465 Targeted

    After he was done talking to Han Tianyu, the twins arrived in less than thirty minutes later.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, are you trying to avoid us?" asked Yang Qing as soon as she entered the training room where Jiang Fei was in.

    Her angry face, as well as Yang Qing's crossing her arms, made Jiang Fei feel very awkward.

    "Well... technically..."

    She hit the bullseye. Jiang Fei was indeed trying his best to avoid the twins. Of course, he would not tell them that.

    "Qing, I think brother Jiang Fei had only forgotten to tell us about his lifestyle," said Yang Po. She was much smarter than Yang Qing. She understood Jiang Fei's position and pulled him out of the trouble. However, there was something in her eyes when she shot a cold stare at Jiang Fei. Forgetting once was fine, forgetting twice meant it was intentional.

    "Well... see... I'm not the kind of person who goes to school on a daily basis. I would only go to school when I hear that you guys are coming. It never crossed my mind that this had to be informed."

    Jiang Fei tried to maintain expressionless as he gave his excuse, hoping that the girls would buy into that.

    "Hah! I see! well, guess there's nothing to worry about! To think that you would purposely come to school just to see us! That makes me very happy!" cried Yang Qing gleefully as she jumped to Jiang Fei and gave him a hug.

    "Urgh... Right! I completely forgot about my problems! I needed your help!" said Jiang Fei as he immediately freed himself from Yang Qing's death grip. He ran toward the corner of the room and showed them the books.

    "Hmm? These are the books from before! These are easy skills. Brother Jiang Fei, you're a Level 4 fighter, no? How could you not know how to learn these?" asked Yang Qing.

    "Brother Jiang Fei. These books are all Level 2 mastery skills. Didn't your master teach you anything of this sort? I mean, these are basic skills that one is required to learn before you could be accepted by a master!" said Yang Po as she took the book and read it.

    "Well... My master is different from the rest. Sometimes even I could not understand what he is saying. The way he taught me his techniques were... different than how you learned," said Jiang Fei as he tried to come up with an excuse.

    "Ahh! That happens," said Yang Po as she immediately understood. The way she spoke seemed experienced. She must have met with other masters who taught martial arts differently than the others.

    Jiang Fei's excuse was not really solid. However, no one really knew a Level 5 master. Nor did they made themselves public. Jiang Fei himself had proved that his fighting style was lethal. The twins had seen just how powerful he was. Hence, even though Jiang Fei's excuse was not really convincing, the two did not really suspect Jiang Fei. Perhaps the Level 5 master had devised a special training method for Jiang Fei, making him strong in such a short time but unable to master even the basics of martial arts.

    "Okie dokey! Brother Jiang Fei, feel free to ask me anything that you don't understand! I'll help you!" said Yang Qing with a bright smile. Yang Po nodded quietly. They had their own schemes. Another opportunity had arrived for the girls to build a good relationship with Jiang Fei. Teaching him would only be beneficial to them as well as the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    With the sisters helping him out, Jiang Fei had found it much easier to learn the four martial skills. There were so many problems that he had quickly solved by the sisters. Jiang Fei himself had a good body and fighting capability. Since the four martial skills were not too hard, Jiang Fei had fully mastered the ways of the Thunder Palm. He had also gained a better understanding of the remaining three martial skills.

    For three days straight, Jiang Fei had been camping in the training room. Yang Po and Yang Qing were always stuck to him. Whenever there was a problem or a flaw in his arts, the girls would step in to help.

    To be honest, Jiang Fei felt a little happy as well as a tiny bit of annoyed with the girls being with him. While Jiang Fei was torn between his emotions, others were not having a good time. First off, Ye Zhangfa was pissed. After having eaten the pills from Jiang Fei and had completely recovered, Ye Zhangfa felt ashamed to the core. Since he was young, Ye Zhangfa was never beaten, never scolded, never rejected, and never having to hear the word "no".

    After the fight with Jiang Fei, Ye Zhangfa had developed an intense hatred toward Jiang Fei. He skipped school the next day and went back to Soaring Cloud Sect. There, he started plotting his revenge on Jiang Fei.

    Bai Zongwei was not having his time as well. The next day after the incident, he thought that the girls, as well as Jiang Fei would attend class. Little did he know that Jiang Fei did not attend school. Yang Po and Yang Qing were there and to Bao Zongwei, it was a rare chance to catch up with Yang Po. However, right after the first period, the girls disappeared like the wind and never returned to class. On the next day, Bai Zongwei returned to school, only to see Jiang Fei still missing, the girls were also absent. Hence, without the three whom Bai Zongwei wanted to meet, he left school.

    Not knowing where did Jiang Fei, Yang Po, and Yang Qing go, Bai Zongwei went to Han Tianyu, thinking that being the closest to Jiang Fei, he should know where Jiang Fei was. However, when Yang Po and Yang Qing had gone all the way to Hidden Dragon Village to question Jiang Fei's location, he quickly left the place and went to the Third Military Company in Africa. Han Tianyu might be a tiny ant in amongst the giants of the other martial artists, he was considered a giant himself in the world of the normal human. Now that Han Tianyu was missing as well, Bai Zongwei had no moves left.

    Jiang Fei had made it clear to Yang Po and Yang Qing that he would not want his parents to be dragged into the matters of the other society. This information was relayed to the other members of the China Martial Artist Alliance. Even though everyone had their own plans, no one would want to cross Jiang Fei. Hence, Bai Zongwei would not visit Jiang Fei's house and bother his parents.


    One week later, Jiang Fei had been practicing his martial skills in Manda Square's training room as well as playing Dawn Break. In the game, he would carry a few of the guild's core members in dungeon raids. Occasionally, he would visit Billy Boy in the Battlefield and fight other players in the PvP map. There was nothing much that he could do then since his level surpassed the average player's level. When it was day time, Jiang Fei would practice his martial skills with the guidance of Yang Po and Yang Qing. In a short span of a week, he had mastered the basic of all four martial skills.

    Just as he thought that it was peaceful and bliss, trouble came knocking on his door.

    One fine day, Jiang Fei was dragged by Yang Po and Yang Qing to do some shopping in the city. Even though he hesitated to go, the girls had been with him for more than ten days. Without them guiding him, Jiang Fei would never be able to learn the martial skills that fast. Hence, Jiang Fei agreed to go with them as a way of expressing his thanks.

    When he got ready and was prepared to leave Manda Square, 0541 proximity alert blared loudly.

    "Alert! Suspicious being approaching! Be advised. There are seven Metahumans coming from different directions. Scan indicates that there are two Level 4 Martial Artists, four Level 3 Martial Artists, and one Level 4 Vampire!"
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