420 Si Tuying

    After the talk with Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei felt a little disheartened. He could not wait to have those books. However, it was the middle of the night! If he did inform the elders that he wanted the books right away, it would paint him as someone desperate. That would not be good for business.

    No matter how much he wanted those books, it was best to just wait it out. At this point, there was nothing Jiang Fei could do to eliminate his boredom. While others were farming levels with their best efforts, Jiang Fei would only need one more dungeon run to reach Level 49 and Level 59 once he could use the Abyssal Crystal. Spending extra time farming open-field monsters would not be enough.

    In the end, Jiang Fei was so bored that he joined Billy Boy to kill some Twilight City players. It was rather dull as well since there were not many players in the Battlefield map. Once the Battlefield was dominated once more by the Empyreal Dragon, the enemies decided to just quit the map. With so few enemies left, players of Dawnlight City could not kill even if they wanted to. Still, it was fun to join the large group of players play catch with the enemy. One might not be able to farm many Honor Points, but it was still entertaining.

    Jiang Fei spent the rest of his time in the Battlefield before the system forcefully logged out everyone in the game.

    While Jiang Fei was having his breakfast, he suddenly remembered that it had been a week since he had went back to school.

    "Oh, the gods have answered my prayers! The great Jiang Fei has returned to school!" cried Zhao Feng when he saw Jiang Fei sitting at his desk.

    "Hehehe. I had some matters to attend to," said Jiang Fei, laughing. There were many things that Jiang Fei kept hidden from Zhao Feng. Even though he had never looked down on the fellow, the two were not on the same level anymore. It was best to keep some things from him or there would be trouble.

    The teachers had always treated Jiang Fei as a nobody so they were shocked to see that Jiang Fei had returned to class. But even so, they did not care much about that boy. Almost all the grown ups in the school had only treated Jiang Fei like air and dirt. While the teachers did not care, the students were scared. Most of them treated Jiang Fei as if he were a delinquent. Hence, it got really boring in class. He understood now why Han Tianyu and other people of the same situation would not stay in school.

    After enduring the boredom of school, Jiang Fei walked back home via the same old empty street. When he saw the pool, Jiang Fei smiled with delight.

    "Hmph. This little girl is sure as hell entertaining!" said Jiang Fei as he pretended not to notice her presence and walked straight on.

    "Hey thug! Look where you're walking!"

    When Jiang Fei walked passed the pool, the same girl jumped out of the bushes behind the pool and toward Jiang Fei. She took a stance and thrust her fist straight toward his face.

    The poor girl had been waiting there for several days. Ever since the day she was "bullied" by Jiang Fei, she had found herself a trainer. After she was thoroughly trained, she was determined to have her revenge on Jiang Fei for humiliating her. She then waited at the pool for four days straight but since Jiang Fei had not been to school for a week, she was close to giving up when Jiang Fei did not show up. That day, she wanted to test her luck and if Jiang Fei did not show up again, she would just give up on fighting him. Lo and behold, just when it was her last day of waiting, Jiang Fei showed up!

    From the looks of her stance and punch, Jiang Fei determined that she had been training hard. He saw good precision and aim. It was no longer the random haymaker and straight punch that a common street thug would throw. Her attack style was similar to that of actual military martial arts.

    However, this was Jiang Fei she was fighting against. No matter how strong her became, Jiang Fei was recognized as a Level 4 fighter! Not even a Level 3 Metahuman could fight him toe to toe, what more a normal little girl.

    With a simple twist and turn, Jiang Fei dodged the punch easily. He could even do it with his eyes closed at this point. After that, a simple thrust forward, Jiang Fei "flashed" behind her and held her at an arm's lock.

    Jiang Fei had only needed to exert a little bit of strength to completely dislocate her shoulder. Naturally, he did not want that.

    "Stupid thug! Let me go!"

    It was the end of the fight. No matter how much she screamed and struggled, she knew that the difference in strength between Jiang Fei and her was too much. There was no hope.

    "Hoho. Since you're standing here, I'll use the same place to punish you! Same old, same old," said Jiang Fei. The fight was only a few feet away from the pool and Jiang Fei did not have to move. He sat down, pressed the girl on his lap, lifted his right hand, and slap the girl's bum.

    Slap! Slap! Slap!



    "Alright. I think I should just double the punishment since you did your best and still failed!" said Jiang Fei as if he was giving a lesson to the girl!

    "Stupid thug..."

    This time, Jiang Fei did not slap as hard. The girl herself did not kick and struggle anymore. She softened her whole body and fully accepted the punishment.

    Jiang Fei did not feel that angry that day hence after only a few strokes, Jiang Fei decided to let her go.

    "I guess... this is it for me," said Jiang Fei as he helped her to her feet.

    To be honest, when the girl was screaming and kicking, Jiang Fei had this feeling that he could dominate and tame the girl. However, when the girl just stopped struggling and accepted the slaps, Jiang Fei felt wrong and stopped.


    The girl was shocked when Jiang Fei had given up so quickly. She was genuinely shaken but her voice had an underlying tone of disappointment. Perhaps it was just a misinterpretation.

    "We have been fighting for some time now. I guess, we can call each other acquaintances? Could you please tell me your name?" said Jiang Fei as he glared at the blushing girl. Jiang Fei had forgotten just how many times she had tried to ambush him yet he did not know her real name.

    "Hmph! Don't get too conceited! This is not over!" said the girl as the turned around and left.

    "Oh well... I did try to ask... What a disappointment!" said Jiang Fei as he shrugged.

    "Don't forget this, you stupid thug! One of these days, you will be defeated by my hands! Si Tuying!" said the girl after she had taken a few steps. After that, she turned around again and disappeared.

    "Hoho... Si Tuying."

    Jiang Fei nodded happily and thought highly of the girl.

    When Jiang Fei met the girl for the first time, he could faintly hear a huge butler address her as Little Rong. Now that he thought about it, it might be her nickname. No matter. It did not concern him too much.

    On the way home, Jiang Fei called his mother to inform her that he would be going to Zhao Feng's to do some school assignments that he had missed. After that, he went to Manda Square and entered Han Tianyu's office.

    It was like his own turf. When he pulled the doors open, the beautiful secretary there gave him a simple nod. She had already been notified by Han Tianyu that Jiang Fei would be coming.

    "Holy shieeeet! Could you please learn how to knock!" cried Han Tianyu as he jumped to his feet.

    "I thought you'd have gotten used to it by now. Besides, I'd be doing a favor to the innocent girl that you might be having in here!" said Jiang Fei as he got comfortable on the sofa.

    "Hold up, don't get too comfortable. We are going off to the Hidden Dragon Village with the helicopter," said Han Tianyu as he packed his stuff on the table.

    "Like... right now?"


    "Sheesh. You don't have to be so moody about it!"

    The helicopter on the roof of Manda Square was prepared. Although the engine was on, the propellers were not yet spinning. Since it was a matter of the alliance, Jiang Fei had to pilot the helicopter himself.

    "Do you have any last minute advice for me?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Hmm. Nothing much. Though I must say that I hope that you could be biased toward the Northern Faction. However, the Southern Faction would surely be investing a lot of money in order to win you over to their side. In a way, I don't want to hinder you from getting more profit!"

    "Is that so..."
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