439 Jiang Fei’s Melancholy

    Jiang Fei's entire duration of berserk was not long. It was not that a strong player came around or was it because he suddenly felt sympathy toward the players of Saintlight City. It was the simple fact that when the players had seen Jiang Fei's first strike against the so-called "first wave" of attack, they got scared. Within seconds, everyone changed their mindset from being patriotic to their city to every-man-for-themselves.

    Isabella's AoE attack, the Rain of Fire, coupled with the Skygliding Dragon's Searing Breath, displayed a killing speed of destroying tens of thousands of player.

    As mentioned earlier, most of the players who had joined the fray were pug players and only a few smaller guilds. Pug players were different from guilds since they had to replenish what they had lost themselves. Experience points and equipment were hard to replace once they were gone. Hence, when they realized that Jiang Fei was overwhelmingly powerful, they could not risk their own wellbeing and decided to leave.

    The trio, Jiang Fei, Isabella, and the Skygliding Dragon, had proved to be too strong that it was not a matter of number but a matter of strength. Come a million or ten million, Jiang Fei could still defeat all the pug players. They were merely ants in Jiang Fei's presence.

    In only five minutes, there were dead bodies everywhere and the only two players left standing on the field were Jiang Fei and Shadow Cloudfall.

    "Didn't I tell you, the one who would be escaping would not be me?" taunted Jiang Fei as he stood still, looking down at the players of Saintlight City escaping for their lives. Although they had wronged Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei felt that it was only a petty mistake. Chasing after them would not do him any good. Even the equipment that was on the ground were ignored.


    Cloudfall could not bring herself to say anything. She had snapped. At the beginning of the fight, when she had sniped Jiang Fei with her Homing Arrow, she was already dumbfounded when she realized that her arrow that was meant to kill, had merely scratched him. After that, when Jiang Fei descended and brought hell upon earth, that was when Cloudfall truly realized just how small and petty she was.

    "Oh well. Better watch out from now. Take care, Shadow Cloudfall."

    Jiang Fei walked away from the field as he waved the stunned Shadow Cloudfall goodbye. Without waiting for a response, Jiang Fei hopped onto the dragon with Isabella and soared to the sky.

    Only when Cloudfall realized the eerie silence of the battlefield, did she find Jiang Fei already high up in the sky. The last thing that she could recall was seeing Jiang Fei's shadow as he zoomed away toward the horizon.

    Jiang Fei was strong. He had single-handedly redefined the meaning of strength. From her point of view, she had met with many strong players who had given her headaches in the past. Yet, she managed to push through the hurdle. If Jiang Fei decided to take part in the PvP league, there was no doubt that he would garner a winning streak, the likes no one had ever seen.

    Till this day, the four main cities in the game were still separated via the incompletion of the Intercity Teleportation Circle. Due to that fact, the PvP league had yet to start officially. PvP leagues would be the "working place" of the profession sponsored players. Jiang Fei appearing out of nowhere and wiping the entire battlefield clean, along with the defeat of the strongest player in Saintlight City would only cause an uproar amongst the PvP participants.

    When Jiang Fei left Saintlight, he did not realize that his simple act of revenge would cause that much of an impact. He also did not know that his appearance would gravely affect PvP participants. Perhaps he was naive or perhaps he was even oblivious to that, all he felt right then was just bliss and satisfaction.

    Jiang Fei had completely vented his suppressed rage by beating the living hell out of Cosmic Dragon. Almost all of the anger and resentment was gone after the fight. With that negativity gone from his chest, he felt light and happy as he opened the Abyssal Gate to the Nephilim's King Palace and took the Dawnlight City portal back home. By the time he reached, he realized that he had not much time left until the server shut down. Since it had been a long day, Jiang Fei felt like doing nothing and decided to just stroll around the city.

    The Teleportation Circle that connected the North and the South cities was not ready yet. Hence, the news about Jiang Fei "rampaging" around Saintlight City had not spread to Dawnlight. Players could only obtain information through the forums under Jiang Fei's name.

    At 6am sharp, Jiang Fei logged out of the game. Despite moving a lot in the game, Jiang Fei felt refreshed for the rest of night of the system's forced deep sleep.

    "Brother Yu, could you get a hold of my school and help me take a month's leave?" asked Jiang Fei on the phone.

    A few days back, Jiang Fei had nothing to do at home or outside. He could still go to school and waste his time there. However, he had the four martial arts skill books in hand. Wasting his time in school would genuinely be a waste of time.

    "Not a problem!"

    Han Tianyu had accompanied Jiang Fei to exchange the skill books. Naturally, he knew the reason why Jiang Fei wanted to take a month-long leave. It was not a big deal for him. The most troublesome thing for him to do was to pick up the phone and inform the school administration who he was and what he wanted to do. It was that simple. What mattered to Jiang Fei was that he was the only one who could keep that from his parents.

    After hanging up, Jiang Fei headed straight to the training room and started to warm up. When he came to the training room, he changed his clothes, put on training gears, and took out the skill books.

    Thunder Palm, Pulse Cessation Finger Technique, Tornado Kick, Gliding Saint Step. Jiang Fei placed them all in a line and started to ponder.

    "0541, which do you think I should start training with?"

    "Judging from the difficulty factor, the easiest one would be the Thunder Palm. It would be the easiest to master hence it should be the priority. From the perspective of actual usage, the next to train first would be the Gliding Saint Step. This Qinggong technique has the best strength increase for you."

    "Hm... How about cultivating the skill? Do you have any tips and tricks?"

    "Cultivation would require massive calculations which require a powerful supercomputer. I am currently able to calculate said problem in approximately 3,700 hours. If you could retrieve the Data Management Center of the ship, the calculation would be a fraction of my previous calculation duration. In 3,700 hours of my current processing power, I am able to produce a simplified version of the skill book as well as the means of cultivation," said 0541.

    "Forget I asked. I can't wait for half a year," said Jiang Fei as he rolled his eyes. His current problem was the steep learning curve of the martial arts skills. It would be troublesome without a teacher to assist him. He knew his capabilities. He was not the kind of person who could immediately understand the content of a book in just one reading. Hence, without guidance, training on his own would only be a waste of time.

    "Where am I going to find a teacher..."

    Jiang Fei sat on the floor, cross-legged, and frowned. Han Tianyu might be a martial artist but he was too weak. The skill books were not overly strong nor complicated but Han Tianyu was only a Level 2 fighter. At the very least, he needed someone of Level 3 or higher to assist him.

    The thing was, there were not many Level 3 fighters that he knew of. Naturally, he would not want to approach Old Hai or the other elders to help him. Those old foxes would surely have some tricks to bait him into doing the alliance's bidding without him even realizing it!

    "Oh well. Might as well just start with the training myself."

    After thinking of all the possibilities, Jiang Fei had decided to first rule out the alliances. He could not fathom the thought of him asking the elders for their guidance...

    Without anyone's help, Jiang Fei chose to learn the Thunder Palm. Even though it was supposed to be the easiest, learning step by step from the book was not as simple as it seemed. Learning the nameless fist style from Old Hai directly was even faster compared to the Thunder Palm.
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