434 Step Up

    "That guy just announced his position! Let's go and see what's happening!"

    "Popcorn time!"

    "Please. Cosmic Dragon would surely win the match! Let's just enjoy how fast he could beat the ** out of the Verdure Glider guy!"

    "Haha. I'd just want to see the face of the stupid player who dared to challenge Cosmic Dragon!"


    Some were discussing what would the outcome be, some were betting on it, either way, almost everyone set out to where Jiang Fei was. Battles between players were rare and were mostly limited to PvP Battle League. Naturally, like real life, if the players were famous, the entry tickets price would be high.

    Beside official PvP matches, there would be challenges issued to opponents based on opposite views. However, very few, like Jiang Fei, would go all the way to the opponent's city and openly challenge them to a fight. In the previous event, where Cosmic Dragon challenged Jiang Fei, it was purely coincidental. Jiang Fei did not bother to participate in official PvP matches hence placing him as a non-professional player. Cosmic Dragon's teleportation gimmick was a random teleportation. He had merely arrived to Dawnlight City randomly and not purposely. When he saw Jiang Fei performed in the war, he felt an itch to fight a strong player like Jiang Fei.

    The location Jiang Fei revealed was some distance away from the Southern gate of Saintlight City. It would only take a few minutes after the gate to arrive at where Jiang Fei was. It was considered as "far" out of the city hence there would not be any NPC guards patrolling anywhere the area. That gave Jiang Fei a little freedom to fight Cosmic Dragon without being interrupted by an NPC.

    Jiang Fei was not at the location he announced when he made the announcement. After he was done with the broadcast, Jiang Fei took his time and flew to his chosen place. Having made the broadcast high up in the sky gave him the advantage of "stealth", players would not expect him to be up in the sky.

    After he waited for a while, the place began to flood with many players of Saintlight City. Everyone was either sitting down or had gotten comfortable in their own way.

    Jiang Fei was not worried about Cosmic Dragon missing his daring announcement. There were so many spectators present then and surely one of them would have tried to contact Cosmic Dragon.

    Even though Jiang Fei had not known Cosmic Dragon personally, Jiang Fei knew that he was a rather arrogant and proud man. He knew that if Cosmic Dragon was in the dungeon and was fighting with the last boss, he would ditch his party to fight with Jiang Fei. Even though he would be wasting his daily dungeon entry and might even lose a Gold tier equipment drop, Cosmic Dragon would not allow himself to be branded as a coward.

    After twenty minutes of waiting, Jiang Fei finally saw the shadow of Cosmic Dragon coming from the Southern gates of Saintlight City with his cape fluttering in the wind. His cosmetic appearance was golden and when paired with the pure white unicorn mount, he had presented himself as the white prince in shiny armor that would bring about an orgasmic feeling to most girls.

    "Oh my sweet dragon! You're so cool!"

    "Handsome, come to me, I will bear you a beautiful child for your sake!"

    "Yo bitch? I'm your boyfriend?"

    "Tsk! I'm just spouting nonsense. It's not like Cosmic Dragon would even care to look at me!" said the girl who was shouting earlier. However, when his boyfriend had turned the other way, she muttered under her breath, "If Cosmic Dragon would be with me, I would surely leave you in a heartbeat!"


    Besides the orgasmic screaming of Cosmic Dragon's female fans, his male fans had begun to curse at Jiang Fei for being late, not knowing that Jiang Fei was high up in the sky.

    "The challenged has arrived! Why is the challenger himself is late?! What kind of challenger is this guy?"

    "Some guy he is. Must be scared and peed his pants!"

    "I guess he had left a long time ago! Might be a prankster!"

    "No way. Dawnlight City is so far away. Why would he waste all the effort of traveling here just to prank a player? Unless he just has too much time to spare..."

    "Tsk. What do you know? I'd bet he is already amongst us! Hiding in the crowd. But! He must have run away when he heard us talking about how powerful the Level 48 Cosmic Dragon was!"

