476 Ghost Commander

    After fighting for some time, Yang Po began to feel restless. