414 The Four Demon General

    "Hoo... The designer of this dungeon sure has a good taste in style!" said Jiang Fei after seeing the four monsters waiting for him upon his entry.

    In Normal difficulty, the entrance monsters were just two random monsters. Now, in Elite difficulty, there were the four Demon Generals-the Grand Pipa, the Second Sword, the Third Fox, and the Fourth Umbrella.

    Even though they were monsters, they were actually almost at the same level as a Vice-Leader. Also, the number of monsters doubled in Elite mode, and their levels were up to Level 45.

    These monsters' attack power is quite high and they have many skills altogether. Unless the party has four tanks, it would be difficult to separate them, Jiang Fei thought to himself. He did a thorough calculation on the boss' skills. Even though he had already defeated the dungeon once at an easier mode, he had to prepare himself for the elite squad of his guild to make it easier for them to raid this dungeon. Not everyone could do a dungeon run like Jiang Fei.

    "Bella, I need you to match Rain of Fire with my skill," said Jiang Fei. He took note of all the skills of the monsters and charged.

    Wild Charge!


    Jiang Fei zoomed in to the middle of the four monsters.

    God's Wrath!




    One use of God's Wrath and the four monsters had already lost 25% of their total health points.

    "Bella, kite them," said Jiang Fei as he used his Lifesteal Demon form.

    In an instant, Jiang Fei morphed into a handsome, vampire-like creature with claws as hands. Although Jiang Fei did not have many AoE skills, he had Lightbringer Armament which had 100% attack range as well as 80% Cleave Effect.

    When Jiang Fei clawed in, all four monsters received damage.





    While all the monsters received large damage, Jiang Fei had green numbers popping above his head. 200% Lifesteal effect was so powerful that as long as Jiang Fei did not take any damage higher than his maximum health, he could never be killed.

    At this point, Isabella's Rain of Fire came in. Many football sized meteors came from above and rained down on the monsters, inflicting further damage.

    Half a minute later, the monsters were killed. The four monsters together were as strong as a Level 40 Leader tier boss. Still, they were just as easy to kill!

    "Phew! As expected of an Ancient tier skill! Praise to the Lifesteal Demon form!" Jiang Fei was really loving the Crimson Reaper cape!

    Compared to the Demon Morph, Jiang Fei found the Lifesteal Demon form much better. Even though the Demon form was strong and powerful, the cooldown duration was four hours long. It was a hiccup when it came to dungeon runs. He would have to choose one boss carefully before using the skill.

    On the other hand, the Lifesteal Demon form was better. Even though the active duration was only a minute long, and the buff was only attack speed and Lifesteal, the skill had only a ten minute long cooldown period! If he timed it right, he could use that form on every boss.

    The four monsters had each dropped a Blue grade equipment with only average stats. Still, it was better having a Level 40 drop than a Level 30. Random players in the guild could really use a hand with equipment. Jiang Fei picked them all up and stashed them in his inventory.

    Jiang Fei continued on in the dungeon. The Samanera Ghost had changed into the Vengeful Samanera Ghost. Their numbers had increased as well with each group having no less than thirty of them!

    "This is brilliant! I like it!"

    Facing a large group of monsters was a test for the average tank and the party's group kiting technique. Jiang Fei was neither a party nor average, hence, those monsters were just a pile of experience points of him to take!

    "Hnngg!" Jiang Fei grunted loudly as he kicked off to start a trail of monsters chasing after him!

    Before reaching the first boss, Jiang Fei made sure to run closely to all possible monsters to draw their Aggro. Once he saw the boss, he quickly turned around toward the center of the monsters.

    God's Wrath!




    At one point, the entire screen was just a disco scene. Even though the monsters in Elite difficulty were slightly stronger, their attacks were still too weak to cause any damage to Jiang Fei. Their health points were still high enough that Jiang Fei's single use of God's Wrath was not enough to instantly kill them.

    "Bella, kite them!"

    Jiang Fei's strongest AoE skill was God's Wrath. Plus, the skill had a 5-minute long cooldown! If Isabella did not help kite the monsters, he would not die but it would take too long to kill them all even with his Cleaving Effect.


    Isabella went to the middle of the group of monsters and cast Rain of Fire. Thankfully, all the monsters were killed.

    Ding! You have killed Vengeful Samanera Ghost! Obtained 60,000 experience points!

    Ding! You have killed Vengeful Samanera Ghost! Obtained 60,000 experience points!

    Ding! You have killed Vengeful Samanera Ghost! Obtained 60,000 experience points!


    Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 47. All attributes +1, obtained 5 attribute points!

    "Nice!" said Jiang Fei as he clenched his fist when the golden light flashed.

    Now that the monsters were settled, it was time to kill the first boss.

    As expected, the Temple Manager Ghost had upgraded to become the Vengeful Temple Manager Ghost. Its skills were the same as when it was in Normal difficulty but the overall stats were much higher.

    "Nothing new about the boss besides having more health points and attack power..."

    Jiang Fei shrugged and charged in in his Lifesteal Demon form.

    Even though the boss was several times stronger, it was still unable to defeat Jiang Fei in his Lifesteal Demon form. In no time at all, the boss was left with less than 50% health points.

    Once the smaller monsters were summoned, Jiang Fei quickly used God's Wrath. Like the previous monsters, they did not die but Jiang Fei managed to pull them to his side. With Cleaving effect, they were quickly slain. The entire battle was short and dull. Jiang Fei could not help but feel that the four monsters at the entrance of the dungeon were stronger than this boss.

    Ding! You have killed the Vengeful Temple Manager Ghost. Obtained 880,000 experience points, 800 gold coins!

    The entire fight was less than two minutes. Jiang Fei shrugged again. He did not feel excitement from fighting this boss. It was just too easy. If there were other players watching the fight, they would start screaming at Jiang Fei! He had it all too easy!

    The boss might be strong but Jiang Fei was just so much stronger! What level was he then? What equipment was he wearing? The man was Level 47 and the boss was only level 45! Jiang Fei was even wearing the godly Lightbringer Armament! Of course it would be easy for him! Other players would normally be Level 40 to 42 with a poor mix of Green and Blue grade equipment when they tackled this Elite difficulty dungeon. Jiang Fei was wearing a full set of Level 40 Gold grade equipment set! That, with the Ancient tier cape and many other buffs from his own special Race. If he had it hard, no other player would get past this first boss.
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