474 Seizing the Opportunity

    In just a short time, Jiang Fei pretty much understood how the faction area worked through the recruiting guide.

    First of all, the faction area map was very large, about ten times the size of all the four main city areas combined. The highest Security Level here was three. Other than the vicinity of the bases of each faction, most areas had a Security Level of zero and were free combat zones.

    In the faction area, as players were at risk of being killed by others at any time and losing their equipment while training, the amount of Experience that monsters gave was very high. Each monster here gave about ten times the Experience Points that a same-leveled monster in the main city areas gave. Moreover, the drop rates of money and equipment had also increased significantly. It could be said that the faction area was a map that had both high risks and high returns!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    In the faction area, there were countless semi-finished fortresses. Players could attack and occupy these fortresses, then build them up. Of course, after players have attacked the fortresses, the system would not provide them with any protection. This meant that other players could attack occupied fortresses at any time. No one-month safe period would be given to players like how it was in the main cities.

    After he obtained a brief understanding of the faction area, Jiang Fei rode the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and flew out of the Dark Faction's giant fortress. Although he had heard a lot about the faction area, Jiang Fei still planned to see it for himself.

    After leaving the giant fortress, Jiang Fei discovered the biggest difference between this area and the main city areas. There were only a few Dark Faction NPC soldiers who were on guard around the giant fortress. Other than that, there were no other NPCs. The map was filled with desolated mountain areas and groups of wild monsters!

    After flying for about two hours, another fortress appeared in Jiang Fei's field of vision. The architectural style of this fortress was completely different from the Dark Faction fortress that Jiang Fei saw previously. This whole fortress was built with white boulders. It looked extremely holy and pure. Moreover, the roofs of the fortress were all golden domes that looked magnificent.

    "This should be the fortress of the Light Faction..." Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

    The Light Faction which was led by the Celestial Race did not prioritize practicability like the Nephilims. They obviously had stricter requirements when it came to aesthetics. However, the fortress's gorgeous architecture did not affect its defense capabilities.

    "Hoho, let's go somewhere else to have a look!" Jiang Fei did not dare to get too close to the fortress of the Light Faction. Although he was not weak, he was not that arrogant. He would not do something like attacking the fortress of the enemy faction all by himself.

    After flying around randomly for a bit, Jiang Fei saw another semi-finished fortress, or at least, the remains of it.

    It was located right in the middle of the giant fortresses of the Light and Dark Factions. Currently, although it was already badly destroyed and one could hardly tell that it was once a fortress by looking at it, the system still deemed it to be a fortress that could be occupied and built.

    Jiang Fei looked at the monsters in the ruins of the fortress. They were all Elite monsters that were above Level 60 and there were about one or two thousand of them. If he went down there alone, he would probably be able to clean the place up in a few hours.

    "Forget it, let's continue looking around!" Jiang Fei shook his head. This fortress was located right in the middle of the Light and Dark Factions. The most heated battle during the war would definitely take place here. Even though he entered the faction area twenty days earlier than the average player, twenty days of construction was still not enough to guarantee that the fortress would be able to survive the continuous war. Hence, Jiang Fei wanted to look for a safer place to serve as his guild base in the faction area.

    Indeed! This time, Jiang Fei ventured out of the Dark Faction's giant fortress in order to look for a suitable place to build his own guild's fortress. As he had managed to enter the faction area twenty days earlier than the other players, it would really be a pity if Jiang Fei did nothing at all. Now, he was even felt a little regretful that he did not venture out earlier to have a look. If he came here a few days earlier, he might have been able to finish building his own fortress even before the other players manage to enter the faction area!

    After flying around for more than ten hours, Jiang Fei finally found the remains of a fortress which was in a good location. Although it was also located in between the giant fortresses of the Light and Dark Faction, it was not directly in between the line of fire. In fact, it formed an equilateral triangle with the fortresses of the Light and Dark Factions.

    Although this fortress was not on the frontal battlefield where battles between the Light and Dark Faction took place, it was in one of the corners of the Dark Faction's giant fortress. The geographical position of this fortress was excellent and there were abundant leveling areas and resource reserves around. It could be said that this was the best place to build a fortress that Jiang Fei could find on the frontlines of the war!

    After scanning through the ruins of the fortress, Jiang Fei found that this fortress was bigger in size, so there were naturally more monsters inside it. Moreover, most of the monsters were Level 70 Elites and there were even a few bosses!

    "This fortress seems powerful!" Jiang Fei rubbed his chin.

    Naturally, arriving early had its benefits. If he entered the faction area twenty days later, all the players from the four big main cities would be here. Then, there would not be enough fortress ruins no matter how many there were in this faction area. At that time, Jiang Fei would definitely not be able to leisurely pick a fortress that he liked, unlike now!

    "Okay, I'll choose you, then!" Jiang Fei finally made up his mind. This fortress was not only in an excellent location, but it was also bigger in size and there was more room for development. It was definitely the ideal area to build a guild base. Although it would require longer time and more resources to build as compared to the other fortresses, it was worth it because of its great location.

    Riding the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon, Jiang Fei descended onto the ground and began to clear the monsters.

    Even though the monsters were just Elites, they were Level 70. So, Jiang Fei was suppressed by the level difference. Jiang Fei did not dare to generate the aggro of a huge number of monsters at once. He only generated the aggro of five to ten monsters at a time, then killed the monsters together with Isabella.

    "Training in the free combat zone is awesome!" Jiang Fei exclaimed after killing a wave of monsters. He was already killing monsters that were way above his Level. As the monsters in the faction area gave ten times the normal amount of Experience Points, the amount of Experience that Jiang Fei was gaining from killing these monsters was naturally extremely high!

    After clearing up the area for about two hours, Jiang Fei finally met the first small boss. It was a Level 72 Leader boss!

    This small Leader boss's Attack Power was not particularly high, but the boss was twelve levels higher than Jiang Fei. Thus, this boss had a level suppression over him and out of every three of the boss's attacks there would be two critical hits. So, Jiang Fei had no other choice but to use his Juvenile Skygliding Dragon that had powerful Defense to serve as a Tank.

    However, even so, Jiang Fei and Isabella still faced a problem. That was, they could not hit the boss! Due to the level suppression, more than half of Jiang Fei and Isabella's attacks on the boss were misses. Even if they managed to hit the boss, they did not deal much damage!

    "F*ck! This is really annoying!" In the end, Jiang Fei transformed into his Nephilim form out of anger.

    In his Nephilim form, Jiang Fei completely ignored any Defensive attributes and his attacks would hit for sure. This way, the small Leader boss was no match for him!

    Soon, the small boss was killed and it dropped a Level 60 Cloth Armor Bracelet. It seemed like the drop rates in the faction area had increased significantly. It was almost equivalent to the Dungeons of the main cities!

    "Seems like I can only clear this place up slowly!" Jiang Fei sighed. He and Isabella could easily deal with the small monsters. However, the Defense of the bosses was too high. When this was paired with the level suppression effect, Jiang Fei had no choice but to wait for his Nephilim form to cool down before he could fight them. This meant that he could only kill a small boss every four hours. If he wanted to clear this whole place, he would need at least two days.
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