431 Demonic Strike

    "What should I write this time?" Jiang Fei contemplated for a moment before writing his team's name.

    "Ding! City-wide Announcement: "Take a look at my level, you dimwits!" Team has successfully cleared the Heroic mode of the Temple of Deities and Demons dungeon. Let us congratulate Verdure Glider!"


    After a series of system notifications, the players in Dawnlight City no longer felt surprised. After all, Jiang Fei had already cleared the Elite mode in the past. There was no surprise in him clearing the Heroic mode the very next day.

    However, Jiang Fei's team name caught the attention of most players who subconsciously opened the Level Ranking Board.

    "D*mn! Level 59?"

    "What kind of a sick joke is this?"

    "Holy sh*t! Wasn't he only Level 48 yesterday? How did he suddenly level up more than ten times?"

    "Screw me! Could this be a bug? Even if he cleared the dungeon on his own, he could not possibly have gained enough Experience Points to reach such a high level!"

    Most of the players suddenly felt pangs of jealousy. After all, it was rather difficult to train and increase their levels. Even the players who were fast could only get enough Experience Points to increase their level once in every three to five days. For most players, it took at least a week to increase their level once. With Jiang Fei's level suddenly skyrocketing so much, nobody could remain calm.

    "Brother Fei! Please share your secret bug to level up!"

    "Brother Fei, if you tell me the bug secretly, I am willing to give up my virginity for you!"

    "D*mn! You did not have to use such lowly tactics just to ensure Jiang Fei keeps it a secret!"

    "Get lost! If you don't stop with your bullsh*t, I'll marry you tonight!"


    Although it had already been two hours since Jiang Fei reached Level 59, a lot of the players were still checking the Level Ranking Board. Usually, only the high-level players would check the Level Ranking Board after they have leveled up. The only reason they did so was to see if they made it into the list. Most players would normally only take a peek at it once in several days.

    Therefore, after Jiang Fei bragged about his level through the system's notifications, he had suddenly become the focal point in Dawnlight City yet again.

    "D*mn it! Ah Fei, you have stolen my thunder completely!" Han Tianyu sent Jiang Fei a message which contained a hint of envy. Although he did not care about levels in general, he was slightly put off by Jiang Fei's popularity in Dawnlight City.

    Han Tianyu felt undermined by Jiang Fei's fame. Although he had initially played the game to get close to Jiang Fei, he still had a little bit of pride in him which translated into his current state of jealousy.

    "Brother Yu, if you were as diligent as I am, you would also be able to reach my level!" Jiang Fei said and laughed. By now, Han Tianyu had already been eliminated from the Level Ranking Board.

    "Oh, shut up! Be careful with your words. If Little Xi were to hear what you just said, she might go mad!" Han Tianyu could not help but roll his eyes when he heard Jiang Fei's words. It was true that Han Tianyu was lazy when it came to training. However, Chen Xi was comparatively much more hardworking. Despite that, she had only managed to reach Level 43 the day before.

    Of course, Chen Xi had also seen the notification about Jiang Fei's success earlier. She also noticed that, to her surprise, he had reached Level 59. Chen Xi was utterly dumbfounded. All this while, Jiang Fei had always taken the top spot in the Level Ranking Board. However, he was usually only one or two levels above Chen Xi. Therefore, Chen Xi's objective every day was to train fervently to exceed Jiang Fei's level.

    However, ever since the Temple of Deities and Demons dungeon was discovered, Jiang Fei's level skyrocketed tremendously. Chen Xi could not help but feel deflated by this. Regardless of how hard she worked, her rate of acquiring Experience Points could never match Jiang Fei's speed of clearing dungeons.

    On this day, Jiang Fei had suddenly reached Level 59, which was sixteen levels above her. Chen Xi was affected so much that she suddenly felt there was a point in training so hard anymore.

    Jiang Fei, on the other hand, could not care less about the impact his sudden increase in levels had on other players in Dawnlight City. His attention was concentrated fully on the four shining corpses before his eyes.

    He had killed three small monsters and one big monster in an instant. This was the first time Jiang Fei had done something like this. The corpse closest to Jiang Fei was naturally the High Priestess whom he had dragged towards him earlier.

    "Shuffle!" As Jiang Fei flipped the corpse over, a bright golden light shone.

    "D*mn! This is wicked. Even a small monster drops Legendary equipment?" Jiang Fei felt joy in his heart. Indeed, the higher the difficulty of a dungeon, the greater the rewards from the drops. On top of that, there were additional rewards for being the first to kill these monsters. Therefore, it was not surprising for the three small monsters to drop Legendary equipment.

    The ease of victory by Jiang Fei was mostly dependent on Isabella's transformed state. If another group of players around Level 55 had attempted to clear the dungeon, they would have been stuck here for at least a month even if they had very good equipment.

    With such a strong combination of monsters and skills, the requirements of synchronicity between team members were far too great. The four monsters would need to be separated, which required many healers and tankers. Moreover, the attackers would have to kill the monsters within ten minutes, or else the monsters' Frenzy would have instantly killed the entire group of players.

    Therefore, the dungeon was not easy to clear despite it allowing the entry of a hundred players.

    However, as Isabella was immensely powerful, Jiang Fei was not hindered by the level of difficulty. It was now Jiang Fei's time to reap the rewards!

    Demonic Strike (Dagger, Legendary)

    Physical Damage + 1,700

    Agility: +40

    Strength: +20

    Critical Damage: +5%

    Equipped: Grants a passive skill - Demonic Strength. When you land an attack on your target, there is a 5% chance that your next three attacks will hit your target with certainty. The attacks will also be certain Critical Hits!

    Level Requirement: 50

    "Screw me! This is an amazing item!" Jiang Fei was stunned by the invincible Attributes of the dagger.

    Firstly, the dagger provided a shocking boost in one's Attack Power. Even a Level 40 Epic two-handed equipment would only have 1,500 Attack Power. However, this single-handed dagger alone provided an additional 1,700 Attack Power. If this weapon were in the hands of a Bandit with high Critical Damage, he or she could definitely kill someone with a single attack.

    Moreover, the weapon granted an overwhelmingly powerful skill. Once the special effect is triggered, a Bandit player would immediately activate the God mode. Basically, that meant anyone could be killed instantly! Although there was only a 5% chance of activation, the attack rate of the dagger was fast enough for the activation to occur with a high probability.

    "Sigh! Unfortunately, most Bandits in this guild are still far away from the Level 50 mark!" Jiang Fei said as he sighed.

    It was not the case that the players in Empyreal Dragon did not work hard enough. Instead, Jiang Fei was simply too far ahead of everyone else.

    Once Jiang Fei stored the golden dagger away, Jiang Fei discovered ten units of Demonic Blood. The Demonic Blood was not a kind of ingredient. It was merely a quest item which could be exchanged for Reputation Points in any of the Race Factions. This was extremely beneficial for the core players in Empyreal Dragon who had chosen the Light Faction. After all, it was rather difficult to earn Reputation Points!
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