463 Heart of the Sea

    "Mercy! Great one! I have this for you!" cried the Siren as she quickly took out one more chest. She was horrified at the thought that Jiang Fei would incapacitate her and serve her as a dish to the salivating draconian girl.

    "Alright, I'll see what you have to offer," said Jiang Fei. While maintaining a dissatisfied expression, he took the chest and opened it.

    Heart of the Sea (Shield, Legendary)

    Physical Defense +2,250

    Magical Defense +2,250

    Strength: +100

    Vitality: +100Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    Equip: Reduces all damage by 20%.

    Equip: When a physical attack is received, 30% chance to reflect 1,000 damage and lowers attack and movement speed by 20% for five seconds.

    Equip: Grants the skill, Tsunami. Summons a giant wave to all targets within ten meters in front of you. Deals Water Damage of 3,000 + 50% attack power. Slightly knocks back the targets. One minute cooldown time.

    Level Requirement: 60

    Note: Knockback effect of Tsunami is ineffective against larger targets.

    'Finally! A shield!' thought Jiang Fei. He was so happy to finally obtain a shield. It had been so long since he obtained one. The Demon Aegis in his hands had been a good shield to him but it was a Level 20 shield. He would have already long discarded the shield if he had not encountered a better one.

    Without saying anything, Jiang Fei took the shield and immediately swapped it out. The attribute boost from swapping out a Level 20 shield with a Level 60 shield was significant.

    With the Heart of the Sea equipped, Jiang Fei's health points was boosted to reach over 72,000. His Physical Defense was over 9,000. With Isabella's Spirit Flame in effect, Jiang Fei's Defense would reach as high as 10,000! Additionally, Jiang Fei's total Strength points were boosted significantly, making his attack points 6,700. Although his damage was nothing to be impressed amongst Level 60 players, there were no Level 60 players to begin with. Jiang Fei was the only one who had reached that threshold. The average levels of all the players, excluding Jiang Fei, was only over Level 40. Having such an attack would be cheating! With Ruthless Barrage stacked, Jiang Fei's attack would reach over 20,000. That sort of attack power could easily kill a god!

    Now that Jiang Fei was finally satisfied with his overall boost, Jiang Fei came up to the begging Siren and smiled.

    Isabella might have frightened the Siren to her core but that was all she could do for now. Her dragon morph skill had been used during the fight with the Hydra. To fight the Siren as well as the Level 65 pirate leader would not be easy. Although they would not lose easily, they would not win the fight easily as well.

    However, with the Heart of the Sea equipped, Jiang Fei had the confidence to face off those two easily. His current Defense was so strong that he did not have to use any one of his two morphing skills. Isabella only needed to fight normally and the bosses would be killed off without much of a fight.

    Naturally, the Siren did not know about Jiang Fei's godly power. If she wanted to, she could run away and be done with it. However, she had made the lethal mistake of begging for her life instead of fleeing. The poor Siren would break down and cry if she knew that Jiang Fei could easily take her out.

    "O great one, would you please spare my life?" cried the Siren. The poor Siren was so scared of Isabella that she almost pissed in her pants. There was nothing left for her to offer.

    "Hmm... Hehehehe..." Jiang Fei laughed sinisterly as he planned on what to do with the Siren.

    The Siren had mistakenly interpreted Jiang Fei's sinister laughter completely. She thought that he was eyeing her beauty... and frankly... bootylicious body.

    "Wait! Please! This is but a mere illusion spell I had cast on myself. This is not my true appearance!" cried the Siren. At that moment, she dispelled the skill and revealed her true form.

    "OH !@#$%^!@_@!" cried Jiang Fei as he himself nearly pissed himself.

    The beautiful girl morphed out into a larger beast with the tusk of a sea lion, the face of a deformed elephant, and the body of a crumpled squid.

    "Ohhh my... She looks so delicious!" cried Isabella as he tugged Jiang Fei hands.

    Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. How could Isabella be so agitated when that thing just turned into something so hideous!


    When the monster saw how Isabella reacted to her true form, the Siren flinched. Obviously, there was no running away from the dragon. Even though she managed to startle the adventurer, she had only made it worse since the draconian had only gotten more hungry.

    "What is going on?" asked the pirate. That goddess that he had been worshipping had just turned into a hideous monster right in front of his eyes. When he heard the 'goddess' pleading for her life in front of the adventurer, he was convinced that they might be someone of a higher power. However, when the pirate leader saw what had transpired right in front of his own two eyes, he could not take it anymore and accepted that he had been cheated.

    "You tricked me!" the pirate roared. The feeling of despair was completely masked over by the rage he felt when he had realized that his underlings and he had been tricked into worshiping a false god.

    "Ah... hah..." The Siren grunted awkwardly as she had realized that pirate was still there. All cards had been shown and there was nothing more to hide. However, the worst part was the fact that the drooling draconian was still aiming to eat her.

    Concurrently, Jiang Fei who was still holding Isabella back could not continue holding her anymore.

    "What is wrong with you! Tsk! Why is the dragon genes acting out only now?!" cried Jiang Fei as he struggled to hold down Isabella.

    "Monster! Trickster! I'll kill you!" cried the raging pirate. The mad man had finally drawn out his sword and charged at the Siren, attacking her.

    "Urgh. I don't care whatever happens now!" said Jiang Fei as he let Isabella go free. In a split second, she charged at the Siren and started to claw at her.

    "I'd only needed one to survive. The monsters could die for all I care," said Jiang Fei to himself as he decided to join the fight.

    Being a Level 65 Lord-tier boss, the Siren was supposed to be strong. However, Isabella was on a hunger rampage. It was best to let her go amok on her own. Jiang Fei was fine on his own as his Defense was strong. With the help of the mad pirate, the Siren was killed in no time.
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