454 Cunning Man

    Pulse Cessation was a high-level Acupuncture skill that was so strong that it was said to be lost in history.

    Acupuncture skill was a kind of unique skill that only China martial artists could master. Its effect was strong as it could weaken any enemy easily. Its attack was as simple as puncturing an enemy's body with one's finger. However, with a single poke, one could immediately disable a strong enemy. It ranged from weakening a person's limb to weakening the Qi flow of the enemy. One could even master the next level of this technique by injecting the user's own Qi energy into an enemy's body, disabling him from the inside, leaving the enemy completely open for an attack. The greatest level of Acupuncture skill was Pulse Cessation. This skill caused the enemy's Qi flow to completely stop which would cause to the enemy to be unable to retaliate for a long period of time.

    Martial Artists and Metahumans were different from each other but they were never as weak as normal humans. After Level 3, Level 4 tier humans were greatly enhanced. Their bodies would be strengthened to the point where no attack would be fatal. Hence, it would be sensible if the battle between higher tier fighters was longer than anticipated. It was either very long if the two foes were equally strong or extremely short provided that one did not prepare him or herself properly.

    That was the reason why many had recognized that the Pulse Cessation technique was powerful. Not only it was extremely difficult to master, its effect to immensely maim a target was more than enough to end the fight. Ye Zhangfa was greatly affected by the skill. His stance was completely off, his movements were sluggish, and his response was slowed down by 80%. All Jiang Fei had to do now was to deliver the finishing blow to end the fight.

    Once a fighter lost his speed, it would leave him wide open. In a serious battle, being slowed would result in a definite loss.

    This was the first time Jiang Fei used Karate Kick. He had never thought that the skill could greatly affect a martial artist. Coincidently, since he wanted to end the fight as soon as possible, he did not think twice to use all available skills on Ye Zhangfa.

    The battle had concluded. Ye Zhangfa was staggering and there was nothing he could do when Jiang Fei simply put his fist to Ye Zhangfa's chest.

    Penetrating Qi Strike!

    When Ye Zhangfa saw and felt Jiang Fei's closed fist on his chest, he gathered as much Qi as he could and condensed it in his chest to erect an internal defense. Unfortunately, Jiang Fei's skill penetrated all defenses. Ye Zhangfa's Qi defenses were unscathed but his internal organs were completely destroyed.


    With one simple push, Jiang Fei sent Ye Zhangfa flying up to seven to eight meters away. His chest dented inward.

    "Gah hack!"

    Ye Zhangfa spat a mouthful of blood and immediately passed out.

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    "Oh my god. That's too much!" cried Bai Zongwei when he saw what Jiang Fei did to Ye Zhangfa. He could not gauge just how strong Jiang Fei's punch was but judging from the looks of the dent in Ye Zhangfa's chest, the man should be dead or crippled at least.

    The truth was Jiang Fei himself could not control the power of the skill. It was a skill that came from his equipment. If he had used the Thunder Palm, he could manipulate his beginner Level 2 Qi inside him to control the output of the punch. However, at full strength, he could not even brush Ye Zhangfa's hair with that! If he still insisted on using that skill, everyone would immediately know the extent of Jiang Fei's strength.

    That was the difference between skills gained from equipment and from training. At this point, Jiang Fei's Thunder Palm could be controlled to kill a mosquito or a bull but never hurt Ye Zhangfa. Using the Penetrating Qi Strike, on the other hand, was completely out of his control.

    "Hey, go and check out his wounds! I'm not sure if the Soaring Cloud Sect would come for Jiang Fei if Ye Zhangfa is dead, but I'm sure as hell that they would come for us as well!" said Yang Po as she nudged Bai Zongwei.

    "Um. I understand," said Bao Zongwei, still bewildered at the scene.

    Yang Po knew that Ye Zhangfa was an idiot for being manipulated by everyone else to fight with Jiang Fei. The thing was, the people of Soaring Cloud Sect might not be as stupid as Ye Zhangfa. Anyone with a brain could investigate the reason why Ye Zhangfa had challenged Jiang Fei to a fight. That would lead them to Bai Zongwei, Yang Po, and Yang Qing.

    Jiang Fei had a Level 5 master to back him up. The Soaring Cloud Sect might only give him a verbal warning and be done with it. However, they would never allow the Snow Mountain Sect and the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace Sect to get away with this incident scot-free.

    The three of them were equally guilty since each of them had their own motives against Ye Zhangfa. However, little did they know that Jiang Fei was too strong for Ye Zhangfa to handle. If Jiang Fei was even a little bit stronger, Ye Zhangfa would be blown to bits. Even though Ye Zhangfa was still in one piece, the situation would escalate quickly if they did not do something.

    "Oh no," Bai Zongwei frowned worriedly after he checked Ye Zhangfa.

    Ye Zhangfa condition was fatal. He had too many broken bones, severed nerves, punctured internal organs, and was completely unconscious. If he did not have Qi within himself to sustain his life, the kid would have died and died again many times over.

    "How is he?" asked Yang Qing. The always happy-go-lucky girl was finally sulking for the first time. She knew that she was at fault for provoking Ye Zhangfa.

    "Not good. Not good at all. Unless there's someone with a Level 4 Qi training to provide him with Qi, he would not last for five minutes!" said Bai Zongwei as he went pale.

    "Level 4..." Yang Po's expression turned sour. Who else but Jiang Fei was a Level 4 fighter? The man was the one who inflicted such a powerful blow on him, how could one expect the attacker to be the savior?

    At this moment, Yang Po had thought of a more serious situation. Jiang Fei did not stop at just attacking Ye Zhangfa but wanted to end his life right there and then. He wanted to kill the boy and make the fault both the Snow Moutain Sect and the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace Sect's! He wanted to damn them all for using him.

    At this point, Yang Po recalled something that her master had informed her.

    'The legendary boy, Jiang Fei, is said to be naive. It is also said that he doesn't have any battle experience. However, Tokugawa Nara was killed by his hands. It is either because he was really lucky or he was merely playing a sheep in wolf's disguise. You girls best not lower your guard with him.'

    'Could he see through our scheme to use him as our shield? Did he purposely escalate the entire situation in hopes of dragging us to hell?' Yang Po wondered. If that was really the case, Jiang Fei would be a man of strategy. A cunning schemer. He had never failed to portray himself as the fool, but the fool to be fooled on purpose.

    In a split second, Yang Po glared at Yang Qing and gave her a look. It did not matter if Jiang Fei was a cunning man but at this moment, Ye Zhangfa cannot die. The only person in that street who could save him was none other than Jiang Fei.

    "Big brother Jiang Fei, I'm sorry. I've learned my lesson and would never use you again. Please save this stupid kid or all our sects would be in deep trouble!" said Yang Qing after she understood her elder sister. She quickly begged Jiang Fei to save Ye Zhangfa as she dropped the entire act.
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