407 Zhuge Shanzhen

    In the morning, Jiang Fei logged out of the game. As it was the weekend, Jiang Fei did not have to go to school. After breakfast, he made up an excuse of paying a visit to his classmate's home and slipped out of the house.

    Jiang Fei's mother was very supportive of him taking the initiative to play outdoors. After all, her baby son had been very hard at work in the school and even participated in various competitions outside of school, which both made her happy but also worried about Jiang Fei. Now that he was able to go out and have fun, she felt at ease as it meant that Jiang Fei had not turned into a complete bookworm.

    After leaving the house, Jiang Fei immediately hailed a taxi which brought him to the suburbs. He looked for a place where there was no one else and retrieved the Anti-gravity Hoverboard. He would soon be on his way to steal uranium ore from the Australian ore mine.

    As 0541 had been giving warnings that its energy would be depleted within a few days, Jiang Fei knew he had to make a move immediately.

    As the Anti-gravity Hoverboard moved at an extremely high speed, Jiang Fei arrived at an Australian ore mine in the afternoon on the same day.

    "It's an open-air treasure trove of ore mines!" 0541 was equally surprised after scanning the vicinity.

    "Does that mean there is sufficient energy here for us to steal as we please?" Jiang Fei asked as the corners of his mouth lifted.

    "As these are all unrefined ores, the energy they contain is at least five hundred times the amount of energy from the radioactive energy sources!" 0541 said after some calculations.

    "That's great!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. Once the deal was done, 0541's energy reservoir would be enough to sustain his search for Braveheart's engine room.

    "Let's get down!" Jiang Fei said as he proceeded to lower his altitude.

    "Don't rush it!" 0541 stopped Jiang Fei.

    "What's the matter?" Jiang Fei was stunned. The surrounding radioactive energy in a hundred-mile radius was significantly over the safety limit. There were no other habitants apart from some technicians from the nuclear energy company. Jiang Fei thought that nobody would be able to stop him even if he openly robbed the ore mine. Therefore, he could not understand why 0541 stopped him in his track.

    "I detect a higher form of life below us. There is a Level Four metahuman and five Level Three metahumans!" 0541 explained.

    "D*mn!" Jiang Fei was shocked. Free lunch doesn't exist after all.

    To be fair, it was such a huge industrial mining zone. The company would have arranged for guards to be on standby in the area. However, only metahumans would be able to sneak in and withstand the radioactivity to a certain extent. Since any form of invasion could only be accomplished by metahumans, the guards on standby would undoubtedly also be metahumans rather than normal human guards.

    "Could I possibly sneak in with the invisibility effect?" Jiang Fei wondered.

    "That's not possible! The radioactivity is too strong here. Both optical distortion and mirror refraction methods would be affected by the radioactivity. It's very easy for you to be discovered!" 0541 explained.

    "What can I do then?" Jiang Fei said and frowned.

    "According to my calculations, captain, your chances of sneaking into the ore mine without being discovered is less than 5%. When confronting the enemies, your probability of success is less than 3%! The best way forward is to retreat!" 0541 gave the most sensible recommendation.

    "No way! I've come all this way. How could I just leave empty-handed?" Jiang Fei waved dismissively. The trip had cost 0541 a significant amount of energy. If he were to return empty-handed, 0541 might enter Hibernation Mode before he even arrived at home.

    "I've got an idea!" Jiang Fei exclaimed.

    "Captain, what's your plan?" 0541 asked.

    "Holy sh*t! I had been able to use scare tactics in the game. I believe I can do the same here in the real world!" Jiang Fei smiled devilishly.

    "Captain, please tell me your plan. I will calculate your rate of success." 0541 was not very convinced.

    "There's no need to calculate. Do as I say. I need some equipment!" Jiang Fei immediately ordered 0541 to produce some equipment. The equipment were mostly simple items used for cosmetic purposes. They did not involve a lot of technical difficulties and therefore was a piece of cake for 0541 to conjure.

    Soon enough, Jiang Fei was done transforming into his new appearance high up in the air. Jiang Fei no longer looked like a sixteen-year-old teenager that he was. Instead, the mask on Jiang Fei's face made him look old and wrinkly. He even had strands of beard hair as white as snow dangling under his chin.

    Jiang Fei was also no longer dressed in his casual clothes. He now wore a traditional Chinese overall with a crown on his head and a sword behind his back. He looked exactly like a martial artist who had come from the Wudang Mountain.

    "What do you think? Do I look the part?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Your appearance is fine. However, your voice would give it away. Here, put this on!" 0541 conjured a voice-changing tool for Jiang Fei to be placed on his throat.

    The tool was a small black dot which looked like a birthmark when placed on his throat. Nobody would suspect it to be anything otherwise.

    "Undefeatable Master! Do I look the part now?" Jiang Fei's appearance was very sufficiently deceptive.

    "It should be enough to fool those foreigners who do not understand Huaxia's culture!" 0541 said.

    "That's great! Let's go!" Jiang Fei nodded as he steered the Gigantic Saber to a lower altitude and soon entered the ore mine's vicinity. Jiang Fei then kept the Gigantic Saber away and walked toward the center of the ore mine.

    "Shuffles..." Jiang Fei had only just appeared in the mining zone before a group of six big men appeared from the side. All six of them were wearing protective equipment. Although these metahumans had a certain resistance to radioactivity and did not need to wear a full set of protective clothing, they still needed to be equipped with some form of protection against the radioactivity.

    "Who are you?" The leader of the pack was carrying a huge golden sword, which was not any smaller than Jiang Fei's Gigantic Saber, on his back.

    "Undefeatable Master! I am Zhuge Shanzhen. Young one, do you understand Mandarin?" Jiang Fei asked with an authoritative tone. Although he was perfectly capable of speaking to the Caucasians in English, he pretended not to know the language. Based on the traditional Chinese costume he presented himself in, he would be exposed the moment he spoke English.

    "What does that mean? Does any one of you know what he just said?" The big Caucasian man was stunned as he turned to look at the followers behind him.

    "I think he was speaking in Mandarin!" One of the followers said.

    "Bullsh*t! Do you think that I did not know he was speaking in Mandarin? I was asking about what he said!" The big Caucasian man said angrily.

    "We do not understand..." The five followers all shook their heads.

    "A bunch of useless trash! Find someone who can translate!" The big Caucasian man scolded angrily.

    "What's all the fuss about? Why don't we just shoo him away?" One of the followers said, annoyed.

    "Idiot! Can't you see this fellow does not have a single piece of protective equipment on him? If he could walk into this radioactive zone so effortlessly, do you think he is a normal human being? He looks like one of Huaxia's elite martial artists. If we acted harshly without getting the facts right, are you sure we would be able to defeat him?" The big Caucasian man said unhappily.

    All the other factions of metahumans had always been troubled by the difficulty of measuring Huaxia martial artists' capabilities. As Huaxia martial artists contained inner strength, nobody would know how strong they were unless they attacked outrightly. However, one of the most commonly accepted ways of gauging their capabilities was through their age. As Huaxia martial artists improved their cultivation through training, the older they were, the stronger they were naturally. Therefore, when he saw Jiang Fei as an old man, the big Caucasian man decided not to act rashly against Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe!" Jiang Fei was secretly overjoyed. These Caucasian men were misled to believe that Jiang Fei could not understand English. Hence, they were not wary of him when speaking in their common language. Now, Jiang Fei had an idea of how his plan would go. The first step of fooling these men had been a success. They were now more or less wary of Jiang Fei. If these men were to attack Jiang Fei without even hearing him out, Jiang Fei would have had to escape right away.
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