443 Death’s Scar

    "Argh... What happens, happens. I can't give any more thoughts about it. Let's see what does tomorrow have for me!" said Jiang Fei as he gave up trying to think of anything else. He understood that there was no way he could come up with any plan all by himself. All he could do then was to wait until the four troublemakers appeared tomorrow.

    Once everything was set aside, Jiang Fei headed to bed and logged into the game.

    When he got into the game, he looked down at his experience gauge and sulked. It had been a week since he reached Level 59 and he had not made much progress. Approximately one-third of his gauge still empty.

    "Sigh... leveling sure is a hellish grind," said Jiang Fei to himself. Even though it was not fair, he did understand the suffering of the pug players.

    All management of the guild was done smoothly by Rosette Rose. There was literally nothing that Jiang Fei could do to improve the guild. He came by the guild territory and went down to the Secret Dungeon to retrieve Ant Eggs and Ant Milk. After depositing most of them in his own private bank storage, he took out a selected few and passed them to Lady Casanova.

    Since it had been a week, players across the city had broke pass the average level of 40. Most of Empyreal Dragon players were either Level 40 or higher. The Elite Squad and the main party of the guild had already entered the Normal difficulty of Temple of Deities and Demons.

    With Jiang Fei's carefully crafted strategy, members who took part in the raid of Temple of Deities and Demons had an easy time in. It was relative since they did have trouble trying to defeat the first two bosses. However, after a few trials and errors of mastering the timing of the bosses' skills, the dungeon became easier. Naturally, the party would have to be comprised of the correct line up. Other than that would be the basic controls and reaction speed.

    Empyreal Dragon's elite squad was given the pet egg. Each member had a pet with them and even though they were merely Green grade Ant Soldiers, they were able to deal up to half the player's damage. In simple terms, a full party of twenty players would have the total DPS of a thirty-player party.

    Three days ago, three elite squads were led by Lady Casanova and Seven Star Warrior to conquer the Normal difficulty Temple of Deities and Demons. Even though it was the main party of the guild that consisted of several parties, it had failed to completely clear the dungeon. At most they were able to survive past the second boss and fail at the third. Still, they were still able to have a good haul.

    The dungeon had been through its First Clear to daily farming. At this point, there was no need to keep the dungeon's entry a secret anymore. The boss had been cleared many times and the drops were consistently crappy.

    Since the average level of players in Dawnlight City had reached above Level 40, the dungeon, Temple of Deities and Demons had become a hotspot for level farming. Empyreal Dragon was having a good time farming their levels there. The Aristocrats were not doing too good but at least they had the strategy from Jiang Fei, which allowed them to raid the dungeon with minor preparations. Naturally, they were not as strong as Empyreal Dragon but they could still circumvent a full party wipe at the first boss. Other guilds had it worse as they could not even survive past the first monster.

    Since there was nothing to be worried about the guild, Jiang Fei headed out with Isabella to farm for some experience.

    Unlike the others, Jiang Fei's grinding spot was a place that no one could enter. It was a Level 65 map called the Death's Scar.

    It was a map that was still being patrolled by NPCs. The Safety Level was only three. Every four hours, there would be an NPC patrolling. Sadly, their routes were fixed. If players were to have a PvP match somewhere far from the routes, the NPCs would not find out.

    The reason Jiang Fei came to this map was due to the abundance of experience points per monster slain. Furthermore, the monsters here were Spectres! It gave Jiang Fei the upper hand since his weapon had Exorcism enhanced, granting him the extra 30% damage as well a fixed chance to stun an enemy. Naturally, Jiang Fei's speed at clearing monsters was faster than usual.

    There was a Lich boss located in the dead center of the map. Jiang Fei had spent a few days on this map yet he had not killed the boss. The reason was rather... odd. He feared that once he had killed the boss, the smaller monsters would not spawn anymore. If the spawning stopped, he would have to spend some time before he could find another farming spot.

    As of today, he was still farming on the same map. In a week of killing the same monsters, Jiang Fei had discovered a new killing method. All he needed to do was to mount the dragon on running mode and kite as many monsters as possible and kill of all them in one good use of God's Wrath.

    Stomp: Tramples across a target with high speed. Deals 20% of maximum health points as damage. Stuns for 1 second. Effect can only be used on the same target once every five seconds. Requires mount to be in running mode.

    This skill allowed Jiang Fei to generate constant aggro on the monsters that he had kited. After "gathering" many monsters together, he would then use Malicious Amplify and God's Wrath to wipe the field clean. This combo was so effective since it could deal as much as 140,000 damage. Not even an Elite tier Level 65 monster could survive that strike.

    "Faster... Faster! Gotta go faster!"

    Jiang Fei could not afford to be slow. Each time he kited the monster, he would have to run in between the monsters or he would be stopped in his tracks. Since the dragon had very high Defense, the monsters could only deal a minimal amount of damage. Roughly after one minute of running around amok, Jiang Fei would have kited more than a hundred Elite tier monster in one run.

    Malicious Amplify!

    God's Wrath!




    It was always so satisfying to see the entire screen filled with red damage text.

    "Ding! You have killed Elite Skeletal Soldier! Obtained 12,000 experience points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Elite Skeletal Soldier! Obtained 12,000 experience points!"


    A hundred monster equals to over a million experience points but the experience gauge would not budge... It did but it was unnoticeable.

    "This is so frustrating! How is it that farming experience points in an open field this hard and tiring? Just how could normal Level 50 players level up like this? Must I really repeat dungeons every day now...?" wondered Jiang Fei as he grunted.

    Open field monsters' experience points would never be as good as monsters inside a dungeon. The monsters inside the Temple of Deities and Demons could provide over tens of thousands of experience points each. They were only Level 45! Compared to Level 65 monsters' feeble 12,000 experience points, the difference was shockingly disappointing. The only difference was that the dungeon had a daily entry limit while open field monsters would spawn indefinitely. Sadly, Jiang Fei could only receive one experience points per monster since he had overshot the level limit.

    "Argh... this is so boring!" cried Jiang Fei. It had been three hours since the daily farming had begun. He felt that if he continued doing this meaningless grind, he would literally vomit in his bed.

    After another three hours, Jiang Fei gazed at his experience gauge only to find it fill up ever so slightly. Even though each wave of monsters that he kited would grant him over a million experience points, it was still too slow. Sadly, there was no one he could blame. His current level was just too high. A million experience points were nothing but a tiny cup of water trying to fill up a giant water tank.

    "F*ck it. Today's the day!" cried Jiang Fei when he saw the Lich that was standing a few meters away from him.
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