448 The Pale Skeletal Ghoul

    "Such a shame..." said Air Marshal Rico after Jiang Fei was done explaining.

    "Lord Ouma was a brave soldier and a hero of our time," Jiang Fei added. Some the first few conversations he had with this NPC, he recognized that Rico was programmed with higher intelligence. If Jiang Fei's judgment was right, he'd better talked a little more about Ouma. Perhaps, if Jiang Fei got Rico to like him more, the end reward might be better.

    "Sigh... Please leave us alone," said Rico to the officers who had escorted Jiang Fei into his castle. Once they were alone in the hall, Rico turned to Jiang Fei and said quietly, "This plot... is truly shocking even from my point of view. I need to know, who else besides you and Ouma knew about this?'

    "No one. It was a matter of emergency. Lord Ouma could not afford to wait for reinforcement. There were only the two of us," said Jiang Fei as he replied in the same manner of tone. He did not understand why Rico whispered to him like that even though they were alone in the hall. Either there were ears on the walls or something was wrong.

    "I see," Rico sighed, "in that case, young adventurer, do you know what is this Gemstone for?""

    Rico played with the black Gemstone in his hands as he showed it to Jiang Fei.

    "I have no idea to what it is or what it does," said Jiang Fei.

    "You will..." said Rico as he smiled sinisterly. Jiang Fei quickly noticed something was wrong. He looked up to Rico and saw his eyes were glowing with the same hue that all Spectre had. The sinister green hue.

    'Oh no,' thought Jiang Fei as he quickly jumped a few feet back.


    A barrier was erected and sealed the entire hall. There was no way Jiang Fei was getting out of the hall.

    "Sigh... What a waste of effort. Curse Ouma and you for ruining the plan! No matter... You have brought me this Gemstone and that is your price!" said Rico menacingly. He then forcefully stuck the gemstone on his forehead and began to merge with it.

    His eyes glowed brighter before it burst into green flames. The sinister smile quickly turned vile when the flesh around his face and body rotted away. He was not the Air Force Marshal Rico.

    Pale Skeletal Ghoul Rico (Spectre, Lord)

    Level: 80

    Health Points: 21,000,000

    Attack Power: 35,000

    Note: The corrupted form of Air Force Marshal Rico.

    Jiang Fei understood by the description of his character that Rico was corrupted and had become the bad guy. The main problem was that he was Level 80 Lord tier Spectre boss.

    "Ze hahahaha! The intruding Ouma is gone. Now it's your turn to join him in the afterlife! What a shame for you, adventurer!" said Rico.

    "Level 80 Lord tier boss. Guess he was right about me dying," said Jiang Fei to himself. Despite his calm composure, Jiang Fei was at the brink of going mad. The Hidden Quest was only a Blue tier difficulty. No way he was supposed to fight a Level 80 Lord tier boss and walk away to tell the tale.

    After thinking it through, Jiang Fei felt something odd about the quest. He got anxious when he saw the boss's level but when he focused closely, he noticed the boss's name tag was not green or red. It was the neutral stance, yellow.

    "Phew... it's not a battle!"

    Jiang Fei breath a sigh of relief. If he was forced to fight in a room where he cannot summon his mount, he might lose the battle even if he used two of his transforming skills.

    "Young man, do not be conceited just because you are an adventurer! I am giving you a choice. If you join the Doomsday Army, you will be able to live for our sake. Reject this offer and we will hunt you down for the rest of your miserable life!" said the Pale Skeletal Ghoul Rico.

    "Ding! Pale Skeletal Ghoul Rico has invited you to join the Doomsday Army. Do you accept it?"

    "Ding! System notification: Joining the Doomsday Army would automatically brand you as a traitor of your previous Race, rendering you an enemy to all that oppose the Doomsday Army!"

    "Thank god for the early notification!" said Jiang Fei. He was about to click on yes before another notification popped up. He immediately changed his mind after reading the second notification.

    In the beginning, he was willing to join the Doomsday Army since no matter which Faction one joined, there would be a probation period. Jiang Fei was too reckless since he wanted to finish the quest as soon as possible to get his reward and experience points to level up. However, he changed his mind immediately when he read the second notification.

    Traitor to the previous race? What did that mean? Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, a traitor to a previous race would relinquish a player's strongest or rarest race as well as being the public enemy to all players. Jiang Fei did not know this. All he knew was that if he betrayed either the Dark Faction or the Demon Race, Isabella would definitely have a word about this. She might even break off with Jiang Fei.

    The second thing was the fact that the Doomsday Army Faction was not "friends" with anyone else. Joining the army would ultimately be making enemies with the entire world.

    The game "Dawn Break" had designed most of the players as well as NPC to be in the neutral faction. Most of the grand war would only involve the Dark and Light Faction. It was the first time Jiang Fei had come across a new faction that was enemies with both the Dark and Light faction. Knowing this, one would only be a fool to join the Doomsday Army.

    "Hmph! I, Verdure Glider, a member of the Nephilim Race would never bow to an evil existence such as the Doomsday Army! Bring your army, bring your swords, I will oppose you till the day I die!" said Jiang Fei heroically.

    "You dare reject?" Rico was obviously fuming then. He had thought that a young man such as Jiang Fei might join the Doomsday Army in the face of death itself.

    "Heh! Well said!"

    Just as Rico was about to strike Jiang Fei, a loud laugh bellowed from outside the barrier. The barrier that was erected was a thin magic wall that was green and black in color. A finger was seen poking through the barrier and the next thing Jiang Fei saw was a display of pure strength. A large man came in after tearing the barrier away with only his fingers as if the barrier was made of paper.

    The man was at least two meters tall with a deep violet skin marbled with crimson blood. His eyes were glowing as red as fresh blood. Wearing a black colored armor, the man came in, dignified. Aside from the missing horns, the man looked about the same as Jiang Fei when he was in his Demon Form.

    Otis (Royal Nephilim, Middle tier Overlord)

    Level: 95

    Health Points: 120,000,000

    Note: The Royal Nephilim Elder Price.

    "Big brother?!" cried Isabella happily.

    "Hahaha! My little sister, you have yourself a fine young man right there!" said Otis as he laughed happily. He then looked at Jiang Fei and gave him a big smile as well as a thumbs up of approval.

    "Wtf?" Jiang Fei was genuinely surprised to see Isabella's eldest brother appearing out of nowhere. At first, he wanted to use the Abyssal Door right after he had rejected Rico's invitation. However, as the table had turned, Otis the great big Overlord boss had appeared to save his skin at the very last minute.
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