426 Goddess of the Blue Dawn

    "Dear adventurer, are you here to save us?" The villager's wife also asked.

    "Yes!" At a glance, Jiang Fei could tell that these three NPCs had no intelligence, so there was no need to talk nonsense. He immediately answered them in Quest language so that he could complete the Quest and get things over with.

    "Great, we can finally go home!" The villager's son said.

    "Yeah! I've already killed all the monsters at the door, you guys can go home now!" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed as he spoke because he still have not received the Quest Complete prompt.

    "But we still can't go back, because I dropped one of my treasures in the Temple of Deities and Demons!" The villager's wife said.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Current Quest objective: Escort the three villagers to the main hall!

    Note: If any of the three villagers die, you fail the Quest!

    "F*cking hell!" Jiang Fei cursed. He hated these kinds of escort Quests the most because he was doing the Dungeon solo. Moreover, these three NPCs were so weak that they would be half-dead even if a monster touched them, let alone a boss. Since Jiang Fei was alone, it was difficult for him to take care of everything.

    "Dear adventurer, let's go!" The villager's son said.

    As they had no intelligence, after the Quest updated, the three NPCs immediately set out in the direction of the main hall in accordance with the Quest. They did not bother to ask for Jiang Fei's opinions.

    "F*ck! This stupid Quest is starting already?" Jiang Fei did not dare to lag behind. He quickly chased after the three NPCs.

    "Adventurer, the side hall is in front. It has been occupied by monsters, please help!" The farmer's wife said.

    "Thank God! The designer of this Quest still has some basic human decency!" Jiang Fei saw that the three NPCs had stopped in their tracks. It seemed like they were waiting for him to clear off the monsters first. This was a relief. Originally, he was afraid that the three NPCs would just not care and walk straight into the group of monsters.

    "Come on Bella, let's clear the monsters first!" Jiang Fei told Isabella, then immediately charged into the group of monsters.

    The Heroic mode of "Temple of Deities and Demons" was like a brand new Dungeon. The monsters in here were no longer Specter monks, but a form of evil life.

    Fallen (Demon, Elite)

    Level: 45

    Health Points: 80,000

    Attack Power: 3,500

    Remarks: Servant of the Lord of Sin!

    This monster was not a whole lot stronger than the monsters in the previous two Dungeons of lower difficulty. However, these Fallens came in groups of hundreds. There were so many of them that it was terrifying.

    "Looks like you have to be good at freezing!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself. As it was such a large group of monsters, it was impossible to tank the damage. An average Tank would be killed as soon as they rushed in. So, one had to control the situation with freezing skills, then use Area of Effect skills to clear the monsters, instead of trying to tank the damage.

    For Jiang Fei, however, it was not a big problem. His Defense was high and there was a big level gap between him and the monsters. These monsters could not damage him at all. He rushed straight into the group of monsters and used God's Wrath. This was followed by Isabella's Rain of Fire and they easily got rid of these monsters.

    "There are so many monsters. This is really a good place to train!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself. It was a pity that his level was too high, so he could not get any Experience points.

    If any party could defeat the twenty-eight Generals of the Cloud Terrace before this, then this was definitely a paradise for leveling. After controlling the monsters with freezing skills, they could just use Area of Effect skills and receive a lot of Experience points.

    It was not difficult to kill these small monsters. Any party that had good teamwork and chemistry could do it. However, not many parties could defeat the gatekeeping monsters. The combination of twenty-eight Level 48 Vice-Leaders could definitely discourage 90% of the parties.

    After clearing more than ten waves of monsters, Jiang Fei finally arrived in front of the side hall.

    "Damn it, if only I didn't use the Abyss Crystal so early. All this wasted Experience... what a pity." Jiang Fei sounded distressed. However, he forgot one thing. If he had not used the Abyss Crystal in order to obtain level suppression over the twenty-eight Generals of the Cloud Terrace, he would not even be able to come in here in the first place.

    After he entered the side hall, the three NPCs followed. There were no monsters in the side hall. There was just one boss standing there alone.

    Goddess of the Blue Dawn (Vice) (Demon, Lower Lord)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 2,500,000

    Attack Power: 17,000

    Skills: Sword of Retribution, Punish, Silence, Demon Form.

    Sword of Retribution: The Goddess of the Blue Dawn summons a sharp sword to punish the current target, causing a lot of damage.

    Punish: Inflicts the current target with punishment. The current target loses 1% of their total Health Points per second and the damage received is increased by 5%.

    Silence: Silence all units within a radius of fifty meters for three seconds.

    Demon Form: The demon disguised as the Goddess of the Blue Dawn can no longer maintain the disguise. The demon reveals its original face, recovers its Health Points back to full and gains new skills. (Triggered when the boss's Health Points drops to 50%!)

    Remarks: A demon tribe had invaded this place and occupied it to carry out inappropriate activities.

    "As expected, there are Lord-ranked bosses in Heroic Dungeons!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Let's try it out, come on Bella!" Jiang Fei evaluated the boss's strength. This boss was way weaker than the boss on the Battlefield. The only uncertainty was in regards to the boss's attributes after it returned to its Demon Form after 50%. So, he planned to fight it in his Lifesteal Demon form for now. If this was not good enough, he would transform into his Nephilim form during the battle.

    "Thump!" After black smoke dispersed, Jiang Fei transformed into his Vampire form. Then, he used Wild Charge and charged at the boss.


    After Wild Charge was over, Jiang Fei quickly began stack Ruthless Barrage.

    "Foolish mortal!" Jiang Fei's attacks immediately activated the boss.


    The damage from the boss's normal attacks was not enough to pose a deadly threat to Jiang Fei. However, before Jiang Fei even had the time to be happy, the boss gave him a heavy blow.

    A golden sharp sword suddenly appeared above Jiang Fei's head. Then, it fell swiftly.

    -47,821! (Sword of Retribution!)

    "F*ck!" Currently, Jiang Fei only had a little more than 61,000 Health Points. After this attack, he only had around 10,000 Health Points left.

    Armored Bulwark!

    While Jiang Fei attacked and recovered Health Points through Lifesteal, he also activated a shield.

    -11,423 (Absorbed!)

    Jiang Fei avoided the next attack. By then, his Ruthless Barrage had stacked ten times and his Attack Power soared to nearly 14,000. With each attack, he could absorb nearly 30,000 Health Points.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei's Attack Speed was super high, way higher than the boss's Attack Speed. So, he just had to be careful not to let the boss's normal attack hit him right after the boss used Sword of Retribution. He did not have to worry about anything else.





    At this time, Isabella had also started using her Abyssal Flame. After she leveled up, her damage had increased significantly.
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