei's Attack Speed would increase by 50% and his Lifesteal effect would reach 200%. The effects lasted for one minute.

    "Thump!" Black smoke instantly covered Jiang Fei's body. Then, the smoke dispersed almost immediately. However, after the black smoke disappeared, Jiang Fei's appearance had changed tremendously.

    First of all, Jiang Fei's face became very pale and there was a trail of dried blood at the right corner of his mouth. Secondly, the Blazing Hammer in Jiang Fei's hand had disappeared and was replaced by sharp nails that were three inches long!

    Jiang Fei's Lightbringer Armaments had also disappeared and was replaced by a black tailcoat.

    "Damn! This looks cooler than my Nephilim form!" While Jiang Fei admired his appearance, he attacked the boss.





    With Jiang Fei's swift attacks, the effect of Ruthless Barrage stacked up very quickly and the Lifesteal effect gradually increased. After just two seconds, Jiang Fei's Health Points reached a safe level. After five seconds, Ruthless Barrage was already stacked ten times. Jiang Fei could absorb more than 17,000 Health Points every time he attacked. Moreover, when he attacked the boss's weak point, his damage and the Lifesteal amount would double.

    "Holy sh*t! This is awesome! I should've used this more often!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. Although the duration of Lifesteal Demon form was only a short one minute, the cooldown time of this skill was only ten minutes. So, Jiang Fei could use this skill quite frequently.

    With an amazing Lifesteal ability as a guarantee, Jiang Fei completely ignored the attacks of the boss and the small monsters. Although the boss and monsters could deal about 30,000 damage in every round of attacks, Jiang Fei's Attack Speed was way higher. Jiang Fei had an Attack Speed of about 0.6 seconds, which meant that every time the monsters attacked him, Jiang Fei could attack them four times. So, there was no need to worry about his Health Points.

    Moreover, with a 50% increase in his Attack Speed, Jiang Fei's damage output had also greatly improved. The boss's Health Points could not stop decreasing, as if it was a flood resulting from a collapsed embankment.

    After twenty seconds, the boss's Health Points had dropped below 50%. At this time, the Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons immediately started chanting, buffing his minions with Attack Speed. However, at this stage, there was no point in chanting anymore. Even if he called out to God for blessings, he would not be able to survive this battle.

    After another ten to twenty seconds, the boss was easily defeated by Jiang Fei and Isabella. The remaining monsters also lost the protection provided by Exorcism. Jiang Fei instantly killed them using God's Wrath.

    "Ding! You have eliminated the Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons. Obtained 320,000 Experience Points. Obtained 600 gold coins!"

    "Ding! Your party is the first to clear the Dungeon "Temple of Deities and Demons" (Normal mode). Please enter your party's name!"

    Naturally, after clearing the Dungeon, it was time to make an announcement. This opportunity was specifically for the first party to clear the Dungeon. Jiang Fei could not help but smirk. He was thinking about how he should trigger the public this time.

    After a while, a system announcement appeared.

    "Ding! City-wide announcement: The party "You guys should level up faster, solo Dungeon runs are boring!" has cleared the Level 40 Dungeon "Temple of Deities and Demons" Normal difficulty. Please cheer for the party member Verdure Glider!"


    After the announcement appeared three times, the entire Dawnlight City was quiet. Be it players who were resting in the city or players who were training in the wild, they all fell silent.

    After a short silence, the entire Dawnlight City went crazy.

    "The f*ck! Should I still play this game? I'm still stuck at Level 38, how is this guy already Level 46? And he has even cleared a Level 40 Dungeon?"

    "Nonsense, can you even compare to Brother Fei?"

    "Exactly. Are you new to this game? Brother Fei being the first one to clear a Dungeon is not something worth making a fuss over. It's perfectly normal!"

    "Brother Fei! Be my sugar daddy please!"

    "Be my sugar daddy! I'm good at warming the bed up! I'm petite but I have big b**bs! Brother Fei, you can contact me at xxxxxxx!"


    In addition to these people who were horsing around, Jiang Fei also received a lot of voice messages from the higher-ups of various guilds. These people led by Happy Drunk had a very simple purpose. That was, to inquire about the location of the Dungeon. After all, many members of the elite teams of major guilds were already Level 40. They probably thought that a Level 40 Dungeon of lowest difficulty was a five-man Dungeon. It was quite easy for them to form a five-man party with their abilities.

    "Hoho, don't just ask for the location without knowing anything. Before that, try to form a complete party of twenty people!" Jiang Fei smiled and rejected all these people. He was not planning to reveal the Dungeon's location too soon.

    Although Dungeon was not like a Secret Dungeon and it would not disappear after one clear, the more times the Dungeon was cleared, the worse the drops would become. Of course, if he could keep it a secret, he would let his own guild members get the most out of it first.

    After all, the Temple of Deities and Demons and the Bottom of the Bloodpool were not the same. When the Bottom of the Bloodpool opened, it caused such a big commotion. The entire Dawnlight City was in chaos for a day. It was impossible to keep it a secret. However, the Temple of Deities and Demons was different. As long as the other players had not found the NPC that gave the map, even if they walked to the entrance of the Dungeon, they would not be able to see it. So, Jiang Fei was very confident that the elite team of his guild would be able to enjoy this Dungeon for a while.
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