415 Vengeful Temple Abbo

    The first boss had a good drop since it was the first kill of Elite difficulty. There were one Violet grade Leather Wrist and three Blue grade equipment. All were collected and to be given to the guild.

    After progressing a little, Jiang Fei spotted a group of monsters which were then killed instantly by Isabella and himself.

    The second boss had a skill that could cause instant death but Isabella and Jiang Fei had a counter for that already. Hence, it was relatively easy for Jiang Fei to kill the second boss without breaking a sweat.

    One hour into the dungeon and Jiang Fei had already defeated three bosses of Elite difficulty. He had collected four Violet equipment and more than ten Blue grade equipment.

    "Alright! After this group of monsters, I should be Level 48!" said Jiang Fei happily after the third boss had fallen. At this point, the dungeon would end if it were Normal difficulty. In Elite difficulty, there was still much more to explore!

    Vengeful Fighter Monk (Specter, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 45

    Health Points: 110,000

    Attack Power: 3,700

    Skills: Roundhouse Kick

    Roundhouse Kick: Deals damage to the surroundings and has a fixed chance to knockdown.

    "Damn, they have CC skills..."

    Jiang Fei frowned. The upgraded monster had a skill that could knock him down. He could not do the kiting technique anymore. If he were knocked down even once, he might not be able to get back up.

    "There's no other way around this. We have to clear each wave one by one!" said Isabella.

    "Indeed," said Jiang Fei sadly. At his current strength, there was no way to counter the Knockdown effect.

    There were around ten Vengeful Fighter Monks in a group. Although they had lower attack power, the average party member would still surely be in a pinch due to the Knockdown effect. Still, they were no threat to Jiang Fei.

    Since Jiang Fei was killing the monsters wave by wave, God's Wrath was not used as it would be a waste of that skill. Instead, he was using Instant Ice Burst all the way because the movement speed reduction was very efficient in kiting. With Isabella attacking, the waves of monsters were defeated rather quickly.

    Ding! You have killed Vengeful Fighter Monk! Obtained 90,000 experience points!

    Ding! You have killed Vengeful Fighter Monk! Obtained 90,000 experience points!


    As always, being the only player in a 40-men dungeon, the experience points gained was very high. After several waves, Jiang Fei gained a level.

    Ding! You have killed Vengeful Fighter Monk! Obtained 90,000 experience points!

    Ding! Congratulations, player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 48. All attribute +1! Obtained 5 Attribution Points!


    Gaining another level, Jiang Fei felt a surge of excitement! One more level and he could use the Abyss Crystal!

    After a few waves of monsters, Jiang Fei reached the fourth boss of the dungeon.

    Vengeful Temple Abbot (Specter, Enhanced Lord)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 1,100,000

    Attack Power: 13,500

    Skills: Demon Subduing Staff Technique, Buddha's Deafening Roar, Summon Disciple, Rohan's Descend, Enlightenment.

    Demon Subduing Staff Technique: Strikes a target three times in a row. The last strike will cause a Knockback effect and also clear the Aggro list.

    Buddha's Deafening Roar: Deals average damage to all targets within 50 meters. Inflicts Silence for 2 seconds.

    Summon Disciple: Summons nine Vengeful Monk Fighters to assist in battle.

    Rohan's Descend: Summons the power of Rohan, gaining increased attack and defense.

    Enlightenment: Randomly pick up a player from the back and inflict Brainwash. During the active duration of the skill, the picked target will gain double attack power and health points. Effects last for 10 seconds.

    Note: The remains of the deceased Temple Abbot. Due to unknown reasons, the spirit of the Abbot did not move on. The last boss of Elite difficulty of Temple of Deities and Demons.

    "Tsk, a Level 50 boss! A million health points and over ten thousand attack power is not going to make things easy!" said Jiang Fei after analyzing the boss' stats.

    "How do we fight this one?" asked Isabella.

    "Hm... Bella. I need you to return to the pet slot first. I should handle this myself," said Jiang Fei bashfully.

    "And why is that?" said Isabella as she crossed her arms. She never liked being in that empty black room.

    "The boss has a skill to control the enemy. I cannot bear the thought of you attacking me..." said Jiang Fei as he frowned worriedly.

    The last thing he wanted was Isabella turned into the enemy and attacking him in melee form. If Isabella attacked him with her black fireballs, though painful, it could still be managed since Jiang Fei had the Lifesteal effect that lasted until the boss' skill wore off. On the other hand, if she came in to claw Jiang Fei, it would just bring death closer to him.

    Jiang Fei's attack had the Cleaving effect. With such a high attack power, Isabella would not last for 10 seconds. However, if Jiang Fei stopped attacking, he would lose the Lifesteal effect and would be the one to perish under Isabella and the boss.

    Jiang Fei did not have skills that could Hex the enemy or stunning skills like other classes had. In the end, the best way to avoid any complication was to have Isabella withdraw from the battle. This way, Jiang Fei would be the only one facing the boss, preventing the boss from picking him as the target for brainwashing. The skill Enlightenment would then be nothing but a waste of slot.

    "Very well..."

    Although reluctant, Isabella obeyed Jiang Fei and returned to the pet slot. Unlike Jiang Fei who was scared of dying, Isabella could not bear the thought of attacking Jiang Fei!

    "Alright, since there are no plans to fight in Heroic difficulty today, I'll go with my strongest form!"

    When Isabella was gone, Jiang Fei chose to use his greatest form to fight the boss.

    If the Elite difficulty could fit in forty men, would the Heroic difficulty fit 100 men? If that was the case, Jiang Fei could still fight the boss but not the monsters that came in waves. Even the monsters in Elite difficulty had almost broken past Jiang Fei's Defense value. Naturally, the monsters in Heroic difficulty would break his Defense and deal much more damage.

    The calculation for Defense and Attack in Dawn Break involved a very complicated equation. If a monster with 100 attack power failed to break a player's Defense, the damage taken would be just 1. However, when the monster's attack power was 101 and it broke the Defense, the damage taken would not be 2 but 30 or even up to 50!

    The reason behind it was after Defense break, the Defense value would turn into Damage Reduction. It was not something as simple as 1+1=2.

    At this point, Jiang Fei was lazy to even think of that as his main priority was the Abbot!


    A flash of violet thunder struck Jiang Fei, instantly morphing him into his Demon form. The short hammer in his hand instantly turned into a two-meter long sickle.
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