422 Martial Skills Obtained

    "Hehehe... you're so cute little brother," said one of the twin sisters.

    Jiang Fei turned toward the source of the voice. When he finally landed his eyes on the girls, he had a minor shock. They were so incomparably beautiful. They were living, breathing models carved from marble. Better yet, their similarities were uncanny that you could analyze it with a magnifier and still fail to find any differences between the two.

    Luckily, their uncanny similarities were only limited to their appearance. One of them had a cheerful smile; a sunshine personality. While the other girl was cold. If winter could be anthropomorphized, she would be the human version of that. They way she looked at Jiang Fei was as if Jiang Fei owed her a million dollars.

    "Little Qing! Don't be so rude!" said the quiet, solemn girl to the cheerful one.

    "It is our honor to met Brother Jiang. We, sisters, are from the Jiangnan, the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace. My name is Yang Po and my sister here is called Yang Qing."

    The colder one of the twin might have a stare that could freeze your entire soul but she was the polite one for she greeted. She dragged her cheerful, talkative sister and forced her to bow to Jiang Fei. Yang Qin, the supposedly cheerful one, took the chance when her sister was not looking and made a funny face at Jiang Fei.


    Before Jiang Fei could respond to that, Han Tianyu laughed bitterly. He then bent down and directly whispered into Jiang Fei's ear, "The Southern Faction must have a lot of knowledge of the Northern Faction. My advice to you is to stay away from the sisters. I don't think there's any good if you don't."

    It has been established that Jiang Fei was more fixated on the Northern Faction since he had only been talking to Old Hai and the other two elders. Hence, to shake the stance, the Southern Faction had arrived in order to gain a more biased opinion from Jiang Fei.

    After thinking of methods to do so, there was one way. Zhao Ganming was there due to his position in the faction. Since Jiang Fei was just a boy of sixteen years of age, how would he be talking to a thirty years old man?

    Hence, there was a simpler method. In the same faction, the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace had sent two of their fighters who had the same position as Zhao Ganming. Compared to the old man, the girls would have a better chance at striking a relationship with Jiang Fei.

    "The honor is mine, sisters!" said Jiang Fei as he saluted back. Jiang Fei was better at saluting others now for he had learned his lesson from Zhao Ganming. The problem was when Jiang Fei saluted the girls without flinching, Zhao Ganming felt a little sour. When he greeted Jiang Fei, the boy flinched, but when the girls did it, the boy smiled and greeted them without a problem. What the hell was that level of different treatment?

    Even so, Zhao Ganming was a man of experience. He immediately understood that the boy was very new in this society. He knew that Jiang Fei had done it unintentionally. If Zhao Ganming had a grudge, it would be toward his own Southern Faction for sending him here when there was nothing for him to do! Jiang Fei himself might not be powerful yet, but he had a strong background. Even then, having an old man try to talk to him would be useless. Might as well just send the twins instead...

    It was not that the Northern Faction was lacking young men and women. Now that the girls had made their debut, Jiang Fei might be drawn to them. Or so it seemed...

    Once both factions had greeted Jiang Fei, everyone proceeded into the village. Almost everything was made of wood and stones instead of bricks and cement. The designs of the house and buildings were loyal to the architecture of ancient China. For those who studied martial arts, having to stay here was better as it was closer to nature.

    On the way into the village, Han Tianyu took the chance and pulled Jiang Fei aside to explain the situation about the twins to prevent any further embarrassment.

    Aquamoon Heavenly Palace was considered to be a large sect in the Southern Faction. There was a rumor that there was one Level 5 master within that sect. However, till this day, there was no proof of his existence. Yang Po and Yang Qin were the last two students of the master of the sect. They were thought to be the next leaders of the sect. The two sisters had very different personalities. One was serious while the other was always playing around and loved to prank others. That was why Han Tianyu had warned them since the two would never separate.

