470 Armor Factory

    Jiang Fei was genuinely surprised at the speed of development of the Japanese. Even so, they were nothing but insects to Phoenix.


    With a powerful lightning bolt, the entire room went silent. Hundreds of Bio-Human, as well as the eastern fighters, were reduced to dust. Even the Level 4 Bio-Human were not spared. He was instantly killed before he could even take a single step!

    "The enemies are too strong! Evacuate! All personnel evacuate the building! Self-destruct sequence initiated!"

    "All personnel, abandon building!"


    A few of the other normal humans in the surveillance room were able to witness the power of Phoenix eliminating all the soldiers who were sent to stop her. When they deduced that the enemies were too strong to stopped, the first thing that protocol required them to do was to initiate self-destruct to protect their secrets.

    Alarms were blaring non-stop. Many of the Japanese fighters were constantly coming in from all directions to attack Phoenix but all of them were instantly turned into dust. The other researchers and scientist were all escaping.

    "Multiple personnel are leaving the building," 0541 reported.

    "Hmph! I will not let a single of one of them to escape! Tell me their positions!" cried Phoenix as her eyes glowed with intense hatred.

    "0541, relay the location directly to Phoenix!" said Jiang Fei.

    As such, with 0541 constant reports, Phoenix and Jiang Fei teleported constantly to chase and kill all the personnel that were escaping. How could one escape a hunter that could teleport instantly? Phoenix's method of killing was merciless and instantaneous. In the one second she teleported, she would have eliminated every single human that was within her sight. In less than three minutes, all personnel that were inside the building were killed.

    "420 seconds before destruction!" said 0541. The countdown timer had not even managed to tick halfway when Phoenix had already killed everyone in the building.

    "Where is the second facility?" asked Phoenix as she dusted off some debris from her clothe.

    "Twenty-three kilometers away from 1100 direction of our current position. 2,500 meters underground."

    "Thank you," said Phoenix before Jiang Fei and she teleported away.

    The second facility was more secretive than the first one. It was larger and more tightly secured than the previous one. What happened in the second facility was the same as the first one. 0541 scanned the entire building and relayed their positions to Phoenix.

    "Is there a ship fragment here?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Negative. Perhaps it is in the last facility," said 0541.

    "Where is the last facility?" asked Phoenix emotionlessly. When the second facility was emptied of life, the self-destruct countdown timer was still ticking in the first facility. That was how fast Phoenix's speed at killing was.

    "The last facility is located 3,000 meters underground, 0900 direction, fifty kilometers," said 0541.

    Just as Phoenix and Jiang Fei arrived in the third facility, 0541 said, "Odd."

    "What is wrong? Is the ship fragment not here?" asked Jiang Fei, worriedly.

    "No. I have detected the ship fragment within this facility but there is only a handful of personnel. They are powerless normal humans. Not a single powerful being is detected in this facility!" said 0541.

    "That's weird. This place is more secure and larger than the previous two facilities. How could there not be any powerful being here?" wondered Jiang Fei.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Hmm. Those humans are rather cunning as well..." said Phoenix as she understood what was happening here.

    When Phoenix had started attacking, all facility was alerted to their presence. However, before the second facility could take a countermeasure, the first facility had already been trashed. Hence, when Phoenix had started to invade the second facility, the people in the third facility had concluded that the enemies were too strong to take a stance. Hence, they ordered everyone important to escape the facility. The rest of the weaker humans were left behind to suffer the wrath of the enemy!

    "No mercy for the likes of you!"

    Phoenix did not, or perhaps, could not display any form of emotion when she massacred all the personnel in the third facility.

    Out of nowhere, a powerful shockwave was felt in the air. The facility trembled a little as the self-destruct program of the first building commenced.

    "Have you found the ship fragment?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Yes captain. It is a small part of the Armor Factory," said 0541.

    "What could it do?"

    "It is a part of the main equipment factory that mainly produces armor. Specifically, the chest part."

    "Oh! Does that mean that I can make one more equipment?" asked Jiang Fei, getting a little excited.

    "Technically sir, you can make a lot more!"

    "Haha! No need for that. I'd only need one! For myself!" said Jiang Fei. Even though 0541 had the ability to mass-produce equipment, it required a lot of energy than producing smaller items such as tools and potions. Even though Jiang Fei had enough energy to last him for some time, it was still best to be conservative.

    To be fair, when Jiang Fei said that he would only make equipment for himself, it was only to protect himself from others. He could not let anyone else in the world know about 0541 or the magical equipment that he was wearing. Once the secret was out, Jiang Fei's fake strength would be revealed! Or worse, if anyone knew that he could produce such cheat armor in the real world, the China Martial Artist would surely resort to some dirty tactics to extort Jiang Fei to produce the armor for them! That was why Jiang Fei would never let anyone know about him being able to produce armor.

    After a minute or so, Phoenix cleared the entire building. With 0541 leading the way, Phoenix and Jiang Fei proceeded toward the Armor Factory.
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