473 Faction Area

    "Doo doo... Sorry, the mobile phone you have called has been switched off..."

    Unfortunately, Jiang Fei's plan was not successful. Han Tianyu's phone had been switched off and Jiang Fei was not able to contact him.

    Han Tianyu had no other choice. He could not afford to offend the Yang sisters, Bai Zongwei, or even the stupid Ye Zhangfa. Hence, at this time, he could only hide so as not to create more trouble for Jiang Fei. He went to Africa and did not even dare to bring his phone with him as he was afraid that these people would be able to find him.

    This way, Bai Zongwei, and the others would not be able to find Han Tianyu, but at the same time, Jiang Fei would not be able to ask him for help either.

    "Damn! What do I do now?" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. He was originally a shut-in. As he had obtained strength from the mysterious ring, if he were to get into a fight, he would be able to hold his own. However, he was not good at going against the sisters!

    Lying on his bed, Jiang Fei could still faintly hear the laughter of his mother and the Yang sisters. It seemed like his mother had been completely enraptured by them. Now, should he have a falling out with the Yang sisters and forcibly drove them out of the house, his mother would definitely stand on their side...

    Jiang Fei logged on to the game that night, but he still had not come up with any good ideas.

    Upon entering the game, Jiang Fei instantly felt better when he saw Isabella greeting him with a beautiful smile. Although there were many cute girls around him, Jiang Fei could only put his guard down when he was with Isabella in the game, or with Si Tuying, the girl who always liked to attack him by surprise in real life.

    "Did something happen in your world?" Isabella asked.

    "Nah, it has all been solved." Jiang Fei knew that Isabella was asking why he did not go online yesterday. After all, if he did not go online, Isabella, who was a pet, had to sit in the Pet Space's small black room the whole day.

    "Mmm. Unfortunately, I can't go to your world and help you..." Isabella looked a little crestfallen.

    "Hoho..." Jiang Fei smiled and did not continue with the topic as he did not know how to answer.

    On many occasions, Jiang Fei had wanted to ask 0541 about this. Since 0541 could bring equipment and Potions into real life through various ways, could it also do the same to Isabella? However, in the end, Jiang Fei never did bring it up.

    This was because he was afraid that 0541 would give him a confirmed answer. If he could really bring Isabella into the real world, how was he supposed to face her?

    In the real world, the Yang sisters were already causing Jiang Fei enough trouble. If Isabella added on to this trouble, Jiang Fei would probably die immediately. In terms of love and relationships, Jiang Fei was just a little nestling. Dealing with all these girls around him was just not within his capabilities at all.

    Looking at the Level Ranking Board, the number one position was still unshakably occupied by Jiang Fei who was Level 60. Seven Stars Warrior who was Level 45 was number two on the ranking, followed by Cold Feather Hee who was also Level 45. Players ranked below them were all Level 44.

    Jiang Fei asked Rosette Rose about the current average level of players in Dawnlight City. He found out that most of the players were already above Level 40. At this point, the Temple of Deities and Demons had become the main place for players to train and level up. Of course, this was limited to the Dungeon's Normal difficulty. Only major guilds could attempt the Elite mode of this Dungeon, as it was a forty-man party Dungeon. Moreover, the only party that could clear the Elite difficulty Dungeon was Empyreal Dragon's elite team as the members were equipped with a huge amount of pets and they were supported by Jiang Fei's detailed strategic guide.

    As for Heroic difficulty, even the elite group of Jiang Fei's guild did not dare to attempt it. This was because the entrance of the Dungeon was already guarded by a group of twenty-eight Vice-Leader bosses. There was no way they could get through!

    "What should I do? Should I go to the battlefield again?" After Jiang Fei logged on to the game, he realized that his Level was too high and he was a little out of touch with the other players.

    At this time, there was still about twenty days before the release of the expansion pack named the War of Celestials and Nephilim. After twenty days, players must choose a side. Moreover, the controlled area of the four main cities would greatly reduce in size. The Security Level of many maps would also reduce and these maps would then become free combat zones.

    Although there was still a period of time before the players would be forced to participate in the War of Celestials and Nephilim, Jiang Fei had already reached Level 60. According to the game's settings, even though the expansion pack had not been released yet, he could already leave the main city area and go to his chosen faction area which was way bigger.

    "Shall we venture out and take a look?" Jiang Fei said to Isabella.

    "I'll listen to you." Isabella was very obedient.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei instantly summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. They got out of Dawnlight City and were headed straight toward a Nephilim camp that had a Teleportation Point.

    When Jiang Fei used the Teleportation Point in the Nephilim King's Palace to come back to Dawnlight City, he would always be teleported here. So, he was familiar with this Nephilim camp.

    "I want to go to the frontline of the war!" Jiang Fei said to the guards who were guarding the Teleportation Point.

    "No problem, Great Explorer!" The guards had no intelligence. Moreover, since Jiang Fei had also fulfilled the level requirement to get to the frontline of the war, the guard directly opened the Teleportation Point and sent Jiang Fei to a new map.

    In the game, the four main cities were basically equivalent to larger versions of the Beginner's Village. They were there so that the players could gradually adapt to the game and familiarize themselves with how the game worked. When the players reached Level 60, they could then leave the main cities and enter the faction areas.

    According to the normal game progress, players could only stay in the main cities until Level 80. They had to leave after that and participate in the War of Celestials and Nephilim. However, because Jiang Fei had killed the Celestial Race Cosmic Dragon, it led to the expansion pack being released in advance. Perhaps players would be forced to participate in the War of Celestials and Nephilim even before they hit Level 50.

    After being transferred to the new map, Jiang Fei discovered that there was an extremely majestic castle with a bold architectural style. The ferocious-looking magical cannons and ballistae on the castle walls shimmered with cold light. The continuous sight of smoke rising outside the castle indicated that this place was not as calm and peaceful as the main city!

    "Hello, Great Explorer! I'm your recruit guide!" When Jiang Fei stepped out of the Teleportation Point, an NPC had already appeared by his side. It seemed like this NPC was here to guide him around this new game mode.

    "What do I need to pay attention to here?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Great Explorer, the biggest difference between fighting in the faction areas and the main cities is that there will be no loss of Experience Points and decrease in Levels when players die, but your unbound equipment will drop out upon death!" The recruit guide said.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded. It seemed like the losses suffered by players upon death had been reduced in these kind of battle zones.

    "Additionally, if you die in the faction areas and lose your equipment, you can go to the quartermaster and obtain a Green quality set equipment for recruits of your Level. This can be done once a day!" The recruit guide continued to introduce the unique aspects of the faction area to Jiang Fei.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.
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