436 Unexpected Turn

    Evil God's Grip total binding time was only five seconds. In that short period of time, Cosmic Dragon was trying his best to counterattack. However, his instant spells were only able to deal less than a thousand damage points.

    Cosmic Dragon's Magic Attack was strong for his level. Jiang Fei was eleven levels higher than him. With Level Suppression, his attack was held back by 80%. The damage that Cosmic Dragon dealt was so puny that a simple normal hit by Jiang Fei was able to regenerate the amount of health taken away. That only made Cosmic Dragon weaker.

    Five seconds might be short but when you are in a perilous situation, it is stretched out like an eternity. In those five seconds, paired with Qilin's Fist, Jiang Fei had already killed Cosmic Dragon eight times over!"

    'Sh*t! This might be bad!' thought Cosmic Dragon. After morphing, Cosmic Dragon's health gauge was extended by twenty times. Even so, it was not enough to hold off Jiang Fei's ruthless attacks.


    Once Evil God's Grip was over, Cosmic Dragon immediately blinked away and tried to kite Jiang Fei around. However, even after creating a reasonably safe distance from Jiang Fei, what happened next shocked Cosmic Dragon to the core.

    "Hey brat! Don't get distracted!" said Jiang Fei from where he stood. He did not bother to give a chase as he hurled out the sickle that was in his hand.


    A streak of lightning flashed as the sickle instantly flew toward Cosmic Dragon and dealt over 37,000 damage. Another life gauge was taken away.

    Jiang Fei's weapon had changed into sickle when he morphed but the weapon itself did not change its properties. Hence, the Galestorm's Hammer effect was still active. It merely changed its appearance. sixty meters of attack range was more superior than Cosmic Dragon and since he had been attacking continuously for "so long", Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage had already stacked to its maximum capacity. If Jiang Fei aimed his attacks at a certain angle, the Cleave effect would ultimately kill even the spectators.

    "Is it me... or something is incredibly wrong with the fight?"

    "I'm seeing it too. How is the brat beating Cosmic Dragon?"


    The spectators were dumbfounded. They were expecting their "lord and savior" to defeat Jiang Fei brutally but instead, all they saw was Cosmic Dragon flashing gold light ass he was being forced to a corner. Even though he did not die, the look of desperation and rage were on his face.

    "Hmph!" Jiang Fei grunted as he threw his sickle continuously without stopping.


    Cosmic Dragon had indeed gotten desperate. His outworldly confidence was solely based on the passive Invulnerable effect. However, something was wrong because the effect did not work. He was being pressured from every possible angle.

    Attack wise, Cosmic Dragon was obviously at a disadvantage while he was instantly killed when Jiang Fei made only a single slash. Lest mentioning Attack Range. Jiang Fei could even attack at fifty meters where Cosmic Dragon had only forty meters range. It was like using an axe to fight a spear user! The battle was already over when Cosmic Dragon could not attack Jiang Fei. If he wanted to escape, there was no way he could shake off Jiang Fei from his flying mount!

    From the looks of things, the best way to avoid death was to surrender. However, Cosmic Dragon's ego would never allow that to happen.

    As the one-sided fight continued, Cosmic Dragon descended from the sky and touched the ground. Jiang Fei followed closely.

    'What the hell is with this guy's health? Does he have the skill Auto-Revive? Does he have the multiple Undying Aegis? Or does he have 100 health bars like a boss?' Jiang Fei wondered. Although he was definitely beating Cosmic Dragon, he got annoyed at the flashing golden light. He had thought that the man might have nine lives like a cat but Jiang Fei had counted seventeen times! He was still standing!

    "Everyone group together! We cannot allow that freakshow of a man to bully our baby dragon!"

    Out of a sudden, a voice came howling from the masses.

    "That's right! Protect Dragon! Everyone, surround that bastard and kill him!" cried another female player from amongst the crowd.


    When Jiang Fei and Cosmic Dragon were fighting, they were in the air and the female fans could do nothing but watch while chewing their nails off. Now that Cosmic Dragon had landed on the ground, the fans gathered around him and protected him from Jiang Fei.

    "Kill the f*cker!"

    This time, the male players followed since they could not allow the female players to take the spotlight.

    Some of them were just playing heroes since there were girls present. Some of them were genuine Cosmic Dragon's fans. Most of the other players were just there to take advantage of the situation. Both Jiang Fei and Cosmic Dragon were recognized as strong players. They must have strong equipment as well. If one of them died, they could swoop in like a vulture and take whatever they could get their hands on.

    Noting that there was a crowd of interrupters coming together to stop him, Jiang Fei merely smiled. Back when he was still Level 40, he never feared grouped attack of over tens of thousands of players. Now that there were only a few hundreds of them...

    "Hmph, come to me Skygliding Dragon!" cried Jiang Fei as he whistled loudly. Both Isabella and the dragon came diving from the sky at supersonic speed.

    In a split second, Jiang Fei grabbed the fluttering reins and mounted the dragon. Without stopping, Jiang Fei continued to dive nose first. Once he was almost close to the ground, Jiang Fei pulled the reins of the dragon.


    With a loud roar, the dragon spat a blast of fire.

    Searing Breath!




    Searing Breath damage was twice Jiang Fei's total damage output. And since a pet's damage was considered as the player's own damage, it carried with it the damage-ignore properties as well as the Ruthless Barrage damage-increase effect. With a single attack, all players were instantly killed.

    The only player left standing was Cosmic Dragon with his golden light flashing again. What was left of the other players were ashes and their dropped equipment.

    "A beast! Dawnlight City players have come to Saintlight City to attack us all!"

    "Call the players in the city! We cannot allow someone to just attack another city on a whim!"


    The players that were killed revived in the city and started to spread false accusation to everyone else in the city. The news about it spread faster than wildfire and tens of thousands of players came gushing out of the southern gates toward Jiang Fei.

    "Hmmm... So you can't defeat me in a solo fight and now you want to rely on the strength of tens of thousands of players? Well, guess what? I don't give a f*ck!"

    After he had cleared the annoying audience, Jiang Fei called off his dragon and attacked Cosmic Dragon by himself.

    "Ding! You have killed Cosmic Dragon. Obtained 2,000 Honor Points!"

    'F*cking finally!'

    After dying for twenty times, Cosmic Dragon finally fell to the ground, dead. No more annoying golden flashes of light.

    "Ding! You have killed the successor of the Celestial race! Obtained 4,000 Nephilim Race Reputation!"

    "Ding! Server Announcement: The successor of the Celestial race has been killed by the successor of the Nephilim Race. Information about "War of the Celestials and Nephilims" will be released earlier. Thirty days until information would be released!"

    "Pfft! I killed him as a simple act of revenge! Who would have thought that this sort of event might happen?"

    Jiang Fei was shocked at the revelation. Him killing Cosmic Dragon was purely an act of revenge. Looked like thirty days until the release of the next game patch was not a long time at all.

    Frankly, the game developers had planned to release the patch news when average players had reached Level 80. The content of the patch would minimize the concept of strength of individual cities and increase the importance of Light and Dark Factions. The problem was thirty days of prep time was too short.

    "Kill him!"

    When Jiang Fei thoughts dwelled on the content of the next patch, Jiang Fei could hear the roars of the incoming crowd.

    He turned around to look and was rather shocked. The players of Saintlight City were rather efficient in responding to an invasion attack. In such a short time, they had already gathered a few tens of thousands of player and surrounded him.
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