452 And Here Comes Trouble

    "That's fine. I'll move to wherever he goes," said Yang Po when Zhao Feng was struggling with his decision.

    "Hmm. Hmm. That's alright. Don't trouble yourself. I'll just find another seat then," said Bai Zongwei as he laughed. He held nothing against Zhao Feng. He knew that Yang Po had nothing toward the fatty. She just wanted to trouble Bai Zongwei.

    After Bai Zongwei finally sat down across the classroom, the homeroom teacher did her thing and started the first period.

    Throughout the morning and afternoon, the atmosphere in the classroom was tense. No one understood why. No one knew who the new students were and their relationship with Jiang Fei. From their appearance, neither one of them were normal. Hence, though Ye Zhangfa and Bai Zongwei were so handsome, or Yang Qing and Yang Po so beautiful, no one dared to talk to them.

    "Big brother Jiang Fei, why are you ignoring me?" whined Yang Qing as she tugged Jiang Fei's sleeves. The entire time, she had been bothering Jiang Fei. Whenever Jiang Fei ignored her, she would quiet down for a brief moment before she ran her mouth again. Each and every action she made toward Jiang Fei was so intimate that Ye Zhangfa, whose eyes were locked on the two of them, felt angry to the bones.

    It was lucky that there were so many people in the school or Ye Zhangfa would have already exploded. Even though he had a temper and was unpredictable at times, there were rules that not even he dared to break. Martial artists such as him must never involve the general public if a fight broke out. The penalty was so severe that Ye Zhangfa dared not cross the line.

    "You just wait, brat! If you can live after I'm done with you, I shall change my surname to yours!" said Ye Zhangfa under his breath as he swallowed his anger when Yang Qing got too close to Jiang Fei.

    Even though Jiang Fei could not hear what Ye Zhangfa said, he could feel his intense glaring. Everything was in his view. He understood that the fight later would be unforgiving.

    "Excuse me, I must warn you. That kid is not someone you can mess with. He's known to break the rules!" said Bai Zongwei.

    It was during the afternoon break when Bai Zongwei had finally had the time to approach Jiang Fei. Or rather, a planned encounter since he wanted to show Yang Po that he was a man of honor.

    It was known that Jiang Fei was a Level 4 fighter. To be able to reach that level was a huge feat that not everyone could achieve. Bao Zongwei understood this. He knew that Jiang Fei would never be the one who would be taking the hits. Even so, he just wanted to show his good side to Yang Po.

    "Hmm. Thanks for the heads up," said Jiang Fei. Though Bai Zongwei's advice was purely fictional, Jiang Fei did not know that. Han Tianyu had informed Jiang Fei about Bai Zongwei's character. That was why he did not suspect anything when Bai Zongwei approached him with a warning.

    "Hoho... Big brother Jiang Fei. You're so cute. You must be a jolly little kid when you were younger!" said Yang Qing when she saw Jiang Fei was thanking Bai Zongwei genuinely. She felt that Jiang Fei's naivety was funny, yet at the same time, she was envious of him because of his Level 5 master. A fighter who was so strong yet so naive was funny.

    Without powerful support, such naivety would lead him being cheated or killed in this cold-hearted society.

    "Hahaha, it's alright," said Jiang Fei as he smirked a little. He remembered the times when he was much younger. Even though his father was busy, his father would make some time on the weekends to play with him. His parents would never force Jiang Fei to do something that he would not do. Hence, when Yang Qing mentioned about his childhood, Jiang Fei could not help but recall those happy memories.

    When Jiang Fei smiled like that, Yang Qing could not help but felt more envious. Yang Qing and Yang Po's lives were not as bright as many would think. They were the last disciples of the sect. When they were still very young, their master would train them brutally. There was no such thing as play time. Their entire childhood was robbed from them for there was nothing but training.

    "It must be nice to have a god-like figure to take care of you," said Yang Po to herself. The conversation between Jiang Fei and Yang Qing was not too loud but Yang Po had heard everything. She felt the same feeling as Yang Qing felt.

    Even though their master was the leader and master of the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace, she had never felt more pressured when it came to responsibility. It was unfair. Responsibility after responsibility was forced down her throat. There were times that she could not take it anymore and wanted to give it all up. Certain tasks like being chased after by the annoying pricks; Ye Zhangfa and Bai Zongwei, were both suffocating and miserable. The problem was that she could not blatantly reject them. Those guys stood at the same platform as she and her sister.

    'I wonder if Jiang Fei's master would come to his rescue if Jiang Fei was in trouble... If only someone like that could take care of me...' thought Yang Qing.

    Obviously, it was only from her point of view. She had never thought that she was also an annoying prick in Jiang Fei's eyes. From her perspective, she had genuinely thought that she was so beautiful that anyone was so lucky to be with her.

    When school was over and Jiang Fei left the compound, Yang Po and Yang Qing followed Jiang Fei closely as he tried to go home. Bai Zongwei followed the gang as well, claiming that he was going the same way. Ye Zhangfa was missing in action.

    "Ah! You guys are living in Manda Square? Must be nice there! I guess I should move there as well!" said Bai Zongwei pretending to not know anything about the girls. The truth was that Bai Zongwei already knew that and had also tried to approach Han Tianyu for a house there as well. The thing was, Han Tianyu was smart. He knew that he could not wrong both Bai Zongwei and the twins. Hence, he disappeared before Bai Zongwei could even ask about a unit there.

    Han Tianyu had gone to his own sect and hid there for the time being. When it came to the "normal" society, no matter how strong one's sect was, no one in Manda Square would acknowledge you. On the other hand, neither Ye Zhangfa and Bai Zongwei could pick a fight against the common people. In the end, the two had to return to their own sect's property to stay.

    "Sure thing. You can stay in Manda Square. We will be moving out then!" said Yang Po both jokingly and menacingly.

    "Ahh... I understand," said Bai Zongwei. Being blatantly rejected like that was embarrassing but he had already gotten used to it. He merely laughed at Yang Po's comment.

    "Captain. Proximity sensors have picked up a powerful being 400 meters ahead. Power level is determined to be the peak of Level 3!" said 0541 telepathically.

    Jiang Fei flinched a little at the sudden announcement. From the looks of it, it must be Ye Zhangfa.

    It seemed that Ye Zhangfa had calculated this thoroughly. This route was quiet. No one would usually travel on this road. Everyone present then were martial artists and there were no common citizens. Ye Zhangfa had planned this carefully and made sure that he would not break any alliance law.

    "What's wrong?" asked Bai Zongwei as he noticed Jiang Fei's sudden movement.

    "There's a bug over there," said Jiang Fei as he frowned.

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    Bai Zongwei felt odd. There was nothing in front of them. The gang proceeded and when Ye Zhangfa was almost 200 meters away, Bai Zongwei could feel the presence of a powerful fighter.

    'Just how strong is this guy? As expected of the disciple of a Level 5 master! His senses are several times more powerful than mine! No wonder everyone acknowledges this boy as a Level 4 fighter!' thought Bai Zongwei as he went pale. Jiang Fei's sensory range was at least twice as good as his. That fact alone made the peak tier Level 3 Bai Zongwei fearful of Jiang Fei.
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