423 Zhao Ganming’s Reques

    "I have chosen these four," said Jiang Fei as he handed the four wooden plaques.

    When Old Hai came to retrieve the plaques, Jiang Fei pretended to reach into his pockets to retrieve the pills. In truth, he had 0541 to make them at that moment. At this moment, 0541 had enough energy to make the pills easily that it could make a warehouse full of the pills in just one second.

    The exchanged was smooth. Jiang Fei handed the bottle containing the pills as Old Hai handed over four books to Jiang Fei.

    "Alright. I thank everyone present today for this... event. My apologies as I must take my leave now," said Jiang Fei as he did not want to spend a second longer in that room.

    "Brother! Where's the fire? There's no need to rush out like that," said Yang Qing as she flashed in front of Jiang Fei to stop him from leaving.

    "Little Qing! You're being impolite!" cried Yang Po as she quickly tried to pull her sister away. They had never really got to know Jiang Fei. Who knows that Jiang Fei might be a tempestuous man and could immediately attack Qing Yang for standing in his way. The young man was a Level 4 fighter who had a Level 5 master! If he did attack, the sister might not be walking away without a broken bone.

    "Relax! Brother would never hurt me. Isn't that right? Right?! Brother?" said Yang Qing as she made a funny face at her sister. Apparently, even though they were twins, Yang Qing was the little one and Yang Po was the elder. After that, Yang Qing pulled herself free from Yang Po's grab and skipped her way to Jiang Fei.


    Jiang Fei could smell a wonderful, fragrant scent coming from the little girl. It was very pleasant.

    She had even stood on her toes just to make herself taller. Even then, she was only at Jiang Fei's neck. Jiang Fei had no idea what the girls were up to and he quickly took two steps back. He then glanced at the surrounding spectators as a mean to ask for rescue.

    "Haha! Hahaha! You moved! You blinked! Haha! You lose!" cried Yang Qing happily as she spun around merrily.

    "Erhm... Brother Yu... Could we just...?"

    Jiang Fei understood why Han Tianyu had warned him about the sister. He had no idea that the young Yang Qing would be so lively! One would never know what she was thinking nor what she would do next.

    "Brother! We came here from so far away and you're going to just leave like that after that boring meeting? Could you please just stay for a little while?" said Yang Qin as she pouted and pulled Jiang Fei's sleeves.

    This time, Yang Po did not even bother to stop her sister. Even if they were rivals, Zhao Ganming had just laughed it off at the side.

    They had come all the way here to take the pills and also to gain friendship with Jiang Fei. The pills were an expendable product that would run out one day. Jiang Fei was the source of the pills and no one would wish to lose him.

    Now that Jiang Fei wanted to leave, no one would blame Jiang Fei if someone stepped forward and stopped the twins. However, they were so cute and pretty that it would be a crime to do so! Even Jiang Fei was speechless then.

    That was when Jiang Fei had to turn to the audience for help. However, most of them did not want him to go just yet. Naturally, they would not intervene. Han Tianyu was part of the audience. He did warn him earlier. However, now that the scenario had unfolded, there was nothing he could do, especially since the girls were Level 3 and he was only Level 2.

    "Urgh... Fine. I'll stay for a little while longer..." said Jiang Fei reluctantly. He had complicated feelings. What could he do when the cutesy little Yang Qing was holding his sleeves, not letting him go.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, I heard from little Yu that you still have some pills with you, yeah? The kind that heals external wounds."

    Zhao Ganming had nothing else to talk about. The health potion that Zhao Ganming was talking about was indeed good. However, from the point of view of a man who practised martial arts, they would definitely have the same kind of medication. Even though theirs could never be compared with Jiang Fei's super fast healing potion, the effect was still the same. Because of the efficiency of how it healed, the military had eyes on him. Naturally, the Martial Artist Alliance had paid attention to him because of how cheap it was, from a certain point of view.

