409 Not a Single Drop Left!

    Seeing Jiang Fei enter the ore mine made Kazas' heart beat wildly. Drops of sweat fell steadily off his chin.

    At that moment, Kazas was truly fearful. Ignoring the fact that he was a Level Four metahuman, there is truth in the saying that the higher one's level, the more fearful of death one is. Besides, Huaxia's martial artists were already a cloak of mystery to the Western metahumans. The most notable Huaxia martial artists were people like old man Hai who were all Level Four martial artists. Everyone knew that the Huaxia's people were good at concealing their true talents and therefore what was apparent would most definitely not be their true strongest state.

    According to news garnered by the Western folks, Huaxia's peak Level Four martial artists were sometimes capable of using their Qinggong techniques to leap into the air and hover for extended periods. However, no one had ever heard of any of them flying on blades.

    Although the Caucasian men did not understand how the Huaxia elder could fly with his blade, they made a guess based on the common understanding that anyone who did not need wings to fly was a Level Five celestial metahuman who could go against the natural order. Therefore, the wisest decision would be to run away from such people.

    Moreover, the old man apparently understood English. However, he refused to communicate with them in English at his own discretion. Now, Kazas was very glad that he did not attack the old man. If he did, he would have been asking for his own demise if the Level Five opponent decided to fight back.

    After close to half an hour, Jiang Fei flew away from the ore mine on his Gigantic Saber and disappeared into the direction of Huaxia. Kazas and his technicians then made their way into the ore mine. Regardless of what had happened, they needed to find out what the Huaxia elder had done in the ore mine.

    "That's it! Take off your protective equipment. There isn't a single trace of radioactivity left in this place. He did not even leave a single drop!" The technician exclaimed as he threw away the gauging meter in his hand. He seemed to be completely dumbfounded by what he had just witnessed.

    "What do you mean? What did he do in our ore mine?" Kazas asked, confused. After all, he was a mere combatant who had no knowledge of ore mining.

    "What do I mean? I mean that this ore mine had just been completely depleted. There isn't even a single drop left. We can pack up and leave. This ore mine is useless!" The technician finally lost his temper and started complaining outrightly. The shock he had experienced today was far more than he could bear.

    "That's impossible. Didn't you predict that we could harvest the ores here for at least a hundred years? How could he possibly deplete the entire ore mine in just half an hour?" Kazas was in a state of disbelief.

    "Hmph! I didn't believe someone could fly off on a blade! But, how did that Huaxia man leave?" The technician who had nearly gone mad completely forgot about the fact that Kazas was his superior. He was now rambling unreservedly. It seemed that the shock was simply too great for him.

    "Uhh..." Kazas was silenced by the technician's uncontrolled rambling. Flying on a sword was something even he could not understand, let alone this mere technician.

    However, it was difficult to tell if the old man was truly a Level Five existential being. A Level Five metahuman was deemed to be a god-like being who was strong enough to violate the natural laws of the universe. Therefore, nobody knew what these Level Five metahumans were capable of, or rather what they were not capable of.

    "Boss... Do you still remember what he had said?" One of Kazas' subordinate asked.

    "Yes!" Kazas suddenly experienced a moment of eureka. All the while, he was occupied by the shock of witnessing Jiang Fei's flight on the blade. Now that his subordinate mentioned it, he recalled Jiang Fei's words back in the ore mine.

    As Jiang Fei had spoken his last words in English, Kazas was able to comprehend every single word he said. Jiang Fei stated very clearly that the Japanese translator had meant to stir things up the wrong way. That was why he had decided to end the Japanese fellow's life since he was the one who provoked Jiang Fei. Not only was the Japanese fellow killed, but Kazas and the rest were also dragged into the mess and blamed for their carelessness.

    Jiang Fei clearly acted out of anger, which explained why he had emptied the entire ore mine. He even pre-empted them that if they wanted the ores back, Kazas would have to get his big boss to find Jiang Fei in Huaxia. For a Level Four metahuman like Kazas to be treated like a nobody, the so-called big boss must certainly be a Level Five metahuman.

    However, there was not a single Level Five metahuman in the nuclear mining company. Kazas would have to report the incident to the European Luminous Vatican. However, would the Pope be convinced to travel all the way to Huaxia for such a small matter? Would the Pope even be able to solve the mess if he went personally?

    In an instant, Kazas thought of ways to solve the problem. However, there was not a single solution he could think of that might actually work.

    "Forget it. I shall report whatever that had happened as it is!" Kazas sighed helplessly. Thankfully, there was a recording system in the meeting room. If the Japanese fellow was truly trying to stir up a fight, Kazas would be able to shift the blame onto him. If they could not get the ores back, the Japanese people would have to bear the loss.

    At that moment, Jiang Fei could not care less about how Kazas would report the incident to each level of his superiors. He was beyond happy with the outcome of his actions. Initially, he had only planned to pretend to be a Level Five metahuman, showcase a few of his sword skills, and subsequently "borrow" some of their ores. After all, Jiang Fei believed that they would have surely been pressured by his pretense as a Level Five metahuman.

    However, unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, with credits to the Japanese fellow's interference, he had the opportunity to rob them clean instead of merely borrowing a small number of ore minerals. Moreover, he was able to do so under the guise of punishing them.

    Indeed, Jiang Fei's ruthlessness and the way he flew on a blade certainly gave Kazas and the rest a good scare. These people did not even have the guts to test Jiang Fei's capabilities. To be honest, it was not their fault at all. If someone else were to step into their shoes, they would probably react the same way when faced with a supposed Level Five metahuman. Who would dare to initiate an attack on someone so dangerously powerful?

    "0541! How's our energy storage doing now?" Jiang Fei asked excitedly.

    "As long as you, captain, do not engage in a battle with Level Five metahumans and only focus on producing items, the amount of energy should last us for quite some time. In other words, we won't need to worry about energy depletion anytime soon!" 0541 reported.

    "That's wonderful news!" Jiang Fei was extremely glad. This was the first time he had heard from 0541 that he would not need to worry about its energy running out. As for fighting against Level Five metahumans, Jiang Fei was not that dim-witted to do such a silly thing.

    By then, the sky had already turned dark. If he were to return home right away, it would be past midnight by the time he reached. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to give his mother a call to tell her that he would stay over at his classmate's house instead. His mother nagged him briefly but did not seem to be too concerned. After all, she was merely a housewife and had no reason to believe that her baby son would travel thousands of miles away to rob an ore mine clean.

    When Jiang Fei returned to the suburbs, it was already two o'clock in the morning. He found a place to land and removed the equipment on his body. He then kept all of the equipment in his spatial ring.

    With sufficient energy, Jiang Fei did not worry so much about storing items in the spatial ring as he did before. Besides, he would still need the costume in the future if he were to impersonate his made-up master.
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