456 High King Turtle

    Jiang Fei returned to his home and lay down on his bed. The uneasiness in him had not subsided even after he had already taken a long bath. It was not the fact that there would be incoming trouble but the inability to fend off such trouble. He was weak. Despite defeating Ye Zhangfa in only a few moves, he could never be sure that he could defeat other Level 3 fighter. What would he do if a Level 4 fighter or ability user decided to challenge him? All his strength was borrowed from the equipment. Others could not see it, but he knew that he cannot compare himself with other true fighters.

    Even though he had already received a warning from Han Tianyu, he still played into the hands of the others. It could not be avoided. Jiang Fei was just an average boy, born and raised like anyone else in the world. Bai Zongwei, Ye Zhangfa, and even the girls were raised in an environment to train their instincts as well as their combat abilities. Yang Po might think that Jiang Fei was a cunning man but in reality, he was just a normal boy who just happened to be strong.

    Compared to Bai Zongwei, Jiang Fei was just at the level of playing tic tac toe whereas Bai Zongwei would be as good in strategy as the grandmaster of chess. Ye Zhangfa might be the same as him. Jiang Fei understood his weakness. However, to sharpen his intellect in such a short time would be impossible. By the time he was smart and intuitive, he would be as old as the old farts.

    Strength and skills could be sharpened at any time and day but the ability to plan and scheme takes experiences. Half of it would be talent and the other half came from wisdom from experience. It would take a lifetime to improve his ability to plan strategy.

    "What am I supposed to do in this situation?!" cried Jiang Fei from the top of his lung as he muffled his voice with his head pillow. He had always been a shut-in. Whenever he encountered a problem that could not be solved, his first instinct was to run and hide. In this case, he would not want to ever meet the two boys in his school. Hence, he decided to not go to school until he felt like it.

    After having all sort of negative thoughts for the entire evening and night, Jiang Fei decided to call it an early day. He lay in his bed and slept. When the clock struck ten, the ring automatically transferred his conscience into the game.

    When he was in the gaming world, Jiang Fei's mind was freed. There were more things to worry about in the game than in real life.

    "What shall we do today?" wondered Jiang Fei. Ever since he had reached Level 60, there were not many places that Jiang Fei could visit. In fact, all the maps that had been discovered could not provide much experience points to Jiang Fei.

    "Oh right! The Title Challenge Quest! Bella, let's go and check out the hydra!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Sure! Coincidently, I want to try out my new skills!" said Isabella with a warm smile. Jiang Fei had reached Level 60, hence, she had gained new skills as well as a boost in the overall attributes.

    With the directions given by the quest system, Jiang Fei flew with the Skygliding Dragon. He started off from the east gate of Dawnlight City and continued east, all the way until he reached the seaside.

    "Hmm... Where's the hydra?"

    Jiang Fei had reached the supposed location of the boss but there was nothing but crystal clear waters and bare empty beach.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Let's go down and explore the place," said Isabella.

    "Good idea."

    As Jiang Fei descended slowly to the beach, he saw a large flat stone platform with an altar built on it.

    "Could this be related to the hydra?"

    Jiang Fei unsummoned the dragon and walked closer to the mysterious ultra.

    "Ding! Required Materials to use the Summoning Altar: Fresh Innards of the High King Turtle!"

    "I-I-Innards?" Jiang Fei cringed a little.

    "Glider! See that!" said Isabella as she pointed to the other side of the beach.

    "Oh my god!" cried Jiang Fei as he saw what Isabella was pointing at. It was a mountain-sized sea turtle that was slowly moving toward the shore.

    The turtle that was crawling on its belly was at least five meters tall with the body length that extended up to twenty meters or so. It was the largest turtle that Jiang Fei had ever seen.

    High King Turtle (Beast, Lord)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 18,000,000

    Attack Power: 100

    Skills: Shell Defense, Turtle Spirit Protection, Inner Beast, Health Rejuvenation

    Shell Defense: Immensely increases Physical and Magical Defense. Lasts one minute.

    Turtle Spirit Protection: Grants a damage absorbing shield that would restore 2% of the user's health every time an attack is received.

    Inner Beast: Grants a powerful health regeneration ability.

    Health Rejuvenation: Shrinks into the shell and rapidly restores the user's health. Can only be triggered when an attack is received. Triggers once every one minute.

    Note: The High King Turtle is a gentle herbivore that would not harm other beings. In exchange for attack power, the High King Turtle had gained a powerful Defense ability as well as health regeneration power. Almost no being in the world could subjugate the High King Turtle.

    "Right... That thing is unbeatable..." said Jiang Fei after he recognized that the High King Turtle's skills were definitely game-breaking. It was obvious that to summon the Hydra, one must obtain the innards of the High King Turtle. However, how was it possible to slaughter the turtle when it was practically unkillable.

    The Title Challenge Quest was a solo quest. No one could help him at this point. It was impossible for him alone to defeat such a meaty boss with ultra-strong defense and regeneration ability.

    "This is not right. There must be a way around it. The developers would never design a quest that cannot be completed! It is obvious that the boss could not be killed. There has to be another way!" said Jiang Fei as he understood something had to be done.

    "Bella, let's go around it," said Jiang Fei. He summoned the Skygliding Dragon again and scouted the area of the beach.

    The beach was empty. There was literally nothing but sand and seaweed that was growing in the sea. The seaweed that was growing in sea grew from the shore and all the way up to the end of the lagoon. It was so abundantly available that it was enough to feed the turtle until its death.

    Since there was nothing around that could kill the turtle, it was living there happily. Every time the turtle lowered its humongous neck to gnaw on the seaweed, an empty spot would appear in the sea.

    "Interesting..." commented Jiang Fei as he saw how the turtle ate. The High King Turtle may be abnormally large but it did not have teeth. After scooping the seaweed, it did not chew but swallowed it directly.

    "The High King Turtle has an impenetrable defense on the outside. I'm pretty sure that the insides would be just as weak! On the other hand, the quest did not specify how I should obtain the innards! That means I don't have to kill the turtle!"

    "What are you planning to do?" asked Isabella.

    "Something risky. Here me out."

    Jiang Fei explained his plans to enter the turtle's body via the mouth since it did not chew when it ate. There was only one flaw in his plan, that was the possibility of being killed by the turtle's digestive acid.

    "I'll follow you wherever you go," said Isabella.

    "Alright. High risk, high reward. Let's give it a go!" said Jiang Fei as he made up his mind to be eaten by the turtle. What was there to lose besides dying one time?

    Once Jiang Fei decided to do it, he would do it. That was his motto. He snuck up on the turtle slowly from its blind spot and swam into the bed of seaweed.
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