    Nevertheless, it was all powerful since it was helpful to the society. Even so, Zhao Ganming was never interested in the pill, yet he chose to talk about it since there was nothing to talk about. His rival faction had already sent out two beautiful females who were the same age as he. If he stayed quiet, it would be really hard to "pull" Jiang Fei to his side.

    "Yes! It's the product of my master. He'd usually make these when he got bored of making other pills," said Jiang Fei as he tried to place the attention on the "master" of his.

    "I have a request for you. I wish to acquire a few of those pills. Naturally, I would not be taking them for free. I am willing to give you this as an exchange," said Zhao Ganming as he took out a small plate made of jade.

    "This is...?"

    "This is the Black Jade made by the Songshan Sect. Anyone who comes into the Songshan Sect with this in hand would be treated as an honored guest. This plate would serve as a payment for one unconditional request," said Zhao Ganming, emphasizing on the word "unconditional".

    "This... This is too much, brother," said Jiang Fei. Even though Jiang Fei did not know much about Songshan Sect, having them fulfil an unconditional request should be a huge deal.

    Jiang Fei knew the value of the health potion of, by the current term, Grand Restore Pill. Han Tianyu had informed him that the pills would be useful in the normal world where fights and wounds would not have unnatural wounds. Right now, the reason why Zhao Ganming was willing to hand over something to precious to Jiang Fei was just to please Jiang Fei to garner his favor.

    It was his trump card. His rival had used theirs and it would make sense to use his. Yang Po might be cold and unsociable but Yang Qing was cute and all sunshine and rainbow. Being the naive little boy Jiang Fei was, he might actually be reeled in by the Southern Faction. The girls were... girls! And Zhao Ganming was nothing but an aging man.

    He had to put out his greatest offer. Or he would lose Jiang Fei.

    "Hoho. Brother Jiang Fei. I will be frank. Besides the pill, there is something that I needed for help with," said Zhao Ganming.

    "How may I be of service?" asked Jiang Fei, politely. To be honest, Jiang Fei was very intrigued as well as interested in the Dark Jade. Even though he had two scars on his arms that could summon Phoenix for help, he would not want to waste such a powerful deux ex machina anytime soon.

    "Here is the situation. The previous Martial Artist Alliance task was completed by Old Hai and the rest. In the next month, it was our turn, the Songshan Sect to receive a task. However, we could not send out young trainees at the moment. There are other fighters but neither one of them could handle such a task. That is why I am now asking you for help," said Zhao Ganming with a weak smile.

    "Hm... I will see what I can do," said Jiang Fei, frowning. The reason why Jiang Fei had agreed to help in the previous, aforementioned task was because of the nuclear power that was available. If Jiang Fei was not in dire need of energy, he would not have even participated in the mission.

    Han Tianyu had talked about the alliance before. When there was a mission, the alliance would arrange the assignment of fighters. It was a cycle, turn-based arrangement. When the Japanese had come into the nuclear power plant, the alliance had assigned Old Hai to handle the situation. Those Level 2 and Level 3 fighters who had participated were their own disciples.

    In the next month, it would be Songshan Sect's turn to receive a task. When it was their time, the young fighters of Songshan Sect would be dispatched.

    Normally, the task would only involve minor risks and threats. The appearance of a Level 4 or Level 5 Metahuman was rare but there was still a probability. If there was a prediction of either a Level 4 or Level 5 enemy being involved, the alliance would personally select powerful fighters to fight.

    Right now, Zhao Ganming did not mean that his students were weak. It was only an excuse to get Jiang Fei into the Songshan Sect, indirectly. When everyone was good with each other, they might even be friends. The excuse of not having enough members was only a lie.

    Having to do a mission with the Songshan Sect was not really a bad thing. It really depended on the outcome. If there were benefits in doing so, Jiang Fei would not mind showing his face in the fight. However, when there was nothing to be gained, why would he risk his life to get involved in a fight which he did not know of?
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