444 The Doomsday Army’s Plo

    After he had gotten so sick of fighting the same monsters over and over again, Jiang Fei had his eyes on the boss monster.

    Alaqhe the Summoner (Lich, Enhanced Leader)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 2,000,000

    Magic Attack: 9,500

    Skills: Frost Arrow, Frost Nova, Frost Protection, Frost Armor, Berserk Summon.

    Frost Arrow: Fires a frozen arrow after chanting for five seconds. Deals powerful magical damage to a target. Lowers movement speed by 20%.

    Frost Nova: Deals weakened damage to all target within eight meters. Freezes all targets for three seconds.

    Frost Protection: Gains Invulnerability for a short period of time. Caster is unable to move, attack, or cast any spell. After Invulnerability has ended, Alaqhe will gain 20% magic attack for five seconds.

    Frost Armor: Reduces all incoming damage by 10%. Increases caster's attack, attack speed, and movement speed by 20%.

    Berserk Summon: Summons Spectre soldiers once every ten seconds. Summoned monsters will be stronger after each summon. Summoned monsters will increase in quantity after each summon.

    Note: The Frontline General of the Doomsday Army in Death's Scar.

    "Hmph. Isabella, let's kill this lich!" said Jiang Fei after he was done reading the boss's stats. The boss was nothing but a small fry to Jiang Fei. Although it was an Enhanced Leader tier, it was still only a mini boss at Level 65. The boss should be stronger but there would not be any suppression by the system.

    Galestorm's Hammer!


    Jiang Fei hurled his hammer and a streak of cracking lightning zoomed toward the lich. When the hammer struck the boss, sparkles of lightning exploded. That was Jiang Fei's first attack, hence, Ruthless Barrage's damage buff would not be effective.

    Searing Breath!


    The dragon spewed a long trail of flame instead of a cone shape attack. When Jiang Fei used the dragon for a mass-attack, the attack would spread out evenly. Naturally, when facing an individual boss, Jiang Fei had switched the attack to concentrate on the boss itself.

    Once Ruthless Barrage 300% damage buff kicked in, Jiang Fei was able to deal more than 20,000 damage in one hit. The Skygliding Dragon's attack had even burnt the grass where the boss was standing.

    "I smell the smell of a living human!" cried the boss as its opening speech. Five seconds later, a bolt of blue arrow flew across the field and struck the Skygliding Dragon.


    "Hmph. Easy peasy!"

    Even though the boss's attack could penetrate the dragon's Defense, it was nothing but a scratch. The Skygliding Dragon had a total of 16,000 magic Defense as well as a 50% damage reduction passive. To be fair, it was not even a scratch. It was a lover's pat.

    Isabella, the dragon, and Jiang Fei were a force to be reckoned with. Once Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage was stacked full, the boss would have nothing to look forward to.

    "My child! It is your meal time!"

    Ten seconds into the fight, the boss had started to summon its minions.

    The sound of bones rattling filled the ground. No sooner more than ten Level 60 Elite tier Skeletal Soldier came out of the ground and charged at Jiang Fei.

    Searing Breath!




    Jiang Fei manually adjusted the dragon and attacked all the summoned minions to generate aggro onto the dragon. Once they had all surrounded the dragon, Jiang Fei left them there and focused his attack on the boss.

    The boss did activate several other skills during the fight. Frost Protection was supposed to be powerful but to Jiang Fei, it was merely a five seconds of resting time. Thirty seconds into the fight, the boss had already lost 95% of its health points.

    Malicious Amplify!

    God's Wrath!




    The screen was filled with damage text and all hostile targets were defeated.

    "Ding! You have killed Elite Skeletal Soldier. Obtained 12,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Elite Skeletal Guard. Obtained 13,500 Experience Points!"


    "Ding! You have killed Alaqhe the Summoner. Obtained 150,000 Experience Points, 600 gold coins!"

    "Ding! The Frontline General Alaqhe the Summoner has been killed. The Invasion of the Doomsday Army has been foiled! You have obtained 1,000 Reputation Point of the Faction you are in! You have lost 5,000 Reputation Points in the Doomsday Army."

    "Ding! You have slain over 10,000 Doomsday Army member. You have obtained the title "Doomsday's Slayer"."

    "Hoho. What a surprise!" Jiang Fie smiled. He had already started to lose interest in killing any more skeletons and after the Lich was killed, he had received a title reward from the system. Although the bonus attribute was insignificant, it was still a victory.

    "Verdure Glider, check out what did boney dropped!" said Isabella as she kicked the remains of the Lich playfully.

    "Oh yes!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    A purple light flashed when Jiang Fei reached the boss's corpse. It was only a Violet tier drop. It could not be helped. It was only an Enhanced Leader tier and there was no such thing as first kill for an open field boss.

    Ice Cold Crown of Intelligence (Cloth Armor, Epic)

    Magic Defense +125

    Physical Defense +125

    Intelligence: +80

    Spirit: +80

    Magic Attack: +525

    Equip: Increases your most used spell's casting speed by 50%.

    Requirement: 500 Intelligence.

    "Hmph. Not bad," thought Jiang Fei to himself.

    Jiang Fei had no hope in obtaining any good drops from this boss. After all, it was only a Level 65 mini boss. The drops would not be able to be used by anyone so far. This was the first time Jiang Fei saw an equipment that did not have a Level Requirement but an Attribute Requirement.

    500 Intelligence was not a small amount. To put in perspective, if players had built their magician the Pure Intelligence way, a fully naked Level 40 magician would have only over 200 Intelligence. With a full set of Blue tier equipment from head to toe, they might be able to gain up to 300 Intelligence. No more, no less.

    Theoretically speaking, this equipment could be worn by a Level 40 magician. Helmet usually did not have Attack increase stat. This ice crown had over 500 magic attack and an 80 Intelligence boost. Technically speaking, if a player had over 500 Intelligence and was able to put on the crown, his magic attack would soar up to be the strongest in the game!

    The key factor of this crown was the casting speed increase. Naturally, compared to increase magic range or Spell enhancement buff, casting speed was only an average buff. However, increasing the casting speed of a player's most used spell was important in PvP battle as well as in dungeon. Technically speaking, it would increase the DPS of the magician by 200% if the most used spell was a damaging spell.

    Jiang Fei did not care much about the crown truthfully. He stashed it in his inventory and picked up a scroll.

    Doomsday Army's Plot (Quest Item, Fine)

    Use: Activates a Hidden Quest.

    Level Requirement: 55

    "Hoho! I am able to take this! Let's hope that this quest would grant me more experience points to reach Level 60. Lest save me the time to search for a new farming ground!" said Jiang Fei as he immediately opened the scroll.
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