462 Same Old Tactic

    "O Great god of the sea! Please save me! It is them who had killed your followers!" cried the pirate leader once the alluring 'goddess' had shown herself. Jiang Fei felt pity and awkward when he saw the pirate leader bowing incessantly.

    "Hmph. You have committed the gravest of crime yet- W-What-What are you?!"

    Just as the 'goddess' was delivering her speech of justice, she stopped suddenly and took a few steps back. It was involuntary as it was triggered by intense fear.

    "Huh?" Jiang Fei turned around only to see Isabella behaving unnaturally.

    The girl was staring straight at the "goddess" with eyes that were glittering like a puppy. Her mouth was half-opened as saliva leaked.

    "What now... Hello? Earth to Isabella? Are you being controlled by the sea monster?"

    Jiang Fei was dumbstruck. he had no idea that things could turn out this way. However, little did he know that he was about to hear the dumbest thing anyone could say in that situation.

    "Verdure Glider... I'm soo hungry..." said Isabella softly but clearly.

    "HUNGRY!? Didn't you just eat a large serving of Hydra earlier?!"

    Jiang Fei cringed so hard that he could smack her head hard. It was obvious that she was a glutton. After having tasted the Hydra, she had developed a taste for seafood.

    "Ehh... Could this sea monster be one of the staple food for dragons?" wondered Jiang Fei. The more he observed the frightened 'goddess', the more he was sure that the 'goddess' was prey to dragons.

    Like the Hydra, Sirens were also considered to be an exotic food for Draconians. It was pure instinct, like meat to dogs, and fish to cats. With dragon blood flowing in her veins, Isabella gave in to her cravings and started to behave like a wild dragon.

    To be fair, the Siren had it worse. It all started when she was trapped on the island to guard the treasure. As time passed, she got bored and decided to attract sailors and pirates to keep her company. Today, when the Siren was having her yearly nap, she heard the cries and prayers of the pirates. Knowing that her followers were in trouble, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase her powers. Little did she know that she would be facing a Demon Dragon.

    The dragon aura that Isabella was emitting was so potent that the Siren was immediately frightened to the core. Even though Jiang Fei and Isabella were only Level 60 and the Siren was Level 65, the instinct of being the prey to a predator kicked in.

    'What is going on?! What is going on?! I don't want to die! I don't want to be eaten!' the Siren screamed in her heart.

    "What should I do?! What should I do?! My dragon form is still in cooldown! But I really want to eat that sea monster!" cried Isabella to Jiang Fei.

    "Oh lord... Just where is this quest going to..." asked Jiang Fei as he facepalmed himself. He turned to look at the sea monster who was slowly retreating and Isabella, who was still drooling like a hungry dog. Just what is this Title Challenge Quest developing into?

    If any other player stepped into this quest, this should be the point where the player would fight and defeat the Siren and obtain the treasure that the Siren was guarding. However, since Jiang Fei was different. With Isabella with him, the entire thing was turned around. Without even fighting, the Siren had already given up.

    Seeing that the Siren was slowly creeping away and Isabella was creeping forward, Jiang Fei wondered who was the bad guy again. The expression on Isabella's face was just like those of a perverted uncle who was cornering a child. Seemed that the genes of the dragon were indiscriminate when it came to feeding. A cute little girl like Isabella could turn into a glutton when the dragon's favorite dish was in front of her.

    "Adventurer! O, respected adventurer! Please save me!" cried the Siren.


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    Both Jiang Fei and the pirate's jaws dropped.

    The Siren had already reached her limit. There was no way she could escape from Isabella. Helpless, she resorted to Jiang Fei in desperation.

    The leader pirate looked extremely confused. It took a while for him to understand the situation. He had thought that by calling the god of the sea for help, the two adventurers would be killed. Not only did the sea god back down from the fight, she even begged the killer for mercy!

    "Bella, wait a second there!" said Jiang Fei as he pulled Isabella. The 'goddess' was supposed to be the last boss of the island. If anyone knew about the treasure, it would be here.

    "B-But I'm hungry! Please let me have one bite! Just one bite! I'll settle for an arm or a leg!" cried Isabella as she begged Jiang Fei.

    "Adventurer! Please, I beg you! Please let me go! I'll even give you my treasures!" cried the Siren when she heard that Isabella was desperately trying to eat her. Rumor had it that adventurers were greedy in nature. If she could offer her treasures, the adventurer might spare her life!

    "Hmm? Treasures you say?" said Jiang Fei as his eyes glinted with greed. The best way to get the most out of an NPC with higher artificial intelligence was to extort them via the old trick!

    "O great one. I have here a powerful armor which you could use! Please! Take this!" cried the Siren as she miraculously pulled out a golden chest out of thin air.

    Jiang Fei opened the chest and a golden light shone.

    Wave Force Battle Armor (Plate Armor, Legendary)

    Physical Defense +1120

    Magical Defense +1135

    Strength: +70

    Vitality: +80

    Equip: Grants an additional 20% Water damage to your attacks.

    Equip: Grants the skill, Wave Barrier. Creates a water barrier that absorbs damage. Lasts for thirty seconds. One minute cooldown time.

    Level Requirement: 60

    Note: Wave Barrier's damage absorption is proportional to your Vitality.

    "Hmm. Not bad," said Jiang Fei. The armor was good but even so, it was still a single piece of armor. Jiang Fei would not trade out his entire Lightbringer equipment set for just one piece of armor.

    "Great one...?"

    The Siren was desperate. She saw when Jiang Fei accepted the treasure, he was not satisfied with it.

    "An armor for a life? Now that's not a fair trade..." said Jiang Fei as he winked at the Siren.
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