449 Title Challenge

    Alas, when all hope was lost, the light of day shines the brightest. When Otis made his entrance, Rico was completely suppressed. Perhaps it was lucky for Rico since he was all bones and rotten flesh, he might have peed himself when Otis appeared.

    "Big brother, why are you here?" asked Isabella as her curiosity was about to explode.

    "Hoho. We have been keeping an eye on this lot for a long time now. The Doomsday Army really thought that they had the perfect cover that they did not realize that we had no problem tracking them down," said Otis, laughing proudly.

    The appearance of Otis was designed by the game developers. Once a player had reached this point of the quest, the appearance of an ally boss would appear. It was impossible to have a player under Level 60 to fight a Level 80 boss. However, there would be a difference in the ally boss that appeared. It depended on the faction that the player was in. Since Jiang Fei was part of the Shadow Faction, the boss that appeared would be Otis. If one was in a Light Faction, a Celestial boss would appear to aid the player. However, the appearance of an ally boss relied on the player's choice of joining the Doomsday Army. If a player had joined the army, the quest would move toward a different route.

    Jiang Fei was part of the rare Demon race, that was why he rejected the notion of betraying his race. If he was just a part of the normal race, there might be a chance that he might actually join the Doomsday Army.

    Either way, what was done was done. Now that Otis had appeared, Rico, the Level 80 boss would be put down.


    Otis raised his hands and shot a light shackle that flew across the hall and bound Rico. After that, he vanished in an instant. Perhaps Otis had teleported him to the base of the Demon race for interrogation.

    "Big brother! You have successfully obtained proof that Rico had been corrupted! It is all thanks to us!" said Isabella to claim her victory.

    "That's entirely true, little sister! This little bug had been hiding. Initially, we had our suspicions about Rico but we could never prove that he was part of the Doomsday Army. Incidentally, you have brought him the Gemstone which revealed his identity!" said Otis as he patted Isabella's tiny head.

    "Little one," said Otis as he called out to Jiang Fei.

    "You did well. In the name of the King, I represent the Demon race to reward you for your deed!" said Otis proudly. It was all thanks to Jiang Fei's heroic speech that made Otis proud of him.

    "Ding! Doomsday Army's Plot Quest Completed!"

    "Ding! You have obtained 2,000 Demon race Reputation Points!"

    "Ding! You have obtained 1,000 Reputation Points for all races in the Shadow Faction!"

    "Ding! You have obtained 700 gold coins!"

    "Ding! You have obtained 80,000,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! Congratulation to player Verdure Glider for reaching level 60! All attributes +1! Obtained 5 Attribution Points!"

    A string of system notification blasted on Jiang Fei's feed.

    "Ding! Congratulations on reaching Level 60! Title Challenge Quest has begun!"

    "Ding! Quest Updated!"

    Quest Name: The True Brave One (1)!

    Quest Objective: Defeat the Nine-Headed Hydra in XXX, XXX and retrieve the Treasure Map. Find the Treasure according to the Treasure Map!"

    Quest Reward: Title-Explorer!

    "What is this..."

    Jiang Fei was surprised for a bit there but quickly recalled something.

    In the internet, Jiang Fei recalled something about the player's title. Before reaching Level 60, all NPCs would only address players as adventurers. However, from Level 60 and onward, there would be Title Challenge Quest that could be taken.

    Title Challenge Quest was a long term quest that would automatically be registered in a player's quest list once they hit a certain level. The player would have the option to undergo the quest or completely ignore it. There would not be any penalty for ignoring the quest.

    According to the internet, a player's default title would be Adventurer. The subsequent Titles would be Explorer, Elite Explorer, Dragon Slayer, Valliant Dragon Slayer, and the final Title would be Celestial's Adversary and Celestial's Challenger. Including Adventurer, there would be a total of seven titles that a player could obtain.

    Besides the default Adventurer title, all other titles could only be obtained through a quest that had to be completed alone. The quest was hard and dangerous. However, if one failed the quest, there was nothing to lose. All one had to do was to start from scratch.

    Even though he had received the Title Challenge Quest, Jiang Fei put it at the back of his mind. Otis was still there with Isabella. He could not leave at once without even trying to talk to him. Fortunately, Otis seemed to be very busy. After exchanging a few words with Jiang Fei and Isabella, Otis left in a flash. No one knew where he went. It could be to the place where Rico was to interrogate him or other places where he was needed most.

    At this point, groups of NPCs came into the castle. It seemed that someone was sent in from Dawnlight City to replace Rico. Jiang Fei still wanted to linger around since there were so many flying mounts around. Sadly, they were not something that Jiang Fei could just capture.

    "It's probably time for us to leave as well," said Jiang Fei.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Isabella nodded. Her hair that was tied up nicely was in a mess as Otis had run his gigantic hands across her head.

    Jiang Fei tore a piece of Return Town scroll and vanished instantly from the hall and into Dawnlight City.

    Jiang Fei had wanted to fly toward the location of the Nine-Headed Hydra to see what it was like and whether it was easy enough to defeat it in a short time. Sadly, even if the Hydra could be defeated in one hit, there was not enough time left for him to travel. For better or worse, there was not enough time to do anything at all. In the end, Jiang Fei waited until it was six in the morning and logged out.

    When Jiang Fei got up from the bed and looked outside the house window. He remembered something incredibly unpleasant; the Yang sisters.

    In the game, he would forget all his troubles and play with nothing holding him back. However, when he came back to the real world, the real problems piled on his shoulders. There was no escaping the Yang sisters from 'harassing' him at school.

    Han Tianyu had informed Jiang Fei about the two guys who were coming after Yang Po and Yang Qing, Ye Zhangfa and Bai Zongwei. Even though Jiang Fei had never seen the two guys, anyone who came out from a powerful sect must be strong to a certain extent. Jiang Fei felt butterflies in his stomach when he thought of the four people whom he had to face later.

    Unwilling and disgruntled, Jiang Fei still had to attend class in order to satiate the girls' wants of him.

    While he was walking to class, Jiang Fei received a call from Han Tianyu.

    "Remember what I told you. Be extra cautious about Ye Zhangfa!"
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