417 Enhancement Recipe

    "Alright, dungeon's over. Boss is dead. Time for the loot!" Jiang Fei gleefully skipped his way to the boss' body.

    With a flip of the dead body, a golden light flashed.

    "OH YEAH!"

    Jiang Fei's jaw dropped as his heart sank.

    Formula: Weapon Enhancement, Exorcism

    Use: Grants you the skill Weapon Enhancement, Exorcism

    Requirement: Advanced Enhancer

    Weapon Enhancement, Exorcism: Increases 30% damage to Spectres. Gain 10% chance to stun when dealing damage to Spectres (Ineffective against Bosses)

    "Oh my! An Enhancement Recipe!" Jiang Fei cried with joy. As a Divine Blacksmith, he had obtained the ability to Enhance weapons after gaining a tier. Sadly, he had never been able to obtain any Enhancement Recipes. Because of that, he had many Enhancement Materials in his inventory but not a single piece of equipment that had been Enhanced.

    "Seems like this Enhancement Recipe effect is designed specifically for this dungeon!"

    It was neither good nor bad. There were not many Spectre type of monsters around Dawnlight City. On the other hand, a player could be Enhanced to be a specialist for the Temple of Deities and Demons.

    A 30% damage increase would make the entire dungeon run much easier! Especially for AoE skills used on waves of monsters, magicians could trigger Stun on the monsters. That would lighten the burden on the main tank.

    Naturally, the Enhancement Recipe effect was effective on monsters. Even if there was a player of the Spectre race, the effect of the Enhanced weapon would not apply to that player. Players were considered to be Human or Humanoid types. The same went for the other races. Jiang Fei, as part of a Demon race, was also considered to be a Humanoid type.

    At the moment, Jiang Fei felt the sudden urge to flip a table.

    "Argh! No wonder they say all Enhancers are rich folks! A simple enhancement like this would need me to Disassemble five Level 30 or four Level 40 Green grade equipment!" said Jiang Fei angrily as he carefully examined the U.I.

    Five counts of Level 30 Green grade equipment would cost around 30 to 40 gold coins. What about the service fee? Were the Enhancers scattered around the map?

    An Enhancer would require to break down oh so many equipment, in order to gain that little bit of Class experience points. How many of those Enhancement Materials were needed just to Enhance one single equipment! In summary, this class is a class that burned, not a hole in the pocket, but the entire pants! If the Enhancer charged a player a ludicrous amount of gold coins, he would be killing himself slowly!

    The Enhancement Recipe that he had just obtained could charge up to a hundred gold coins. That was the bare minimum that Jiang Fei could fork out to not be losing money! Luckily for Jiang Fei, his Hidden Class, the Divine Blacksmith, allowed him to skip the restriction of many recipes. In fact, he could use all the Recipes that were available to his Class. That way, the overall cost would be much lower! About 20% lower.

    Thankfully, the only thing that was certain about an Enhancer was that there was no success rate. In Enhancing, there was no chance of failure. As long as the conditions were met, Enhancement would succeed. Compared to other Profession classes, Enhancement Materials were harder to get, not to mention their Recipes!

    In the end, the Recipe was still important. Having 30% extra damage to Spectres would help the members of Empyreal Dragon in the Temple of Deities and Demons.

    For his guild, Jiang Fei would not incur any charges. Still, the service fee and the material cost must still be paid for.

    "Alright. Let's give it a try!" said Jiang Fei. Right then, he had adequate materials to start Enhancement for his hammer.

    "Hehehe. There's a glowing effect!" said Jiang Fei after he was done with the Enhancing process.

    The hammer that was given to him when Jiang Fei became a Divine Blacksmith was a Chromatic Evolving Weapon. However, that hammer was dull and uninteresting when compared to that of other Hidden Classes. There were two small points on the hammer that gave out a rainbow glow but since the hammer itself was small to begin with, the points were smaller.

    After Enhancement, the entire hammer gave out a golden metallic luster that did not overlap with the color scheme of the hammer itself. The bright shadow and light effect of Jiang Fei and the hammer made his entire character much cooler.

    "It is such a pity that the Exorcism effect would not work in players... I would need a stronger Recipe..." said Jiang Fei, a little disheartened.

    Jiang Fei turned to the boss and obtained one Violet equipment and two Blue grade equipment. Sadly, none of them could be used by Jiang Fei.

    "Hm... Zhao Feng should grovel at my feet by this point..." said Jiang Fei as he sulked. Most of the drops in this dungeon run were all magician based. At the very least, Jiang Fei was helping Little Rain and Zhao Feng, the magicians of the guild.

    After all the drops had been collected, Jiang Fei came out of the dungeon. Instead of returning to the city, he wanted to give the Heroic difficulty a go.

    Ding! You are about to enter "Temple of Deities and Demons, Heroic difficulty". This dungeon allows 100 players to join. Your party is not full. Do you wish to enter?

    "I knew it!"

    Jiang Fei had guessed it right. The Heroic mode was indeed a hundred man dungeon!

    "Proceed!" said Jiang Fei verbally. He did not have plans to finish the dungeon that day. He had only entered the dungeon to try and see that was waiting for him inside.

    With a bright flash of light, Jiang Fei entered the dungeon.

    "Oh fuuuuu..." When Jiang Fei opened his eyes, he was completely stunned by what he saw.

    Translator Note: Disclaimer here, I'm pretty sure that the author just pulled a batman belt effect here. It's really confusing here about races and species.

    The first wave of monsters that waited for him at the entrance were the 28 Generals of the Cloud Terrace.

    Although they were monsters, each of them had unique skills. Additionally, they were all Level 48 Vice-Leader tier!

    "Sh*t. How am I going to fight those..."

    Jiang Fei frowned. It was a hundred men dungeon and the first 28 monsters were almost level 50 bosses. It would take an elite team of a hundred men to conquer this dungeon!

    "Hmph, I'm sure that the drops in this mode would be awesome!" said Jiang Fei. With so many mini bosses waiting for him, if each of them dropped one Blue grade equipment, it would be a total of 28 drops. The problem was... who could fight them?

    Without wasting any time, Jiang Fei turned around and returned to the city.

    Once he stepped out of the Teleportation Circle, he saw that many random players from Twilight City had set up shops in the streets. Even though players could never truly be safe in a foreign city, no one dared to kill anyone within the city boundaries. At this point in the game, no players could fight and survive the NPC guards. Once they were caught by the NPC, they would lose their Safety Levels and end up being locked up in prison.
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