406 Exorcist’s Staff

    "What?! It's only Normal difficulty, but we need a party of twenty people?" Sure enough, Happy Drunk and the other heads of guilds were dumbstruck.

    Forming a Level 40 five-man party was not the same thing as forming a Level 40 twenty-man party. As the configuration of Classes in a party was a problem, one guild might have a hundred members who were Level 40 but would still be unable to form a twenty-man party. Clerics and Tankers were at the center of this problem. Players of these two Classes leveled up the slowest. So, to form a Dungeon party with Clerics and Tankers, it would take at least a week.

    After pushing the frustrated leaders of major guilds away, Jiang Fei focused his attention on the drops of the final boss. As it was the final boss of the Dungeon and Jiang Fei got the First Kill, there was a great chance that the Chief Monk of the Temple of Deities and Demons would drop Purple equipment.

    Swoosh! Purple light flashed. As expected, Jiang Fei's high Luck did not disappoint.

    Exorcist's Staff (Staff, Epic)

    Magic Attack +1024

    Intelligence: +35

    Spirit: +20

    Vitality: +10

    Equipment: Allows you to gain the status skill-Exorcism. Increases the Attack Power and Defense of allies within forty meters by 10%. Upon activation, Exorcism consumes fifty Mana Points per second.

    Level Requirement: 40

    "Awesome!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. He did not expect that the boss would give away its signature skill. Of course, a skill that was attached to an equipment like this one was definitely a simplified version of the boss's original skill. It could not possibly be as powerful.

    Even so, a status skill like this that enhanced both the offensive and defensive aspect was quite powerful. A Level 40 Support Class definitely had five or six thousand Mana Points. After they equipped this Staff, they would surely be able to use Exorcism for up to two minutes. One could easily imagine how beneficial this was to the whole party.

    "It's that fatty Zhao Feng's lucky day!" Jiang Fei nodded. As Gale Eversummer was a Hidden Class, she had a weapon with Growth, so there was no need for her to replace her weapon. Moreover, the skills of Clerics already consumed a lot of Mana Points. If they equipped a weapon like this which consumed even more Mana Points, they would run out of Mana Points very quickly during battles.

    The little fatty Zhao Feng could not Heal and his various Support skills did not consume much Mana Points. So, this Staff was perfect for him. He would be able to greatly enhance the party's strength and this did not affect his ability to use his own skills.

    At this time, Jiang Fei was already starting to have plans to give equipment to the members of his guild's elite team. Basically, regardless of whether it was the Set Equipment of the four mythological creatures or equipment that he had obtained from Dungeons, he would consider if there was anyone in the elite team who needed it.

    After all, Jiang Fei could not always bring others into Dungeons personally. Only by arming them, the members of the elite team could challenge more difficult Dungeons by themselves instead of waiting for Jiang Fei to bring them.

    According to Jiang Fei's plan, he wanted to continue to clear the Elite mode of this Dungeon. He and Isabella's transformation skills could still be used anyway. Elite difficulty would not be a problem at all.

    However, Rosette Rose suddenly sent him a message.

    "Ah Fei, come back for a while! I'll wait for you at the tavern near the East Gate! It's urgent!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Okay! I'll be there immediately!" Jiang Fei nodded, then directly tore a Return Scroll.

    Currently, Rosette Rose had pretty much given up on leveling. She invested all her time into the management of the guild. She would not bother Jiang Fei without a reason, so Jiang Fei did not dare to delay. He and Isabella arrived at the tavern near the East Gate immediately.

    After forming a party with Rosette Rose, Jiang Fei realized that Rosette Rose was not waiting for him in a private room inside the tavern. Instead, she was in the main hall. There were two people beside her. One was Smart Tomato. As for the other one, Jiang Fei had not met him before.

    Beansprout (Human, Constructor)

    Level: 12

    Health Points: 1,350

    Remarks: Member of the guild Valley of Glory.

    "Why didn't you book a private room?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

    "We just came out of the private room. Everything's settled! I just called you here to sign and finalize things!" Rosette Rose laughed. Her efficiency was amazing. After negotiating just once, she had managed to pull Beansprout over.

    "Sure!" Jiang Fei nodded. Then, he took the electronic agreement that Rosette Rose handed him and signed it immediately.

    "Ding! Beansprout has joined the guild!"

    After Jiang Fei signed, the agreement came into effect. So, Beansprout immediately left Valley of Glory and joined Empyreal Dragon.

    "Well, since you've joined our guild, we're family now. I won't stand on ceremony. From now on, you're in charge of the construction matters of the guild. You can talk to Rosette Rose about the construction materials. If it's in relation to the materials you need to level up your own skills, talk to Big Brother Bear. He's responsible for taking care of all the needs of Profession Class players in terms of skill leveling." Jiang Fei smiled at Beansprout.

    "Hoho, no problem, I've been wanting to use my skills for a long time. Ever since I advanced into a Constructor, I never had the chance to. Now that I've joined Empyreal Dragon, I naturally have the opportunity to show everyone what I've got!" Beansprout was also extremely happy.

    Although he transferred to a Hidden Class, Beansprout had no opportunities in Valley of Glory. It was like how the world's best Jewel Meister and Engraver lived in a poor small village and had never even seen glass before. Even though he had amazing talent, there was no chance for him to show it at all. Everyone overlooked his talents every single day. Anyone in his situation would feel depressed.

    However, after joining Empyreal Dragon, Beansprout would have a place to showcase his talents. Empyreal Dragon was one of the two powerful guilds in Dawnlight City that had a guild territory. Only here, he could utilize his strength.

    Beansprout had changed guilds and was now in charge of building Empyreal Dragon's territory. However, Jiang Fei's job was not done. He and Rosette Rose still had to deal with the aftermath of the situation. After all, Beansprout was a Profession Class player supported by his previous guild. So, he had signed an agreement with Valley of Glory previously. Now that he had changed guilds, he had breached the contract, so there was a huge mess to clean up.

    Originally, Jiang Fei intended to leave it all to Rosette Rose. However, Rosette Rose insisted that it was necessary for Jiang Fei to be present because it involved real money compensation. This was to prevent gossips.

    Rosette Rose had a commercial business dealing background, so she did things with the utmost care. She was very concerned about the fact that people might complain if she did not handle this kind of thing properly. She only stayed on by Jiang Fei's side so that she could achieve her dream. At the same time, she could improve her skills. She did not want to let others get the wrong idea and think that she was lining her own pockets.

    After following Rosette Rose around and dealing with the compensation for breach of contract, Jiang Fei looked at the time. In another thirty minutes or so, it would be time to go offline. There was no time to attempt the Elite Dungeon anymore.

    However, when Jiang Fei returned to the guild base, his originally low mood was swept away as soon as he saw the guild's construction progress of the guild. After Beansprout joined the guild, the construction speed of Empyreal Dragon's territory had increased by at least 10%. The defense towers and the walls were also way stronger than before.

    "It's worth it!" Jiang Fei nodded. It had been a long day and he had spent a huge amount of money. However, now that Beansprout was part of the guild, Empyreal Dragon's guild territory would surely be impregnable.
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