412 Grand Restore Pill and the Evil Purging Pill

    Time passed quickly and it was already morning. Since Jiang Fei had already informed about his absence from home, he did not return immediately. Instead, he took a ride to the city center and had Han Tianyu pick him up.

    Even though Jiang Fei could contact Old Hai via the Honorary Elder Command Plate, Jiang Fei felt that it was better to talk to Han Tianyu.

    First of all, his relationship with Han Tianyu was strong and good. Even though Jiang Fei could see that the man was a little secretive, Jiang Fei knew that he had no hostility towards Jiang Fei.

    That was Han Tianyu. A man with principle and would not work without benefits since he was a businessman. He would not make a move without any reason. To say that Han Tianyu would take care of Jiang Fei because Jiang Fei had saved his life would be believable when Jiang Fei was just a kid. Now that Jiang Fei had already learned many things about the world, it would be natural for him to suspect hidden motives.

    That was why Han Tianyu had always moved in the light. It was to let Jiang Fei know his every move to reveal that there was nothing hidden in his sleeves. That way, Jiang Fei would trust him more and both of them would understand each other.

    Jiang Fei had also gained a sixth sense. The third eye or the eye of the mind, for certain people. After getting involved in many events with the China Martial Artist Alliance, Jiang Fei had gained much knowledge about how society worked. It could be said that it was all thanks to the ring's ability but mental maturity was not something that could be simply gained. Jiang Fei knew himself that even after ten years, he could never play mind games with the old foxes in the alliance.

    That was why whenever he reasoned with the people of the alliance, he would do so from the perspective of a businessman. Getting emotions involved would hurt one's transaction. If everyone cooperated well and went with the flow, things would not be a mess. He would never want to be eaten alive by the old foxes.

    Hence, Jiang Fei had Han Tianyu to be the middleman between him and the alliance. This big brother was still a member of the alliance and also a weapon manufacturer. Jiang Fei would want him to be his representative to avoid being talked into something he did not want to do by the old foxes.

    "Hmm? You said high-tier martial skills?" asked Han Tianyu when Jiang Fei explained his request.

    "Yes. My master had advised me to learn more arts to grow better!" said Jiang Fei at a whim.

    "I see. I see!" said Han Tianyu even though he was frowning. What Jiang Fei said was wrong. To gain more knowledge was good but from the perspective of a martial artist, one should not fear the man who practices a thousand kicks, but the man who practices one kick a thousand times.

    Martial artist focused on one art style and not many. That saying had been taught to Han Tianyu on the first day of his training as well as many other grandmasters. That was why he did not agree with what Jiang Fei was about to do. However, it was the advice of a Level 5 master. There was no reasoning with that. Perhaps even the other elders in the alliance would have nothing to say about it.

    "Hmm. Do you have enough Contribution Points? Those skill books don't' come cheap. In fact, I recalled many early Level 4 fighters risking their lives to be able to earn a skill book!" said Han Tianyu as he frowned. He was genuinely worried about Jiang Fei at this point. Many had died while in missions.

    From Han Tianyu's perspective, he wanted to Jiang Fei to live as long as possible. It was hard for Han Tianyu to have such a strong support and that support had the support of a Level 5 master. He would not want any harm to befall Jiang Fei. If anything happened to him, Han Tianyu would lose all connections to that Level 5 master.

    "There's not much to worry about me. I have my master's pill to exchange!" said Jiang Fei.

    "What kind of pills?" asked Han Tianyu curiously.

    "It's the same one that you had before, only in liquid form. Remember the life-saving potion that I gave you? That was just the pill being mixed with water!" said Jiang Fei. Since Zhuge Shanzhen had been exposed, it was best to mix in a few extra information. A China martial artist making western potion was a little off hence, Jiang Fei added something extra to make it seem believable.

    As for the pills, 0541 had no problem in converting the health potions into pill form. They were, after all, the same thing only in a different form, just like what Jiang Fei said, only in liquid form.

    "I'm afraid that... that potion of yours could not be exchanged for many points..." said Han Tianyu.

    "What? How is that possible?"

    Jiang Fei was stunned. He had never thought that Han Tianyu would say something like that.

    "Hahaha! Stupid brother. Did you forget that high- tier martial artists normally don't get injured?. However, when they do, the enemies would leave their own Qi in them. We have already tested your potion and it was not that good against internal damage. Your wonder potion was useful for normal people. That was why the military had an eye on the potion!" Han Tianyu explained.

    "I see."

    Jiang Fei suddenly remembered about the fight he had with Tokugawa Nara. He was poisoned and even had Nara's chakra invading his body. Han Tianyu was right. Using regular health potion was not going to do much. Luckily, Jiang Fei had another miracle potion to use.

    "Well, if you want to sell that kind of potion, might as well change it into liquid form and sell it to the army."

    "That's the thing, I don't really need cash right now. In fact, the truckload of cash that I had gotten from the deal with Zhang family is still untouched!" said Jiang Fei.

    "However, fret not about that. I have here another kind of pill that my master had made. It could neutralize poison, kill virus, and remove even enemy's Qi from inside the body. To summarize it, as long as there's something wrong inside you, you will be cured instantly. A true, All-Cure miracle potion. However, the healing power for an external wound is not as strong as the previous potion! For the best effect, it would be better to eat the Grand Restore Pill with this Evil Purging Pill!"

    The Grand Restore Pill was the standard potion which Jiang Fei had been selling to Han Tianyu. The Evil Purging Pill was just Ant Milk being repackaged as a pill.

    "What the f*ck! Such pill exists?!" cried Han Tianyu. He was so shocked that he yelled into the phone.

    "Well, mind you, I don't have that many Evil Purging Pills. My master was really strict with this pill. I have only a handful of them to begin with and I want to keep some of them for my own protection."

    Jiang Fei was no longer the naive little boy. He knew the value of the Ant Milk. There was no way he would just sell them as he did with the health potion.

    "Alright. That Evil Purging Pill of yours, how many could you spare? I will help you fight for as many points as possible!"

    "Ehrm. First, I have tonnes of Grand Restore Pill. A single pill could be mixed with water and make at least ten bottles. If you take it in the pill form, the effect would be faster and better. I have a total of thirty Evil Purging Pills and I want to keep ten. I can spare twenty of them!" said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei did not expect the Grand Restore Pill to have that much of a value but the Evil Purging Pill simply could not be sold.

    "Done. I'll help you to exchange as many skill books as I can!" said Han Tianyu.

    Jiang Fei then hung up the phone and waited for Han Tianyu to pick him up from the city center while waiting for the good news.
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