453 Trading Hits

    As the gang proceeded, Yang Po and Yang Qing were the last to feel that something was wrong. All of them were elite fighters. They would be a fool to miss Ye Zhangfa's presence at this point.

    Everyone was calm and composed since they know that Jiang Fei was a Level 4 fighter. Yang Qing and Yang Po would want Jiang Fei to step up to Ye Zhangfa. It was obvious that no one liked that f*cker. If Jiang Fei could beat him down to his place, he would never come to disturb the girls again. That was the outcome that the girls wanted.

    Bai Zongwei shared the same hopes as well. Although he did not bear any hatred or hostility toward him, it was still best that Jiang Fei could fight Ye Zhangfa to the point where the Soaring Cloud Sect would be involved. The Snow Mountain Sect would definitely be benefiting from this conflict. It was a chance that Bai Zongwei could not let go.

    In conclusion, all three of them who were accompanying Jiang Fei shared the same outcome that was to have Jiang Fei defeat Ye Zhangfa.

    Jiang Fei was completely oblivious to that fact. Even though 0541 was helpful in most aspects, there was still something called the human emotions that it could not process. Even as a human, Jiang Fei could not read others' minds. Unbeknownst to Jiang Fei, he was dancing to the rhythm set by Yang Qing and Yang Po. Bai Zongwei was only a stowaway in this case. The only person who could fish Jiang Fei out of this mess was Han Tianyu, who had gone missing.

    "Brat. Seems like you have walked yourself into the doors of hell! There's no turning back for you!" cried Ye Zhangfa as he revealed himself when Jiang Fei and the rest of the group walked a few meters away from him.

    From Ye Zhangfa's perspective, Jiang Fei was only a normal student. His existence was next to ants. The kind that he thought he could squash with a finger.

    "Ye Zhangfa! What are you doing?" cried Yang Qing as she hid behind Jiang Fei's arms. This was done on purpose to further trigger the already raging Ye Zhangfa.

    "I don't understand why... Why would you cling to someone like him? Today, I shall have his life! Whoever tries to stop me will be the enemy of the Soaring Cloud Sect. Little Qing, move aside!"

    Her little act of helplessness had successfully driven Ye Zhangfa to the brink of madness.

    "Oh? Ye Zhangfa, are you sure to bring the name of the Soaring Cloud Sect here?" asked Bai Zongwei as he stood in front of Jiang Fei, pretending to defend him. Naturally, it was an act to further provoke Ye Zhangfa to bring in the name of his sect.

    "Bai, get lost. This is none of your concern! If you want to stop me, I will declare the Snow Mountain Sect as our enemy!" said Ye Zhangfa. He was blinded by rage. He truly believed that Bai Zongwei was trying to defend Jiang Fei. He had never thought that he playing right into Bai Zongwei's hands. Ye Zhangfa had always been that way. His rage and pride had made him impulsive, bringing up the name of Soaring Cloud Sect whenever he wanted to. Hence, he had never felt out of place for bringing in the entire sect.

    "Fine, I give up," said Bai Zongwei as he stepped down.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, I'm afraid I cannot have my entire sect involved in this petty fight. You are on your own," said Bai Zongwei as he tried to act helpless. At this point, he could only hope that Ye Zhangfa's provocation would make Jiang Fei direct more hatred toward the entire sect.

    "Big brother Jiang Fei, you must teach him a lesson!" said Yang Qing as she grinned at Jiang Fei whilst hugging his left arm.

    "Huh?" Ye Zhangfa gasped as he realized something wrong. Even though he was only less than twenty meters away from Jiang Fei and killing him with a single kick would be as easy as throwing a punch, something was terribly out of place. Why would Bai Zongwei and the two girls stand behind Jiang Fei instead of trying to protect him? If he was only a normal student, they would surely be in front! Why would a normal person be calm in this situation?

    "Wait a minute... Jiang Fei?"

    Although that was not the first time he had heard the name, he had never suspected this Jiang Fei to be the Level 4 fighter. He had merely thought that the boy had shared the same name as the Level 4 fighter. Additionally, when Yang Qing was being too clingy on him, his rage had completely blinded him from knowing the truth. At this point, he had figured out that this Jiang Fei was the real deal.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    To think that he had declared to kill a Level 4 fighter like that...

    For the others, when one had wrongly challenged a higher level fighter, the challenger would lower his head and apologize. The hostility would vanish since everyone was rational and mature. Ye Zhangfa did not possess either of those traits. He would never lower his head to someone who dared to stand in his way and take his girl.

    'I heard that this boy doesn't have much battle experience. I'm sure that he had not fought a fight to the death yet. I should give it a try!' thought Ye Zhangfa. He had decided to fight Jiang Fei. He not only had confidence in his own sect, but he was also sure that Jiang Fei's Level 5 master would not try to kill him after this fight. Even so, he would surely die! Hence, might as well fight this fight to the end!

    "Sigh... you... sigh..."

    Jiang Fei could not help but feel a little pressured. He thought that he should reveal his identity as a Level 4 fighter to call off the fight but when he saw just now determined Ye Zhangfa was, he knew that bloodshed was inevitable.

    Jiang Fei had gotten used to intimidate others. That was why he had never been afraid of those old foxes with their schemes and plots. The more they think, the more they would fear to act against Jiang Fei. The thing was, Ye Zhangfa was not the kind who would think before they acted.

    Ye Zhangfa's power level was at the peak of Level 3. If Jiang Fei clashed with him, he might risk exposing his actual strength. Winning aside, there were true Level 3 fighters watching him. One single mistake in the fight would immediately give them hints that Jiang Fei was not a true Level 4 fighter. At that point, not only his own honor was at stake, his fake Level 5 master would immediately be exposed as well. Jiang Fei could not afford to hold back.

    "Hmph. So what if you're a Level 4! I shall determine that with my fist!" cried Ye Zhangfa with rage as he charged toward Jiang Fei. Despite his recklessness and immature behavior, the boy could fight. His kungfu was the real deal. In a blink of an eye, he had already flown through the air and reached Jiang Fei in a single step.

    'I cannot drag this fight. I should end him quickly!' thought Jiang Fei to himself. The more he dragged the battle, the higher the chance of him exposing his weakness. He must unleash every skill he had in him to win the fight.

    Force Strike!

    When Ye Zhangfa was a few inches away from him, Jiang Fei stood still and began to charge power in his right arm.

    Ye Zhangfa got into his stance and powerfully thrust his fist at Jiang Fei's face. At the same time, Jiang Fei had charged his Force Strike. He too thrust out his fist to meet with Ye Zhangfa's.

    When the two fists clashed with each other, Jiang Fei felt a tingle in his right arm, as if a spark of electricity through it. That was the first time he had felt anything during a punch. Lucky for him, the glove had defensive properties. Ye Zhangfa, on the hand, was not so lucky. His entire right arm was completely numb.

    Karate Kick!

    Jiang Fei activated another skill. Even though the name was Karate Kick, the attack's effect was to instantly move to behind a target.

    At this moment, Ye Zhangfa's entire right arm was numb. He could not muster enough strength to dodge. At most, he could gather enough Qi in his body and condense them to defend against Jiang Fei's next attack. However, Karate Kick was not an offensive skill but a debuff to slow the movements of a target.

    At that moment, a power surged throughout Ye Zhangfa's body. His legs and body were not in his control. Every movement he made was slowed down like a snail.

    'Could this be the legendary Pulse Cessation Technique?!' thought Ye Zhangfa. Everyone besides Jiang Fei was thinking the same thing.
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