445 An Explosive Ques

    "Ding! You have accepted a new quest!"

    Quest Name: Doomsday Army's Plot

    Quest Description: Take this scroll that contains the plot of the Doomdays Army to XXX, XXX and hand it over to Officer Ouma!

    Quest Reward: Unknown!

    "Let's head out!" said Jiang Fei as he called out to Isabella and left the site.

    All of the Spectre monsters in the vicinity had reverted to Normal tier Level 60 monsters after the death of boss. The spawning speed had also reduced down by a notch. Experience points as well as coin drops had also been significantly lowered. Luckily, Jiang Fei was going away from this place. It would be a headache if he still had his eyes on the same place.

    The location that the hidden quest had given Jiang Fei was quite a distance away from Death's Scar. Even though Jiang Fei could fly at extreme speed, it took him half an hour to reach his destination.

    The location given was a large cold and eerie canyon. From the bird's eye view, the mountain range was steep and sharp. The curves were jagged sharply and from afar, it was rather nice to look at.

    Jiang Fei followed the bleep on his minimap and came to a small cave.

    "Hah! Young adventurer, how did you manage to wander to this godforsaken place?" asked Officer Ouma Alucard welcomingly. Sadly, this NPC was like any other common NPC that did not possess higher artificial intelligence.

    "Officer, I have unintentionally acquired this scroll. I think you could use this," said Jiang Fei as he handed the scroll to the NPC. Since this NPC was "dumb", there was nothing much that he would say that would be interesting.

    "This... This is of the Doomsday Army! How did you find it?" exclaimed Officer Ouma after opening the scroll and reading it briefly.

    It was obvious that the conversion was scripted. The NPC had only glanced at the scroll for less than a second before knowing that it was related to the Doomsday Army. Without even waiting for an answer from Jiang Fei, the NPC turned around and walked deeper into the cave. There, at a corner, was a makeshift table with many papers and documents scattered on top of it.

    Officer Ouma swiped his hand on the table and pushed all the other papers from the table and placed the scroll on it. After opening the scroll, he conjured a bottle out of thin air and poured green liquid on the scroll.


    When the greenish liquid was smeared all over the scroll, the paper sizzled a little as green smoke appeared. No sooner, meaningful symbols began to move around the scroll and started to rearrange themselves.

    "Curses! The Doomsday Army is making their move. We must stop them now! Or it would be too late for us all!" said Officer Ouma as he slammed the table.

    "Adventurer! The Doomsday Army had a plot against humanity. If they had their way with it, the whole world would be doomed. The reinforcements are on their way but it would be long before they get here. There's not much time. I need you to help me!" said Officer Ouma as he stood in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Ding! Quest Update!"

    Quest name: Doomsday Army's Plot 2

    Quest Description: Follow Officer Ouma Alucard to complete an epic journey of combat!

    Quest Reward: Unknown!

    "I am glad to be of service, Officer Ouma!" said Jiang Fei as he accepted the quest.

    "Very good young lad. The mission will be tough and exciting! Have you made your preparation?" asked Officer Ouma.

    "I am ready. At your command sir!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Very well then! The Doomsday Army is now conducting a summoning ritual on the other side of this canyon! We must go and stop them!" said Officer Ouma.

    "Are we going to stop them, just the two of us?" said Jiang Fei. Missions were fine but a suicidal mission was a no go!

    "Keep calm, young one. I have prepared a secret weapon specifically for this mission!" said Officer Ouma as he went to another corner of the cave and took out a crate.

    Holy Water Grenade (Quest Item)

    Use: Detonates Holy Water that spreads out thirty meters to purify all Spectres.

    "Wow! This is powerful!" commented Jiang Fei.

    "Our mission is to drop this from the air! This should be enough to eliminate all those disgusting Spectres!" said Officer Ouma. Just as he was done talking, two Griffons spawned at the entrance of the cave.

    The Griffon had wings like an eagle and the body of a lion. It was the same as the Skygliding Dragon, a flying mount. Naturally, the combat ability of the Griffon was not as strong as the dragon. The Griffons were spawned specifically for the quest. Once the quest was finished, the mount would be remove from the game.

    "This is it, young adventurer! Are you ready? We will take off now!" said Officer Ouma as he moved the crate of Holy Water Grenade to the back of the Griffon.

    "Sir, may I use my own flying mount?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Sure, if you have one!" said Officer Ouma. The developers of the game had in mind that players might have already possessed a flying mount when they accepted the Level 55 Hidden Quest.

    "Right, I am ready," said Jiang Fei as he took a few of the Holy Water Grenades.

    The reason why he wanted to ride his own mount was simple. The Griffon could not carry two at the same time. Isabella would never want to go back into the pet slot hence Jiang Fei had to find a way to make sure she could sit with him.

    "Young adventurer! Let's depart!"

    Since the NPC was not programmed to have much intelligence, he had failed to see that Jiang Fei was a "Dragon Knight". He had merely seen the dragon as a typical mount.

    Following closely behind Officer Ouma, Jiang Fei flew across the canyon and toward the other side of the mountain. Naturally, Jiang Fei was much faster than Officer Ouma. He did not need to worry about being left behind.

    After flying for fifteen minutes, Jiang Fei had automatically entered combat state.

    "Haha! This is it! The exciting mission is about to start! Remember to dodge the enemy's attack! Watch out for the giant spears!" bellowed Officer Ouma. Jiang Fei looked down and saw a sea of Spectre army. The warning was a little too late as the monsters had already readied their spears in hand and were ready to throw them high up. No sooner, the spears were already whistling through the air toward Jiang Fei.

    All Jiang Fei had to do then was to descend until the enemies were in bombing range whilst dodging all the incoming attacks.

    "Young one! Good evading there but don't forget to drop the bombs on them! We need to kill at least half of the entire army in order to break the core barrier! Or else, we would not be able to enter the core to stop the summoning ritual!"

    The entire procedure was done in tutorial mode. Jiang Fei's controls were taken over by the system in order to teach Jiang Fei how to evade enemies attack and the buttons to press to drop the bombs.

    Phewwww.... BOOM!

    One by one, Jiang Fei dropped the bombs across the battlefield. Once the bombs exploded, glittering water burst out everywhere and when the Spectre monsters touched them, they cried out loud before turning into ash.

    One Holy Water Grenade was extremely effective in instant-killing all Spectre monsters within a thirty-meter range.

    "Here, let us enjoy this together!" said Jiang Fei as he gave the crate to Isabella and let her drop them.

    That was one of the benefits of having a dual player flying mount. Jiang Fei could fully focus on dodging all the incoming spears while Isabella could focus on dropping the grenades to the ground. A perfect aerial attack combination.
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