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    Jiang Fei was floored. He was not ready to hear what Yang Qing had just said. Only at that moment did Jiang Fei realize that he was a fool. However, Yang Qing did not have to plead to Jiang Fei like that. He would have saved Ye Zhangfa either way. The brat cannot die.

    Han Tianyu had already informed Jiang Fei about him. The brat might be the Grand Elder's grandson, rumor had it that Ye Zhangfa was actually the son of the Grand Elder. That was why he was pampered and spoiled. If he died, the Grand Elder might come for him. Jiang Fei did not want to waste his get-out-of-jail-free Phoenix's card.

    Him having a Level 5 master was completely fake. Jiang Fei's only trump card was Phoenix. The thing was, the girl had changed her personality after being experimented on. There was no telling what would happen. Phoenix and Jiang Fei had nothing in common. The only thing that Phoenix had on Jiang Fei was her promise scar on Jiang Fei's body.

    A good sword must be used in a good battle, not on some fight that was caused by an immature brat. In the end, Jiang Fei felt it would be wasteful on his own behalf if he had let Ye Zhangfa died.

    "Here. Take these. Consume the red one first," said Jiang Fei as he took out two vials. One containing the Evil Purging Pill and the other, the Grand Restore Pill.

    "This is..." Bai Zongwei staggered when he saw the pills.

    "Just feed them to him. I've done my part. If he dies, it is not because of me," said Jiang Fei as he turned around. He learned from what Yang Qing had said. If he was played by the girls, this brat had also taken advantage of the situation. Naturally, he had changed his impression of Bai Zongwei.

    "Alright! Alright! I get it!" said Bai Zongwei. He then fed the Grand Restore Pill after the Evil Purging Pill to Ye Zhangfa.

    The superior healing power was only noticeable when the Grand Restore Pill entered Ye Zhangfa's mouth. Evil Purging Pill worked differently than the Grand Restore Pill. It healed anything that was not caused by physical harm. When Ye Zhangfa swallowed the Grand Restore Pill, his complexion turned for the better as the blood had started to clot. Even the dent in his chest had started to heal itself.

    "Such a miracle..."

    Yang Po had known the power of the pills but she had never seen them perform in front of her own eyes. It was because of the pills that Yang Po and Yang Qing were assigned to tag along with Jiang Fei. She had never seen them work before. Now that she had seen how they worked, she could truly say that the pills could revive the dead.

    'I can never cross path with Jiang Fei!' thought Bai Zongwei to himself. Combining the two pills together, one can literally escape certain death. It was a treasure, a legend, mythical, godly treasure to anyone in the martial art society. In the worst-case scenario, if Bai Zongwei could not befriend Jiang Fei, he must not allow himself to cross path with him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Jiang Fei himself had never expected to use the pills. This event had given Bai Zongwei and the twins a warning and a statement that his pills do work. Just wait until the girls return to their sect and spread the word about the pill, Jiang Fei could surely expect a rise in price for the pills.


    After five minutes, Ye Zhangfa regained consciousness.

    "Urgh... The pain..."

    After waking up, Ye Zhangfa could still feel the throbbing pain all over his body. It felt like there were a thousand needles inside his body, poking constantly.

    Jiang Fei's health potion and the western cell regeneration medicine worked the same. It excited the cells to rapidly heal the repair all the internal wounds. The thing was, this sort of healing mechanics did not stop the pain. Most of Ye Zhangfa's ribs were shattered and his internal organs ruptured. Right now, even though he was healing rapidly, the pain was still there.

    "Shut up! Apologize to brother Jiang Fei now! If it was not for Yang Qing, Yang Po, and me begging for your life, you would have died!" said Bai Zongwei. As expected of a man raised in a good environment. He would not forget to remind everyone that Jiang Fei was the true savior here.

    "Argh! Arghh..." Ye Zhangfa grunted as he tried to even move his hands. Besides breathing, he could not muster any strength to do anything else.

    "Enough. The pills had been fed. He would not die for the time being. Let's go. In one hour or so, he should be healed enough to walk on his own!" said Jiang Fei as he walked away. Even though he must keep Ye Zhangfa alive, Jiang Fei bore a certain hatred toward him. He treated human lives the same as the weed by the road.

    Even though Jiang Fei had obtained power far greater than any Metahuman alive, he was still naive since the time he had those powers was short. His mindset was still the same as the other humans. He never felt like he was truly part of the Metahuman society. With this kind of mindset, he truly despised the kind of man who did not appreciate the value of human life.

    "Alright. Let's go, brother Jiang Fei," said Yang Qing as she ran toward Jiang Fei and hugged his arm. She had only begged Jiang Fei to save Ye Zhangfa's life to escape from certain doom. Now that Ye Zhangfa was alive and breathing, there was no need for her to spend any second longer beside the wrench.

    "Learned your lesson yet? There are certain kind of people whom you wish you'd never cross path with!" said Bai Zongwei after Yang Po, Yang Qing, and Jiang Fei had left. After that, he got up and left Ye Zhangfa, laying on the ground.

    "Bastard... I will have my revenge! JIANG FEI!"

    The pain he felt was excruciating, but the rage he felt when he saw Yang Qing getting intimate again with Jiang Fei was far greater.

    Ye Zhangfa was different than Bai Zongwei. Although both of them were raised in a powerful sect, Ye Zhangfa was raised like a prince. Bai Zongwei, on the other hand, was raised to be a prince. It was a different kind of upbringing. Bai Zongwei was properly taught to be human. Like Han Tianyu, Bai Zongwei had the knowledge and emotional empathy to become a smarter person.

    Ye Zhangfa could be said as the mirrored personality. Like a spoiled brat he was, the boy had gotten so used to get anything he wanted without anyone saying no. He had one philosophy; a man is not a man if he cannot have his revenge. He would have his revenge and get what he wanted even if it took the rest of his life. Naturally, he cared not about what his action would lead to.
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