446 Evil Ritual

    In the beginning, Jiang Fei's bombing mission was smooth. All the attacks hurled toward Jiang Fei were avoided. He had even had the time to chat with Isabella.

    However, things got serious when Jiang Fei and Officer Ouma approached the core of the army. The air defense had gotten wilder. Jiang Fei had to pay attention to the attacks as the white bone spears that were whistling through the air toward Jiang Fei had gotten faster and more accurate. The sound when one of the bone spears flew a few inches away from Jiang Fei was scary.



    Alas, even Jiang Fei who was good in dodging attacks had made a mistake and got hit. It was reasonable. The air defense of the Doomsday Army was superb. Rains of spears came in like a storm. Even if Jiang Fei paid full attention, there was no way he could dodge all of them.


    Jiang Fei frowned. He knew that the further he proceeded, the more vicious the attack would be. If he was down there instead of flying in the air, he would have survived easily since he could depend on attacks and Lifesteal to sustain his health. Flying forbade that. It was at least 150 meters away from ground level. There was no way his attacks could reach any of the monsters. It would make sense that he should just descend to attacking range and attack. But the problem was the fact that the enemies would be much closer to him. The speed and ferocity of the attacks would put holes in Jiang Fei before he could even land an attack.

    "Careful young lad! Watch where you're going!" warned Officer Ouma. He was not being attacked by a single spear since he was part of the quest line up.

    "Bella. Try as best as you can to land the grenade on the area with the most enemies. I'm afraid that we might not last that long!" said Jiang Fei. He had to rely on her. Before the dragon fell, he had to make sure that he had killed enough of the skeletal army in order to break the barrier.

    "I understand!"

    Isabella nodded and tried aiming her drops instead of randomly throwing the grenades of the dragon. One by one, the grenades were thrown off the dragon and detonated among the concentrated gatherings of the enemy.

    "Damn, so many monsters are dying yet there are no experience points!" cried Jiang Fei as he frowned disappointingly. The bombing quest was part of the quest line up and this method of killing was too simple and easy. Hence, even killing higher tier Specter monsters would not grant Jiang Fei any experience points.

    "Keep it going, young one! The barrier is almost breaking!" said Officer Ouma. It had been ten minutes or so since the beginning of the bombing.

    "Phew... Might as well." Jiang Fei sighed a breath of relief. The Skygliding Dragon had already taken several hits. If it not because of Jiang Fei had a high level, he would have long lost the dragon.

    Right then, something happened.

    "GRAH!" Officer Ouma grunted painfully. A long white bone spear had pierced the Griffin that Officer Ouma was on. The spear had also pierced through the mount and into Officer Ouma.

    "What the hell? What is going on?"

    Jiang Fei was shocked. The NPC had been dodging the attacks perfectly since the beginning yet he was instantly killed in one strike?

    "Young lad... I'm done for! The barrier has been weakened! You... You would have to be the one to stop them!" said Officer Ouma as he left Jiang Fei with his last words.

    It was clear to Jiang Fei then that the event was part of the quest. Officer Ouma's role in the quest was only as a guide for Jiang Fei to reach the core of the Doomsday Army. Now that the barrier had been weakened, there was no use for a guide. Based on the quest development, Jiang Fei would have to be the one to kill all the army.

    "Bella, save some of the grenades for later. There's no need to throw them now. Brace yourself. We are going in hard!" said Jiang Fei. He had no time to catch the falling Officer Ouma especially since the barrier had broken and the attacks had gotten more intense.

    Without the guidance of Officer Ouma, Jiang Fei did not have to remain slow. Jiang Fei zoomed speedily across the battlefield and into the barrier.

    At the same time, Jiang Fei had taken two more hits. Luckily, the dragon was armored heavily, which allowed it to withstand the attacks and not die like the NPC.


    Once Jiang Fei had entered the barrier, he was greeted with a pleasant scene. The disgusting skeletal army was still there but they were not equipped with the annoying long spear.

    Far ahead, there was an altar with four large Liches that were chanting and channeling their magic at the center that looked like a magic circle.

    Specter Elite Guard (Specter, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 70

    Health Points: 580,000

    Attack Power: 11,000

    Note: The main force of the Doomsday Army.

    Jiang Fei glanced through the army and got a little worried. The monsters were Level 70 Advanced Elite tier and their numbers were no less than 10,000. This sort of formation was tough. It was close to impossible to fight them alone.

    "Bella, how many more of those grenades do we have left?"

    "Enough to kill them all if we used them correctly," said Isabella as she did a quick calculation.

    "That's enough for me!" said Jiang Fei as he headed straight for the four Liches.

    Frost Lich (Specter, Enhanced Leader)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 2,000,000

    Magic Attack: 9,500

    Skills: Frost Protection, Frost Arrow, Frost Nova.

    Shadow Lich (Specter, Enhanced Leader)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 2,000,000

    Magic Attack: 9,500

    Skills: Shadow Arrow, Shadow Barrier, Shadow Rage.

    Cursed Lich (Specter, Enhanced Leader)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 2,000,000

    Magic Attack: 9,500

    Skills: Curse of Pain, Excruciating Pain, Doomsday Bind.

    Plague Lich (Specter, Enhanced Leader)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 9,500

    Attack Power: 9,500

    Skills: Infect, Blood Poison, Infectious Spread.

    "Hmph. Easy. Those four bosses are weak!" said Jiang Fei as he felt relieved. It looked like the quest was manageable at this point. All he had to do was to clear all the smaller minions with the Holy Water Grenades and kill the bosses himself to end the summoning ritual.

    Initially, he had already thrown one bomb at the bosses but they did not take any damage. From that little experiment, Jiang Fei knew that the bombs were ineffective against the bosses. There was no way for him to be lazy.

    "Bella, time to clean the entire field!" said Jiang Fei as he made a U-turn in the air. Once he kited them all in one nice concentrated circle, Isabella dropped the Holy Water Grenades and killed all the Specter soldiers easily. All that was left for Jiang Fei to kill were the four Liches.
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