468 Going to Japan

    "Hm. Very well," said Phoenix as she wavered a little when she heard Jiang Fei's odd request. To her, those people were nothing but ants. Killing them was nothing to her. However, what mattered the most was that Jiang Fei did not ask for mercy.

    Just as Phoenix had given her answer, the six enemies who were pressed to the ground cracked, literally. There was no blood. A sudden force just came in and broke something in their bodies, instantly killing them.

    "It is done. The flies are dealt with."

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei was stunned. He turned to Ye Zhangfa and his men and found that they were indeed "dealt" with. They stopped moving just after the cracking sound.

    "What power..." said Jiang Fei to himself. That was the power of a Level 5. The kind that was beyond human understanding. The difference between Level 4 and Level 5 was simply too much.

    Level 4 Metahuman was still considered to be in the realm of humans. Level 5 Metahumans, on the other hand, was not something you could compare with a human. That sort of power was so godly that no matter how many Level 4 Metahumans were sent to stop a Level 5, all of them would be killed with a single snap.

    Humans have long believed in the existence of gods and deities. In ancient times, Level 5 Omega level beings would be treated like gods!

    "Captain, it is advised to store the corpses as soon as possible," said 0541.

    "Right... I almost forgot."

    Jiang Fei did not bother to hide the conversation between 0541 and him. Her powers extended so far that she could hear the telepathy conversation in Jiang Fei's mind.

    After storing away the three Level 4 fighter's corpses, Jiang Fei had to dispose of the rest of the bodies. Jiang Fei struck the ground hard with Penetrating Qi Strike and created a massive hole in the ground. He then buried the bodies there and covered it up.

    While Jiang Fei was busy pushing the dirt back into the hole he made, Phoenix stared at Jiang Fei curiously. She did not understand why he needed the bodies of the Level 4 Metahumans and neither did she understand why he bothered burying the bodies. Even so, she remained quiet the entire time.

    Once the hole was covered, Jiang Fei turned to Phoenix and asked, "So? What do you need my help for?"

    "Do you remember what I'd told you the last time we met? Now, I'm going back to find some old acquaintances," said Phoenix.

    "Oh," Jiang Fei replied with a simple nod. He understood what Phoenix was up to.

    "So... What role do I play here?"

    "Technically, I need the help of that... person who was talking to you telepathically. I understand that he has the ability to scan living organisms," said Phoenix.

    In the previous encounter, 0541 was able to detect her presence when she was killing the Japanese crew in the laboratory. When 0541 was warning Jiang Fei about her existence, their conversation was intercepted by Phoenix. That was how she knew about 0541's scanning ability.

    "So, you want us to help you search for those Japanese?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Yes. Worry not. This favor would not be left unpaid," said Phoenix. After modification, Phoenix's emotion was practically removed. Right now, Phoenix dealt with logic and absolute. An eye for an eye with no emotion attached. Or so Jiang Fei thought...

    "I understand. That being said, we are still going to the Japanese's base?" Jiang Fei asked hesitantly. The enmity between the China Martial Artist Alliance and the Japanese Metahuman was bad. If he stepped into the enemy's territory, there would be trouble.

    "Do not worry, you will be safe. You have my word," assured Phoenix.

    "There is something that you could use there as well," she added.

    "Something that I need?" Jiang Fei cocked his head. What was there that Jiang Fei possibly need?

    As I recalled, you took away the Bio-Experimental Laboratory. The one that the Locksters had been safeguarding was also stolen by you. Hence, I assume that there would be other alien technology that you might be interested in."

    "That's..." Jiang Fei was surprised. His flawless thievery was found out by Phoenix.

    It was hard to believe but it was possible that Phoenix knew about him through complex yet obvious deduction. When Jiang Fei took away the Bio-Experimental Laboratory, he did it in front of Phoenix. Hence, she understood Jiang Fei's ability to instantly make large objects disappear. On the other hand, when Jiang Fei stole the first ship fragment, Jenny was present. With her memories intact, Phoenix pieced that information together and reached that conclusion.

    "You have no reason to worry. The Jenny that you know is now gone. I have no relationship with the Brotherhood as well as the Locksters. I also do not have any interest in your ship fragments or exposing your secrets. This, I can assure you. Help me search for the Japanese and I will help you get your ship fragment. Do you accept this deal?" asked Phoenix.

    "Ve-Very well," said Jiang Fei. She had thoroughly understood what Jiang Fei had done and was capable of doing. There was no use playing dumb any longer.

    Having Phoenix as his partner in crime, Jiang Fei had no worries about his safety. She was merely hunting the Japanese for her own revenge. Technically speaking, there was no drawback if Jiang Fei joined her. It was a win-win situation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Shall we proceed then?" asked Phoenix.

    She waved her hand in the air and Jiang Fei was immediately frozen in place.

    "Do not be afraid. I am holding you in one piece since my method of traveling will rip you to shreds," said Phoenix monotonously.

    "Alright. I'll be in your care," said Jiang Fei. Even if Jiang Fei was against it, there was no way he could say no to the Level 5 Omega being.

    "Please hold for a while."

    As soon as Phoenix said that, Jiang Fei could see trails of light slip by him as though he was slipping through a sea of light particles. In a split second, the light particle stopped and Jiang Fei could see what seemed to be a mountain.

    "We have arrived," announced Phoenix.

    "Arrived? In Japan?!" cried Jiang Fei as soon as he could move again.

    "That is correct," said Phoenix with a simple nod. Jenny's ability was instant teleportation and now that "she" had gained Level 5 powers, Instant Teleporting was as simple as a thought away. Taking someone with her was an easy feat.

    "Please start your search," said Phoenix.

    "Alright, 0541, if you would?" said Jiang Fei without wasting any more time.
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