435 The Immortal Celestial Race

    "Hmph! How dare you use range advantage in a PvP fight! You have no honor!"

    "That's right! How dare you hide in the sky and attack my baby dragon! Sneaky bastard! Come down and fight fair and square!"


    The verbal attacks kept coming even before Cosmic Dragon could make a remark.

    "F*ck off you lot. This is double standards! His class is the natural counter to mine! I don't see you say anything against him!" Jiang Fei roared but none of Cosmic Dragon's fans could hear it. Even if they did, they would not listen. There was no use in rationalizing with them. Might as well direct all his hatred and frustration toward Cosmic Dragon.

    At first Jiang Fei had only wanted to scare Cosmic Dragon. However, when his fans had started to attack verbally, Jiang Fei threw more attacks like a tornado spewing debris.

    "This cannot continue! My fame would be affected!" said Cosmic Dragon to himself. He shielded himself with a Magic Shield, which could only protect him for a brief amount of time. Defending was not effective this time.

    "Verdure Glider. I'm extremely disappointed at this fight. Here I thought that you have improved your fighting capabilities. It would seem that I have misjudged you," said Cosmic Dragon arrogantly even when he could not attack Jiang Fei.

    "Hmm. That's true. But do you know that I don't give a f*ck about your approval. Be disappointed, I don't care. What I care is that I would beat you!" said Jiang Fei. Up to this point, Jiang Fei had not used a single skill to attack. He had only used his normal attacks and Cosmic Dragon was already in danger. For better or worse, Jiang Fei did not care about the opinion of the mass.

    As his attacks stacked on, so did Ruthless Barrage. Cosmic Dragon's mana was depleting fast.

    "Hmph. I didn't want to to be ruthless to you but you gave me no choice. Since you would not fight fair and square, I shall show you my true abilities. Verdure Glider, you're not the only one who can fly!"

    Cosmic Dragon was angry. The reason was rather simple. His mana was depleting fast as Jiang Fei's attacks kept rising!


    An angelic white pillar came down from the heaven and engulfed Cosmic Dragon. When Jiang Fei's Galestorm's Hammer attack landed on him, it did no damage. Only one word popped up in Jiang Fei's vision when it did; Invulnerable.

    Once the pillar of light faded away, feathers dropped down majestically, revealing a pair of white wings from behind Cosmic Dragon's back. The golden armor that he was wearing became more intricate as it covered his entire body from head to toe.

    "Oh my god! An angel! He is truly an angel!"

    "I love you! Please let me have your child!"

    "Stop that! One more time and I'll leave you!"


    As expected, Cosmic Dragon was immediately showered with praises once he had morphed.

    The pair of wings fluttered in the wind as Cosmic Dragon soared to the sky and closer to Jiang Fei.

    "I'd never wanted to use my Race advantage against you but you leave me no choice since you were not fair on the ground!" said Cosmic Dragon all high and mighty. He was extremely confident then. So confident that his facial expression had betrayed him. Using his Celestial Morph skill would make him close to immortal!

    Celestial Morph came with an automated passive skill, Divine Shield. Within the active duration of Celestial Morph, Cosmic Dragon would be immune to all CC skills and Attack. No one could attack him. That would make him the cat and Jiang Fei the mouse.

    "Sh*t! Divine Shield?"

    Jiang Fei was shocked. Jiang Fei recognized it immediately because Jiang Fei possessed the same skill.

    Demons, or specifically, Nephilims were the mortal enemies of the Celestials. Nephilims were built to have stronger attack and the Celestials were built toward Defense and Invulnerability. Hence the reason why Cosmic Dragon was so sure that he could win the fight once he had used his morphing skill.

    "Verdure Glider, know that when I let you go the previous time was due to my benevolent mercy. Now, you have decided to come and attack me with some cheap tricks, you leave me no choice but to deliver you divine punishment!" said Cosmic Dragon again with the most annoying holier than thou attitude. He was indeed angry when Jiang Fei started throwing hammers from the sky.

    "Hohoho. Benevolent mercy you say? Well then, I shall show you what does it mean to be ruthless!" said Jiang Fei as he smiled sinisterly. He withdrew his hammer and stood on top of the dragon.

    "You think you're the only one who can morph?"

