413 A Plate Full of Pet Eggs

    In the end, Jiang Fei decided to not have Han Tianyu pick him up. There was no reason for him to do that anymore. Jiang Fei returned to Manda Square by himself and it was already noon. There was no need to talk to Han Tianyu since the matter was already discussed over the phone. He did not want to bother Han Tianyu for he should already be up and away to talk with the China Martial Artist Alliance.

    "Where did you go this time? Looks like you're grown enough to stay in someone else's home! Don't tell me you're in some girl's house last night!" said Jiang Fei's mother.

    Jiang Fei was bombarded by his mother the moment he entered the house. He did not even have time to remove his shoes yet. If it was his father who said that, Jiang Fei knew that a beating would come after. However, since it was his mother, there was nothing to worry about. His mother pampered him well.

    "Whose house did I go? Zhao Feng's of course. Who else would even let me in their house?" asked Jiang Fei. He had been using Zhao Feng as an excuse for many times now. Back when he was much younger, the two of them would play games together until sunrise. Naturally, it went both ways. Zhao Feng would head to Jiang Fei's house and play, vice-versa.

    "Don't be cheeky here. If you have a girlfriend, you have to let me know. I'll help you check if the girl is worth your time! Young girls these days are very cunning! You cannot let yourself be cheated by them!" said his mother with a playful smile.

    "Ehrm... I'd better go back to my room and study," said Jiang Fei as he quickly removed his shoes and slipped past his mother. Compared to Jiang Fei's father, the mother was never going to stop talking until she got an ultimatum from Jiang Fei. It was better to just run away from her.

    It was the weekend and there was no need to go to school the next day. Jiang Fei took a long bath and properly cleaned himself. He needed a good rest since he had not had any sleep yesterday.

    After dinner, Jiang Fei went to his room and prepared for the game. Han Tianyu had not contacted him yet and Jiang Fei did not want to bother him so soon. Jiang Fei logged into the game knowing that if Han Tianyu needed to talk to him, he could contact Jiang Fei easily in the game.

    When he logged in, he noticed that Han Tianyu was not logged in. Even Chen Xi did not know where Han Tianyu went to. Jiang Fei felt impressed. His big brother was so efficient at work that he would even skip sleep to discuss the skill books with Old Hai and the other old foxes.

    Jiang Fei noted that after the great city war, Empyreal Dragon was still neatly managed by Lady Casanova and Rosette Rose. There was hardly any mess at all. Billy Boy was in the Battlefield map with members that preferred PvP warfare. After a quick discussion with Lady Casanova, Jiang Fei understood that Billy Boy had been in the map for several days now to farm as much points to equip the General's Medal. With an army behind him, the entire Battlefield was dominated by Empyreal Dragon as well as other pug players who were sticking to the guild as well.

    In the end, when Twilight City players saw Empyreal Dragon, they would immediately leave the map since it would be hopeless to make a stand against them.

    When the players of Twilight City left, Billy Boy was left hanging. It could not be helped. Empyreal Dragon was too strong. The Outpost general and the NPC soldiers of Dawnlight City were strong. Unless Twilight City rallied together and gathered an army, there would not be much players in the Battlefield.

    That was the news about the Battlefield. As for players who did not care about Honor Points, Lady Casanova as well as Seven Star Warrior had teams opened for members to join to farm level. With the permanent buff gained from the rewards of killing the enemy's general, the team was farming levels happily and merrily.

    "Miss Casanova, could you please come to the bank?" said Jiang Fei asked Lady Casanova.

    "Will do."

    Even though Jiang Fei did not specify what was going on, Lady Casanova was fine with leaving the team members on their own and head back to the city.

    "Could you please distribute these eggs to the elite squad as well as the main party of the guild?" said Jiang Fei as he transferred a large quantity of Ant Eggs to Lady Casanova.

    After some time, Jiang Fei's personal bank was filled with over a thousand Ant Eggs with more White grade than Green grade. They were Pet Eggs and Pet Eggs were hard to come by.

    If all members of the elite squad had a pet with them, they could farm at the Temple of Deities and Demons easily when they reached Level 40.

    "So many..."

    Lady Casanova was shocked. She was so shocked to see so many of them that she was lucky that one did not slip off her fingers and fall to the ground. Jiang Fei had sold a few of them before but since he was was not in need of money at the moment, Jiang Fei had never sold anything anymore. Lady Casanova knew that Jiang Fei had several eggs in the store but never over a hundred.

    "I'm giving you a hundred of them for now since I'm sure that your inventory could not hold any more. Don't worry about it though. I have a bank full of it!" said Jiang Fei.

    The Ant Queen was such a dear to him since she could produce a hundred eggs a day. Jiang Fei had even forgotten to collect them sometimes. If he had, the bank would not have enough space for him.


    Lady Casanova drew a blank. They were Pet Eggs! Even though their grades were low, they could still be sold for several thousand to tens of thousands.

    "Hehehe! The Green grades should be given to the elite squad. The White ones go to the main party. You should be able to handle the distribution yourself. Right, I'm leaving this to you now. I've some other matters to tend to first!"

    "Right... Right...!" Lady Casanova nodded. Like a machine, she quickly deposited them into her own inventory and stuffed them later in her bank for several times before she could finally take all one hundred eggs from Jiang Fei.

    Lady Casanova was completely thrown off her feet. This new guild master was just too godly that he would do something that no one could in just a matter of days. Little did she know that Jiang Fei built the territory in the swamp area to dominate the entire Secret Dungeon where the Ant Queen resided.

    "Okay. You have this many now. When I have too many in my hand, I will contact you again!" said Jiang Fei as he left the spellbound Lady Casanova alone. He summoned the dragon and flew toward the Temple of Deities and Demons with Isabella.

    He did one round in Normal difficulty as a warm-up for the Elite mode. Since it was not the first time he cleared it, the dungeon drops were rather **. Besides the boss drop, there were hardly any good items.

    All the Blue grade equipment were kept while the Green ones were deconstructed immediately. This time around, Jiang Fei was able to earn as much as half the experience gauge. He was already at Level 46 with 90% experience points. Reaching Level 47 was only a few steps away!

    "Hoho! If I can finish Elite mode, I should be able to reach Level 48!" said Jiang Fei happily. If he was not able to defeat the Heroic mode, he could just wait until the next day when the dungeon entry reset. Either way, he was down to reaching Level 49 either by today or tomorrow! After that, he could finally use the Abyssal Crystal and shoot straight to Level 59! At that point, Heroic difficulty would be a piece of cake! And if there was a Nightmare mode, it would be easy peasy for him as well!

    "Ding! You are about to enter the Temple of Deities and Demons, Elite mode. This is a forty-man dungeon. Your party is not full, do you wish to continue?"

    "Oh damn, forty-man? How many would it be for the Heroic mode?" wondered Jiang Fei, a little disheartened. However, he still entered the dungeon.

    "What the hell? It's now the Four Heavenly Kings?!"

    When Jiang Fei entered the dungeon, the first two monsters had changed into four boss level monsters!
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