450 Transfer Studen

    Restless and anxious, Jiang Fei could not calm himself until he reached his seat in the lively classroom. Just as he placed his bag down and sat down calmly, Zhao Feng came in like a hawk and hugged him from behind.

    "It's Jiang Fei! The rarest Pokemon!" cried Zhao Feng. "What brought you back to reality?" he asked.

    "Sigh... I wouldn't if I could," said Jiang Fei as he sighed heavily. It was Zhao Feng, his best friend since childhood. He treated him almost like his own brother. He never wanted any danger to befall on the fatty.

    "Listen to me, there would be some newcomers to the school. Please, for the love of god, stay away from them. If I end up clashing with them, get away from me and do not interfere," said Jiang Fei.

    "Judging from the tone of yours, I sense trouble. You mind telling me more about it?" asked Zhao Feng as he returned to his seat.

    "Those people... How do I put this... Are dangerous. They come from afar and complicated backgrounds. There are too many things that I can't really put my finger on. Just stay away from them. Trouble may come but don't provoke them or anything," said Jiang Fei.

    "I get it. Don't worry," said Zhao Feng as he nodded and remained quiet. From the day of the basketball competition, Zhao Feng recognized that Jiang Fei had changed, both physically and mentally. He knew Jiang Fei well enough to know that if there was something he could not tell him, it must be for a good reason. From a certain point of view, he understood that Jiang Fei had been mixing with Han Tianyu for some time and had gotten influenced by his upscale lifestyle. When Jiang Fei mentioned that the newcomers came from a complicated background, Zhao Feng understood that they might be part of a large family with power and authority, much higher than Han Tianyu.

    Zhao Feng might not be scholarly inclined but he understood how the world and the society worked. Even though news and media outlets did not report anything, there would be people, hidden in the social hierarchy who would kill anyone without thinking. The reason no one was chasing after them was simple. They covered their tracks well.

    Hence, when Jiang Fei warned Zhao Feng about what was to come, he prepared himself. Even so, he was oblivious to the existence of the Metahumans and the chaos that they could bring.

    Minutes passed and the classroom was filled with students. The homeroom teacher walked in and the first period started. The homeroom teacher was a woman of over fifty years of age instead of the young and beautiful woman that everyone wished for.

    "Everyone, take your seats. Before I start today's lesson, I have two new transfer students to introduce!" said the teacher.

    "You may come in now," said the teacher as she spoke louder toward the door.

    Jiang Fei did not even bother to look, he knew that it was the twins.

    "Please introduce yourselves," said the teacher.

    Yang Po and Yang Qing came to the front of the class and bow simultaneously.

    "Hi everyone! I'm Yang Qing!"

    "Hello. My name is Yang Po. I am happy to be here! I'll be in your care."


    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei frowned worriedly. He remembered that Han Tianyu had informed him that there would be two guys coming in. Were they placed in a different class? That would be absurd. If they were as Han Tianyu claimed they were, the boys could enter any class they wanted to.

    "Ouu damn. It's a beauty! A pair of beautiful twins!" said Zhao Feng as he tapped Jiang Fei's shoulder and whispered to him.

    "Remember what I said. Stay away from them," said Jiang Fei angrily.

    Even though the twins were not as dangerous as they could be, they were still Level 3 high tier fighters. Jiang Fei did not want Zhao Feng to lose an arm or a leg.

    "Wait a minute here... Bro Fei. I understand what's happening now," said Zhao Feng as if he had uncovered the truth about the twins.

    "Don't worry. Bro code rule number 1, bros before hoes. I won't interfere with your hunt!" said Zhao Feng as he smiled from ear to ear.

    "Hunt my ass! Just stay away from them!" said Jiang Fei nervously. If Zhao Feng got the wrong idea, he and Jiang Fei might be in deep trouble. Especially since Ye Zhangfa and Bai Zongwei were onto the girls.

    Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng were not the only two students in the class who were whispering about the girls. The rest of the class were already deep in their own discussions. The guys were especially rowdier than usual. It could not be helped, it was rare enough to have a transfer student what more twin girls! Everyone was at the age where curiosity and lust were just introduced by puberty.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    After Yang Qing and Yang Po had done their introductions, the teacher started to arrange their seats. Before she could do so, Wang Huairen came into the class abruptly.

    "What is Fatty Wang doing here?"

    That was the thought that almost everyone in the class, including the homeroom teacher was thinking. Clearly, no one liked that man.

    "Miss Zhang, there are two more transfer students here for you. Please take them in," said Wang Huairen with a smile. Since the incident of the Japanese students, this man was beaten to a pulp. However, the entire event was covered up hence he could not do anything about it.

    After Wang Huairen left in a hurry, two boys came into the class.

    "Oh damn! They're so handsome!"

    Before Jiang Fei could even warn Zhao Feng about the boys, Zhao Feng had already chimed in with his own opinion.

    "Hey, the girls are troublesome but those guys are on a different level. Don't talk to them, don't look at them. I cannot protect you if things went south!" said Jiang Fei. He knew that Zhao Feng was an outgoing man who liked to make friends. That problem was that those two were not. Especially that boy named Ye Zhangfa. Jiang Fei could not be on guard twenty-four hours to protect Zhao Feng and his family.

    "Okay. Got it!" said Zhao Feng as he quietened down immediately. Whether it was jealousy or Jiang Fei's warning, Zhao Feng glared at them with hostility.

    "Kyaa... Those boys are so handsome!"

    If all the girls in class's thoughts could be broadcasted, that would what it sounded like.

    Truth be told, Jiang Fei had to admit that they were handsome. Both Ye Zhangfa and Bai Zongwei were perfect from head to toe. Jiang Fei could not even stand at the same level as them. Still, there was a clear difference between the two. Bai Zongwei had a stoic look, brimming with dignity and pride. Ye Zhang Fa had the quiet, cool look. The kind of person who did not want to talk to anyone. Much like those main characters in Japanese RPGs.

    'That must be Ye Zhangfa...' thought Jiang Fei as he recognized which one that he must be prepared for. Even though it was the first time Jiang Fei saw the two, he understood which was which based on the information Han Tianyu had given him.

    "Please introduce yourself to the class," said the homeroom teacher. Even though she did not like the idea of having too many students in her class, there was nothing she could do about it. At most, she had to arrange their seats and make her complaint to the headmaster after school was over.

    "Greetings to all. I am Bai Zongwei! From today onward, we are classmates! I am most honored to be in your care!" said Bai Zongwei loudly as he bowed. When he straightened his back, his eyes landed on Yang Po. That was caught by Jiang Fei. Right then, he knew that Zongwei was eyeing Yang Po.

    "I'm Ye Zhangfa! Ahh Little Qing! What a coincidence to be classmates again! Please, let's get along with each other!"

    Compared to Bai Zongwei, Ye Zhangfa had only mentioned his name before turning to Yang Qing. His attitude was... a mix of arrogant and pride. Obviously, he did not care about the rest of the class but Yang Qing.


    The teacher did not like the way Ye Zhangfa presented himself in front of the whole class and clapped loudly to gather everyone's attention.

    "Alright, time waits for no man. Please choose your own seats and we will start the first lesson for today!" said the homeroom teacher.

    She was being lazy. If she had arranged the seats of the class, it would take too much effort and time. Hence, she thought that they should just find their own seats and be done with it.
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