    The twin sisters were smart and gifted as they were the last disciples the sect leader took in. (1) With sufficient resources and teachings, the growth rate of the twin sisters was fast and strong. At a young age, they had already become Level 3 fighters. In comparison, Han Tianyu, a man approaching the age of twenty, was only at the peak of Level 2.

    "I know that I'm weak. But know this, I am a businessman! I don't have the talents like others, or like you. In fact, even if I were rich, I can never have the resources that the twins have! Besides, I'm always busy with other stuff. I cannot devote myself to martial art training all the time. Jack of all trades, master of none. Well... technically, I am a master in trades. Hahaha!" Han Tianyu had to explain his stature since after he had done talking, Jiang Fei gave a disapproving look.

    After walking some distance, everyone entered a large building and sat down on the floor according to their positions. Jiang Fei was calm and cool even though he knew that it might take a while. He had already informed his mother about coming home late. Even then, he would still have to go back before the next day.

    "Apologies masters, brothers and sister, I have things to tend to later. Could we jump straight to the main topic?"

    "A straightforward man. I like that attitude!"

    At first, Zhao Ganming wanted to start with a few ceremonial speeches but since Jiang Fei had taken the leap, he had decided to play along friendly to gain some points with Jiang Fei. The speech that he had prepared was thrown aside. In his mind, he was thinking that he should not have been there if the faction's purpose was to befriend the young man.

    "There is a total of ten books of different arts and styles. Brother Jiang, please choose four out of the ten. The cost of the four books you choose would be twenty Evil Purging Pills!" said Old Hai as he carried a tray that was filled with wooden plaques with names and the descriptions of the martial arts engraved on them.

    "Hmm. Please allow me to help myself," said Jiang Fei politely as he looked through the wooden plaques. This was accounted for. There were many people in the martial art community who could memorize an entire book just by skimming through. Handing out plaques instead of the actual book was to prevent someone like that from stealing the content.

    Once he had looked through the plaques, Jiang Fei himself knew that these were not the strongest arts or styles that the schools could offer. Even so, it was enough for Jiang Fei, at the moment.

    Jiang Fei understood that the sects would never surrender their greatest styles just for the pills. Even if, the kung fu was strong. At the same time, they required just a beginner's level of qi mastery to master the skill, which was very suitable for Jiang Fei since his total energy output was low. He was perhaps weaker but almost the same with Han Tianyu. All he needed then was to have the blood of a high-level Metahuman. 0541 could then manufacture a more potent Ant Egg Essence to further increase his power.

    The matter of procuring the blood of a high-level Metahuman must not be known to the other martial artists. The China Martial Artist Alliance was a society with rules and morality. If they knew that someone like Jiang Fei wanted the blood of another human to increase their potential, Jiang Fei and his "master" would immediately be placed in a blacklist. If things got worse, Jiang Fei might even be expecting an attack by them.

    After careful consideration, Jiang Fei selected four art styles. Lightning Palm, Pulse Cessation Finger Technique, Gliding Saint Step, and Tornado Kick.

    These four arts required the circulation of qi but cannot project qi outside of the body. The mastery of qi of the skills was low, which was suitable for those of Level 3 or lower to practice. Amongst the ten books offered, nine of them were the same. Only one of them could use qi as a projectile means. However, since Jiang Fei had yet to fully master his qi flow, it was best to leave it out.

    Lightning Palm was a simple skill that performed just like Jiang Fei's Force Strike. It relied on inner energy and might have a weaker effect. The benefit of it was that it did not need charging nor did it have cooldown!

    The Pulse Cessation Finger Technique was an acupuncture technique. When he was training with Old Hai, he learned about the human anatomy and the places of the acupuncture points.

    The Gliding Saint Step was a kind of Qinggong that allowed fast movements. It was essential to Jiang Fei since he was always slow in running or moving.

    Tornado Kick was the style that required the least amount of qi. However, it possessed the strongest damage output.

    Translator Note:

    The last disciple. A Sect leader usually would take in more disciples and in this case, the sect leader had decided to not take in any more students as he/she had already decided a successor. In this case, the twin sisters.
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