433 Picking a Figh

    When Jiang Fei turned the corpse over, he discovered that apart from an even larger amount of Demonic Blood, there was an additional Epic quest item.

    Demon's Plot (Quest Item, Epic)

    Use: Activate a hidden quest - Demon's Plot.

    Level Requirement: 60

    "Screw me! It's a Level 60 quest!" Jiang Fei was stunned. However, in no time at all, he realized that if this dungeon were attempted by normal teams, there would be an average of players above Level 55. Therefore, it would not be surprising if Level 60 players were included.

    After storing the quest item safely, Jiang Fei tore open a Return Scroll.

    When he returned to Dawnlight City, players were still in a heated discussion about why Jiang Fei was able to increase so many levels. They were debating on whether he used a kind of bug in the system. Jiang Fei was not too bothered by the speculations. The first thing he did was to summon the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and to equip it with the Armor of Destruction.

    The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon initially had a steel armor covering its entire body. With the Armor of Destruction, the original steel armor looked even more terrifying. Moreover, there was a black demonic flame surrounding the armor. Although it did not have any real burning effect, the mount looked even cooler than it did before.

    Jiang Fei is currently at Level 59. The Juvenile Skygliding Dragon is linked to Jiang Fei's level. Therefore, it had a total of 59,000 Health Points which was lesser than what Jiang Fei had by 6,000 Health Points.

    However, in terms of Defense, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon overtook Jiang Fei by a long shot. After having the Armor of Destruction equipped, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's Physical and Magic Defense reached a shocking 15,900 points each. Coupled with the 50% Damage Reduction, most monsters would not even be able to hurt it, let alone normal players.

    "That's amazing!" When Jiang Fei saw how strong the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had become, he could no longer suppress an urge to carry out the plan on his mind.

    After he opened the Jewelry Interface, Jiang Fei immediately embedded the Galestorm Gem onto the Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer. From now on, Jiang Fei's attacks had a range of 30 meters. His normal attacks would hurl Galestorm Hammers at enemies in a distance.

    Apart from that, Jiang Fei's Lightbringer's Armaments granted him an additional 100% increase in attack range. As such, his attack range was now increased to 60 meters. This was a feat no skills other than large-scale magic skills could achieve.

    Moreover, the Lightbringer's Armaments gave a Splash effect which allowed Jiang Fei to fully utilize the Galestorm Hammers.

    "This is the right way of battle for a Dragon Knight!" Jiang Fei climbed onto the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and immediately took Isabella out of the city. He was eager to test his new battle mode on monsters.

    After getting out of the city, Jiang Fei did not travel too far away. Instead, he located a place with Level 10 monsters and started testing his new abilities.

    "Boom!" A shining Galestorm Hammer was flung towards a crowd of small monsters which then exploded and killed all of the monsters in a 3-meter radius.

    Although the small monsters were killed instantly due to their low level, Jiang Fei believed that even in the face of strong players, he would be able to kill them very quickly with several attacks and stacked damage from his Ruthless Barrage.

    As Jiang Fei had a very high Attack Speed, he was flinging Galestorm Hammers effortlessly. The hammers showered upon the monsters and, within a few seconds, a large group of the monsters were killed.

    "This feels awesome!" Jiang Fei thought to himself happily. As his attack range was as far as 60 meters, nobody could attack him when he was up in the sky. Even if a Magician intended to use a large-scale magic skill to blast him, he could choose to kill the Magician or run away at his own will.

    "Fei! You are much stronger than you were before. If Cosmic Dragon were to trouble you again, you would be able to personally teach him a lesson!" Isabella chipped in from the side.

    "Eh?" Although Isabella did not mean to trigger anything, Jiang Fei was suddenly inspired to act when she mentioned Cosmic Dragon's name. Cosmic Dragon had previously beaten the crap out of Jiang Fei due to his profession's advantage. Jiang Fei had not forgotten the prideful look on his face to this day. Now that Isabella brought it up, Jiang Fei immediately recalled the embarrassment inflicted upon him by his nemesis.

    "Why should I wait for him to come to me? Let's go after him!" Jiang Fei revealed an evil smile.

    Although there was not any open teleportation portal between Dawnlight City and Sacred Light City, Jiang Fei did not necessarily need to go through the conventional portals. He had an even more convenient method of traveling.

    Abyssal Gate (Portal, Legendary)

    Use: Ignores any partition between locations. Opens a teleportation door through the ten levels of the Abyss which lasts for 5 minutes.

    Remark: The Abyssal Gate can only be used three times a day.

    Jiang Fei immediately activated the Abyssal Gate and entered the ten levels of the Abyss with Isabella.

    "Let's go! We'll head to the Nephilim King's Palace!" Jiang Fei summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and took Isabella along as he charged towards the teleportation portal which led to the Nephilim King's Palace. Jiang Fei did not have to use the pathway provided by the authorities if he wanted to go to another city.

    "Buzz!" A white light flashed by as Jiang Fei reappeared in a Dark Faction's occupation point somewhere in Sacred Light City.

    Although the place where Jiang Fei was headed to was a high-level map which was quite a distance away from the city, it would be easier for him once he entered the Sacred Light City's vicinity.

    "Bella! Let's wreck things up!" Jiang Fei called out for Isabella and consequently steered the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon towards the Sacred Light City's direction.

    "Ding! Regional Broadcast: Cosmic Dragon! Get your ass over here. Didn't you want a surprise? I have come for you. I am located at xxx,xxx. I will be waiting for you. Don't be a wuss!"


    A series of regional broadcasts rang through the entire southern gate of the Sacred Light City. This was the most concentrated area where players were gathered, and stalls were set up. Jiang Fei's sudden broadcast attracted everyone's attention.

    "Screw me! Someone got bored of life. He actually dared to come look for Cosmic Dragon to cause trouble!"

    "Who is this Verdure Glider. Why have I never heard of such a person in Sacred Light City?"

    "I don't think there is anyone by the name of Verdure Glider in Dusklight City either!"

    "Who cares who he is? Once our dragon master arrives, he would still have to kneel before him!"


    Although Jiang Fei was very famous in Dawnlight City and Twilight City, very little people knew about him in Sacred Light City and Dusklight City which were in the south. This was because the teleportation portal had not been opened yet and not many players have paid attention to activities in the two northern cities.

    "Verdure Glider... This is such a terrible name..."

    "Yeah! Yeah! He must be some village kid from nowhere!"

    "Hold on a second. I vaguely recall seeing this name somewhere!" Apparently, Jiang Fei was not completely unknown in the area.

    "Oh? Do you know about him?" The players started gathering around.

    "D*mn! I remember now. This fellow is the strongest player in Dawnlight City. He was previously bashed by our dragon master. He must have returned to pick a fight!" The player suddenly said.

    "Isn't the teleportation portal not opened yet? How did he get here?" Someone else immediately asked.

    "Sigh! If our dragon master can travel there, he could naturally travel here as well. Us noobs might not be able to do so, but those advanced players have their ways!"

    "So what? He was bashed by our dragon master the last time. The same thing will happen to him today. Don't you know that our dragon master had completed several repeated quests? He is now Level 48 and even obtained an Epic grade set of equipment! Set of equipment! Do you understand? It would be too easy for him to bash this fellow again." Another player with rich sources of information chimed in.
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