429 Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

    "Hmm? What's going on?" Jiang Fei was dumbstruck when he saw that the small boss had suddenly changed into a neutral state.

    "I was originally a monk in this temple. I'm being controlled by them... err... pfft..." Before the boss could finish speaking, it spurted out a mouthful of blood, then fell to the ground and died. Moreover, because its death was the kind of death that triggered the storyline, this boss not only did not drop anything, but it also did not give any Experience points.

    "Hahaha... let me explain, dear adventurers!" At this time, a burst of laughter was heard coming from outside the main hall.

    Jiang Fei turned to look and saw someone walking into the main hall. It was the NPC that initiated the Quest back then.

    However, this roadside villager no longer looked like a farmer. Instead, he was dressed splendidly as he walked into the main hall in an ostentatious manner.

    "The f*ck, what is actually going on?" Jiang Fei was shocked. He had a lot of doubts. However, at least, the name of the four NPCs present was still Green, which meant that they were still in a friendly state.

    "Come to think of it, I really have to thank you adventurers!" Although this roadside villager had changed into fancy clothes, he was still the type of NPC that did not have intelligence. So, he simply ignored Jiang Fei and continued reciting his lines. Obviously, the NPC had now entered plot mode.

    Seeing that there were no more monsters around and that the four NPCs present were all friendly targets, Jiang Fei had no choice but to quietly listen to this NPC talk.

    "I originally thought that my plan had failed. First, that damned Galdan betrayed me. Then, our plan was discovered by the True God. The twenty-eight Generals of the Cloud Terrace came to stop us, so I had no choice but to escape from the Temple of Deities and Demons. Now, with the help of you adventurers, the twenty-eight Generals have been taken care of and the traitor Galdan has also been killed!" The roadside villager said. Then, he suddenly turned to Jiang Fei and Isabella and said, "Now, you have outlived your usefulness! It's time for me to get rid of you!"

    As the voice of the roadside villager fell, the names of the four NPCs suddenly turned from Green to Red. The three NPCs that were tied to the pillars were also freed from the bonds.

    Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh...

    Four purple lights flashed. All the four NPCs that originally looked extremely weak had gone through a magnificent transformation.

    First of all, the villager's wife transformed into a majestic-looking female demon that was more than three meters tall. All six of her arms were holding a giant sword each. At a glance, she looked extremely powerful.

    The High Priestess Shirvallah (Demon, Empowered Leader)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 1,100,000

    Attack Power: 9,800

    Skills: Slam, Cleave, Darkness Heal, Life Sacrifice!

    Slam: Immediately deals a strong blow to the current target!

    Cleave: Performs a sweeping attack in a fan-shaped area in front.

    Darkness Heal: Restores 30% of the Health Points of an ally within thirty meters.

    Life Sacrifice: After Shirvallah's death, the Attack Power of surrounding allies will increase by 100%!

    The villager's son had also turned into a demon that was three meters tall. His feet were sheep hooves. He also had sharp claws that were more than a foot long on both his hands and a thick large tail. He looked like the Stranger from Hell.

    Wrathguard Rodier (Demon, Empowered Leader)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 1,500,000

    Attack Power: 12,000

    Skills: Maim, Smash, Wound Slash, Life Tribute.

    Maim: Randomly maims five targets, decreasing their Attack Speed and Casting Speed by 100%!

    Smash: Immediately deals a powerful blow to the current target.

    Wound Slash: Rodier immediately enters an invisible state and teleports behind a random target, inflicting a bleeding effect on that target which causes 4,000 damage per second.

    Life Tribute: If Rodier is killed, the total Health Points of nearby allies will increase by 50%.

    The father had also abandoned his human form long ago. Similarly, his body expanded to more than three meters tall. Wings appeared on his back and his whole body was surrounded by green flames.

    Doombringer Ereduin (Demon, Empowered Leader)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 1,100,000

    Magic Attack: 14,500

    Skills: Shadowbolt Rain, Demonized Skin, War Stomp, Life Glory.

    Shadow Bolt: The Doombringer launches Shadowbolts toward all enemies within thirty meters, dealing 3,000 damage.

    Demonized Skin: Reduces the Magic Damage received by the Doombringer by 50%.

    War Stomp: Immediately stomps surrounding enemies, causing a lot of damage to nearby enemies, stunning them for three seconds.

    Life Glory: If Ereduin is killed, surrounding allies will immediately enter a frenzied state and their Attack Power and Attack Speed will increase by 100%.

    These three bosses were already scary enough. However, the roadside villager was even scarier.

    At this time, this ordinary human being had transformed into a giant creature that was five meters tall. This giant demon walked on all fours, but there were sturdy arms on its upper body. Its whole body was covered with rough scales and the scales were burning with dark green flames. The huge knife in his hand that was as wide as a bed board was even more frightening.

    Abyssal Demon Annihilan (Demon, Lord)

    Level: 50

    Health Points: 6,500,000

    Attack Power: 16,500

    Skills: Swipe, Hellfire, Collapse, Death Harvest, Rage!

    Swipe: Annihilan's normal attacks deal damage to all nearby enemies!

    Hellfire: Annihilan summons blazing flames in a designated area, dealing 5,000 damage per second to all enemies in the area.

    Collapse: Annihilan's huge body makes the main hall become extremely unstable and the falling ceiling parts will cause 2,000 damage per second to enemies in the area.

    Death Harvest: Whenever a player is killed, his or her soul will become Annihilan's henchman and will attack his or her original teammates.

    Rage: If the battle lasts for more than ten minutes and Annihilan has not been killed, or if all three of Annihilan's minions have died, Annihilan will enter a frenzied state and its Attack Power will increase by 500%.

    Remarks: The final boss of the Heroic mode "Temple of Deities and Demons"!

    "Damn! A real Lord-ranked boss and three Empowered Leader minions? Are you freaking kidding me?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. Was this a joke? Who could clear this?

    Indeed, the final boss of this Dungeon was completely different from that Trickster previously. The difficulty levels were not comparable at all. This boss was so strong that nobody would find it weird even if it was the final boss of a Level 50 party Dungeon.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    Quest Name: Make up for Your Mistakes.

    Quest Description: Due to your mistakes, the True God's plan to destroy the demonic forces has failed. Now, the task of exterminating the demons has fallen on your shoulders!

    Quest Rewards: Unknown!

    "Ding! You have received the True God's Blessing!"

    True God's Blessing: When you are in the Dungeon "Temple of Deities and Demons", your Attack Speed is increased by 100%, Casting Speed is increased by 50%, and you will not lose any Experience or equipment upon death.
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