    "HAHAHA! Good one!"


    "Hm. You're here. I should make my appearance now!" said Jiang Fei to himself. His altitude in the sky was too high to hear what the players were discussing about. However, he could still hear the orgasmic scream of the female fans.

    "Hmph. The more you hope, the more you would be disappointed! Let me teach you lot a lesson!" said Jiang Fei as he pulled the reins of the dragon and rapidly descended. He was a little annoyed at how the female fans of Cosmic Dragon reacted to his presence. When he beat him to a pulp, Jiang Fei wondered what their reactions would be.

    "Huh? What the hell is that?" cried one of the players who was looking into the sky and saw a huge dragon coming down from the sky. Others quickly looked up as well.

    "F*cking hell! That can't be him!"

    "What is it?"

    "Now I remember who is Verdure Glider. I read a forum thread about a Dragon Knight appearing in Dawnlight City! A player with a dragon mount! It has to be that guy!"

    "No way! A Dragon Knight? Could Cosmic Dragon be in danger?!"

    "Relax. So what if he is a Dragon Knight? It's just a mount! Mounts have zero Defence! Cosmic Dragon would take only a few seconds to kill it! Look! Verdure Glider is a melee fighter! The last time when Cosmic Dragon defeated him, he had the dragon mount already. But during the fight, he did not use it. The dragon must be useless!"

    "Tsk. Cosmetic appearance means nothing! Looks like we all got worried for no reason!"


    Jiang Fei continued to descend while the players were talking about him. Even though it was an anticipated fight and not an ambush, Jiang Fei should be able to give the crowd a scare by completely trashing Cosmic Dragon.

    "Sigh..." Cosmic Dragon let out a disappointed sigh. He was a perfectionist. He wanted everything to be perfect, that included his entrance to the fight. He wanted to beat Jiang Fei in all aspects even from the angle of coolness. That was how he was able to motivate the crowd to give him the title of the strongest player in Saintlight City.

    However, no matter how much he had calculated, he had failed to see that Jiang Fei would make a grand entrance to the fight. He had even summoned his own unicorn to flaunt his might.

    "Hoho. I'd never thought that you would come to me! Looks like you have improved yourself, my little friend. Let's measure that improvement now shall we?"

    Even though Cosmic Dragon had to look up to talk to Jiang Fei, his tone and speech manner was still as condescending as ever.

    "Cut with the holier than thou act. You won the previous fight merely because your class was a direct counter to mine. However, things have changed. Today, I shall show you how to properly suppress someone!" said Jiang Fei whilst laughing. The one thing that Jiang Fei hated the most about Cosmic Dragon was his patronizing attitude.

    "That would be a great lesson indeed. How about I give you a handicap. You will have the first three strike undefended!" said Cosmic Dragon arrogantly. His grand entrance was robbed by Jiang Fei and Cosmic Dragon felt annoyed at that simple move. Now that a nameless player had come out of nowhere and challenged him, Cosmic Dragon decided to be ruthless.

    "Alright. I'll send you to the graveyard in three moves then!" said Jiang Fei as he bit his lips angrily. Jiang Fei was saying the truth. Pairing God's Wrath and Malicious Amplify would immediately kill the f*cker.

    "Hmph! Enough talk! Let our swords decide!" said Cosmic Dragon. He would not want to waste anymore time talking to a nameless player.

    "Huh? Why would I want that? I'll just kill you from where I am!" said Jiang Fei with a sinister smile as he hurled out a Galestorm's Hammer!



    Cosmic Dragon's Magic Defense was strong. Strong enough that Jiang Fei's was only able to deal over 4,000 damage.

    "What the?"

    Cosmic Dragon was thrown off guard when he received a ranged attack. Jiang Fei was at least forty meters up in the air. How was that possible? Cosmic Dragon's own ranged attack could never reach that far! The thing was, some spells could but it would require a long casting time. Jiang Fei was not seen casting any spell.
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