457 Powerful Nine-Headed Hydra

    The High King Turtle was eating continuously without stopping. After waiting only for a short while, the turtle reached Jiang Fei's position.

    The turtle stomping itself slowly and opened its jaw to scoop up the seaweed and Jiang Fei.


    Both Jiang Fei and Isabella were immediately swallowed once the turtle had them both in its mouth.



    Once Jiang Fei had reached the bottom of the turtle's stomach, he and Isabella took damage.

    "Painful!" cried Jiang Fei. He had never thought that the turtle's stomach acid would cause such high damage.

    Qilin Holy Spirit!

    Jiang Fei unsummoned Isabella and activated the equipment's skill.

    In ten seconds, Jiang Fei had gained Invulnerability. After that, he had Divine Shield which also granted Invulnerability for fifteen seconds. Twenty-five seconds worth of Invulnerability was just enough time for Jiang Fei to get what he needed.

    Inside the turtle's stomach, there was no light. However, Jiang Fei's equipment armor glowed brightly, allowing him to see his surrounding.

    "There's no time to hunt for other innards. Could the stomach wall be considered as an innard?" wondered Jiang Fei. There was no time to think. When he wanted to carve the wall of the stomach, he realized that his hammer was not suited to cutting. He then used Lifesteal Demon form and used his claws to attack the wall.

    "Hiiiyah!" Jiang Fei clawed the stomach wall and made a deep wound.

    "Oh **!"

    Unexpectedly, the deep wound that Jiang Fei had clawed had started to recover at such rapid speed. That was the superior regenerative speed of the High King Turtle!

    "I need to attack faster!"

    Before the wound could close, Jiang Fei attacked as fast as the system allowed. He only needed a small chunk! In a few seconds, the wound started to grow bigger and before the wound closed, a large chunk of meat dropped.

    High King Lord's Stomach (Quest Item, Fine)

    Use: An Ingredient to summon the Nine-Headed Hydra.

    Jiang Fei picked up the chunk of meat and confirmed its properties. It was time to think about how to get out of that place.

    The ten seconds Qilin Holy Spirit Invulnerability effect had already long expired. Jiang Fei was then depending on the Divine Shield to survive.

    "How am I supposed to get out of here?"

    That was a problem. Entering was easy but he had never planned on his exit. He recalled when Sun Wukong was swallowed by the Iron-Fan Princess. All it took Sun Wukong to escape was to hit the stomach from the inside and forcefully made the Iron-Fan Princess vomit him. Unlike the Iron-Fan Princess, the High King Turtle did not seem to be affected even when Jiang Fei had clawed its stomach.

    "Argh. I'll just come back again!"

    In times of desperation, Jiang Fei activated the Abyss Door. The inside of the High King Turtle was considered to be an instance hence, he could not use the Return Town scroll to escape. Lucky for him, he had the Abyssal Door that could ignore all restrictions and get him out of there.

    Back at the Abyss Realm, Jiang Fei quickly summoned Isabella and apologized to her for withdrawing her without even asking. After that, he used the Teleportation Circle and returned to Dawnlight City. It was a long trip but it was better than to be digested by the turtle.

    When Jiang Fei returned to the beach, the High King Turtle was still eating without any care in the world.

    "Heh. Now that's a true glutton," said Jiang Fei. He ignored the turtle since he had obtained what he needed from it.

    With the piece of stomach flesh in his hand, Jiang Fei headed to the altar and placed it on the platform. Red light glowed from the crease on the platform. Engravings that looked like ancient runes appear one by one and formed a complex magic circle on the entire platform.

    No sooner, the red light glowed brighter and formed pillars of light rays that shot to the sky. A cloud of red mist burst from the altar. The High King Turtle noticed the light pillar and quickly made its way to the sea as if it was afraid. It disappeared into the sea as a huge wave came crashing into the beach.

    "Could the Hydra be the mortal enemy of the High King Turtle?" wondered Jiang Fei. There was no real logic behind the summoning ingredient.

    In no time at all, the light pillar began to disappear and a powerful pulse of energy burst from the center of the altar.

    "What is going on..."

    When the light and mist disappeared, there was nothing on the altar. The only visible change on the altar was that the flesh of the High King Turtle's Stomach was gone.

    "Huh?!" Jiang Fei noted something was going on in the sea. A huge shadowy figure was making its way toward the shore.


    The huge head of a snake burst out from the waters. The second, the third came next and after that, the Nine-Headed Hydra had emerged fully from the sea.

    "Oh man... Why is everything must be so huge..."

    The Nine-Headed Hydra was almost just as huge as the High King Turtle.

    Nine-Headed Hydra (Beast, Intermediate Lord)

    Level: 65

    Health Points: 9,000,000Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Magic Attack: 15,000

    Skills: All Elemental Spells.

    Note: Each Head of the Nine-Headed Hydra is independent. Each head is considered as one enemy.


    Jiang Fei was stunned at the description of the boss. It was not a boss. It was nine bosses sharing one health bar!

    Being independent meant that the Nine-Headed Hydra was able to full maximized its attack power. If all of the heads attacked simultaneously, it would be nine times the attack power. Even though the boss was only Level 65. It was possible that even a Level 70 boss could not defeat the Hydra.

    "How is this a solo quest...?" wondered Jiang Fei.

    It had been established that the Title Challenge Quest was not considered as an important quest. Even though it could only be issued to players at and above Level 60, they could choose to complete the quest at a higher level. However, most of the players would never complete the quest and forever be an adventurer. Even the elite players would most likely be taking on the Title Challenge Quest when they hit Level 70 or even Level 80. Jiang Fei was different. If it was another player, it would be close to impossible to complete the quest.

    "I think we should try," Isabella said suddenly.

    "Are you sure?" asked Jiang Fei. He did not have much confidence in himself, must less in Isabella.

    "When you reached Level 60, I have unlocked four more skills. I wish to test them out," said Isabella confidently.

    "Alright. Since you're confident enough, I'll support you!" said Jiang Fei. He was surprised to see that Isabella was insisting on fighting. But then again, she was once a Level 99, at the peak of an Overlord tier boss. Even though she was completely weakened when she became his pet, she had already reached Level 60. It was possible that Isabella had regained more than half of her true capabilities.
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