432 The Generation of Battle Mounts

    After Jiang Fei kept away the High Priestess' dropped items, he walked over to the Wrathguard's corpse.

    A golden light flashed by as a Legendary equipment appeared. Jiang Fei's ultra-high Luck attribute always allowed him to obtain the best of dropped items.

    Galestorm Gem (Gemstone, Legendary)

    Use: Embed into a hammer-type weapon.

    Effect: Grants passive skill - Galestorm Hammer. Your normal attacks become ranged attacks and deal 100% of your normal attacks as Lightning Damage. There is a 5% chance to paralyze the target for one second. (Longest distance of attack is 30 meters.)

    Although the small monster did not drop any equipment, it dropped an even rarer gemstone. Hitherto, Jiang Fei had seen countless rare equipment and even a few Holy Items. However, he had only ever encountered two pieces of high-tier gemstones that can alter Attack Attributes. One of them was the Lunar Crystal that he had scammed from a Gnome previously, while the other is the Galestorm Gem which he found today.

    The Lunar Crystal converted Physical Damage from normal attacks into Light Magic Damage. As it was only an Epic grade gemstone, it did not have the ability to change melee attacks into ranged attacks.

    Even so, Jiang Fei had been reluctant to use it as it cannot be removed once it was embedded on a weapon.

    "This is a great item!" Jiang Fei vaguely came up with a plan in his head.

    Apart from the Galestorm Gem, the Wrathguard also dropped several units of Demonic Blood. Jiang Fei stored these items which could be exchanged for Reputation Points and thereafter focused his attention on the final small monster - Doombringer!

    A golden light flashed brightly as an accessory appeared in Jiang Fei's hands.

    Malefic Shackle (Accessory, Legendary)

    Physical Damage +525

    Vitality: +40

    Strength: +40

    Equipped: Grants a new skill - Malicious Amplification. Your next skill deals 100% increased damage! Cooldown time is 3 minutes.

    Equipped: Grants a new skill - Evil God's Grip. When used, it pulls any target within 50 meters to your side and binds the target for 5 seconds. If it is an enemy, the target will be stunned during the duration of binding. Cooldown time is 3 minutes.

    Level Requirement: 50

    "Such a great item!" Jiang Fei's face lit up when he saw the accessory.

    This was most definitely a godly accessory, since it granted a player two new skills. Moreover, the Evil God's Grip was an unbelievably strong Disabling Skill.

    The 50 meters casting range allowed Jiang Fei to initiate a ranged skill beyond his normal attacking range. It gave Jiang Fei an absolute advantage on the battlefield regardless of whether it was used to capture enemies or to save friends.

    Besides, Malicious Amplification was rather impressive as well. Coupled with Jiang Fei's God's Wrath, his ability to kill monsters would be enhanced significantly. The two abilities worked well together strategically for Jiang Fei to kill waves of monsters efficiently.

    After obtaining the accessory, Jiang Fei immediately removed the Blood Cross. With the Crimson Reaper on, the Health Point Recovery effect of the Blood Cross was almost negligible. The only reason Jiang Fei kept the accessory on was to use the Binding Skill it offered during battles.

    Now that Jiang Fei had acquired the formidable Evil God's Grip, he naturally did not need the Blood Cross anymore. Although Jiang Fei no longer needed the accessory, the Blood Cross was still a strong and desirable accessory for most other players.

    After storing the Demonic Blood from the Doombringer, Jiang Fei walked over to the Master-level boss.

    "Come on! Even the small monsters dropped amazing items. Let's see what you've got!" Jiang Fei became very excited as the dropped items from the three small monsters earlier had elevated his expectations for what was about to come next.

    "Shuffle!" A bright red light flashed by.

    "Indeed! Another Ancient grade item!" Jiang Fei was delighted.

    Although an Ancient grade item did not differ much from a Legendary grade item in terms of its Overall Attributes, it must have an outstanding quality which separates itself from the rest. The practicality of an Ancient grade item would greatly exceed that of a Legendary grade item despite the difference in grade.

    Jiang Fei's Juvenile Skygliding Dragon was a prime example for a mount. The mount was stronger than normal mounts by at least a few hundred times. The only drawback was that Jiang Fei could never change into another mount for the rest of his life. However, although the drawback lowered the grade of the item, it did not impact the effects of the item itself.

    The same could be said for the Crimson Reaper. Its power was significantly stronger than Jiang Fei's Legendary grade Psionic Cape. However, as equipping the cape would cause one to be viewed as an enemy by the Light Faction, its item grade became lowered. Despite this, the boost in power to the player who equipped it was still very significant.

    Now, even Jiang Fei who was used to seeing good items could not help but drop his jaws when he saw the Ancient grade item.

    Armor of Destruction (Mount Armor, Ancient)

    Physical Defense +10,000

    Magic Defense +10,000

    Equipped: Increases 300 points of Physical Defense and Magic Defense for every increased level.

    Equipped: Lowers the damage received by the mount by 50%.

    Equipped: Increases the skill effects of the mount by 100%.

    Equipped: Lowers the mount's Movement Speed by 10%.

    Remark: A mount which equips the Armor of Destruction has an increased revival time by 100%.

    "It is actually a mount armor!" Jiang Fei exclaimed giddily. Although Jiang Fei had always been known as a Dragon Knight, he would keep the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon away when he was truly engaged in a battle. This was because the mount had an initial Defense of 0. Although it had a lot of Health Points, it was still very vulnerable. Moreover, Jiang Fei usually fought against a large number of opponents which increased the mount's likelihood of being killed instantly by multiple attacks.

    Now that Jiang Fei acquired the mount armor, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon would have more than twice the amount of Defense Jiang Fei had once he equipped it with the armor. Moreover, it would even have a 50% Damage Reduction. Most players' attacks could barely even harm it. The only monster in the wild that could break through the mount armor would have to at least be a Level 50 Master!

    On top of that, Jiang Fei's Lifesteal effect applied to allies in his group. This meant that the mount could also be healed by the Lifesteal effect. Therefore, as long as Jiang Fei was in a map where the mount could be summoned, his capabilities would be boosted by at least ten times.

    Jiang Fei could finally use the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon as a battle mount, since he no longer needed to dismount every time he entered a battle. His dream of becoming a Dragon Knight could finally be realized on the battlefield.

    Although the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon would need four hours to revive after it died with the Armor of Destruction equipped, Jiang Fei was perfectly fine with the drawback. This was because Jiang Fei would not act foolishly to engage in a losing battle. Unless that happened, there were no opponents that could break through the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's Armor of Destruction.

    Hence, Jiang Fei was extremely excited now. If not for the fact that he was still in a dungeon which did not allow players to summon their mounts, Jiang Fei would have immediately equipped the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon with the Armor of Destruction.

    "Eh? There's something else!" Although Jiang Fei had taken away the highest-level Ancient grade item, the monster's corpse was still glowing brightly.
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