    Even though Jiang Fei had used the Demon Morph skill earlier that day. It was already four hours ago! The cooldown was over and the skill was ready to be used!


    The cloud darkened and a flash of purple lightning struck down on Jiang Fei. In an instant, Jiang Fei morphed. A pair of devilish wings burst out from his back. His skin was marbled with red and purple as a pair of devil horns grew from his forehead.

    "HMPH!" Jiang Fei grunted as he jumped off the dragon and zoomed toward Cosmic Dragon.

    "What the hell? That dude can fly as well?!"

    "Damn! It pains me to say this but... that Verdure Glider guy is kinda cool!"

    "Cool? Which part of it is cool? I don't like it. The black... The red... It looks disgusting! Look at Cosmic Dragon! Angelic and divine. Now that's what I call classy."


    "Hmm!" Cosmic Dragon gasped as he saw Jiang Fei's appearance. From that moment, he knew that Jiang Fei was his fated enemy.

    As mentioned before, the Celestials were always at war with the Nephilims. It went both ways. Today was just part of the war.

    "Die, arrogant bastard!" cried Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei did not know how long Cosmic Dragon could fly but he knew that he could not fly for a long time. Hence, without wasting any time at all, Jiang Fei made his first attack and sliced Cosmic Dragon with his sickle.

    Even with the Divine Shield, Jiang Fei's Demon form had Chaos attribute which ignored all Defence as well as any protective barriers. That included the Mana Shield and the Invulnerability-providing Divine Shield.

    Divine Shackle!

    Cosmic Dragon dared not risk anything and used his CC skill. He could not let Jiang Fei get close to him.

    "Oh ho? Are you scared? Hmph. Doesn't matter. If I can't get to you, I shall have you come to me!" Jiang Fei shouted as he used Evil God's Grip.

    A shadowy cloud formed beside Jiang Fei and a distortion in space opened up. In an instant, a huge devilish hand came out and grabbed Cosmic Dragon toward Jiang Fei.

    Even though Divine Shield provided immunity toward skills and effects, all of Jiang Fei's attacks had Chaos attributes which ignored all Immunity effects. A perfect counter to Cosmic Dragon's Immunity.


    A bright light flashed once more and allowed Cosmic Dragon to cancel the mini-stun effect of the Evil God's Grip. However, the dragging effect of the Evil God's Grip could not be dispelled

    "Goodbye!" said Jiang Fei with a smile.

    God's Wrath!


    A five digit damage value popped above Cosmic Dragon's head. Jiang Fei's damage was pure since it was a Chaos attribute. All of Cosmic Dragon Defense, Magic Defense, and shield effects were completely ignored!


    A bright golden light flashed again. Jiang Fei looked again and saw that Cosmic Dragon did not die. Instead, his health point gauge was filled up to the brim.

    "What the? Immortality?"

    Jiang Fei was shocked only for a brief moment. He had anticipated Cosmic Dragon to have something like the Undying Aegis. Without wasting anymore time, Jiang Fei sliced Cosmic Dragon.


    After morphing, Jiang Fei's attack before Ruthless Barrage had stack had surpassed 10, 000. Since he could ignore all Defense, his normal attack landed as pure damage. Not even Cosmic Dragon could survive this hit.

    Cosmic Dragon had good equipment. He had recently just obtained an Epic tier Level 40 equipment. Even so, it was a magician gear. Even with more a superior gear, it would be hard to have more than 10,000 health points. It was expected since all magicians were supposed to rely on their Mana Shield to negate damage. Unexpectedly, Jiang Fei was a true killer. Mana Shield would not be effective against Jiang Fei in his Demon form. Hence, when Jiang Fei's sickle cut through Cosmic Dragon, his health point gauge was depleted immediately.


    Another golden light flashed again and Cosmic Dragon was back to full health.

    "Oh... I see. You want to suffer the fate of being killed over and over again! Doesn't matter, I shall kill you over and over again! Let's see how many times you can die!" said Jiang Fei laughing so madly that it raised goosebumps even on the Joker himself.

    Even though the Celestial race had vitality that rivaled the earth itself, they must have a limit. Cosmic Dragon may be revived or fully healed but as long as Jiang Fei could literally kill him with a single slash, he was already satisfied.
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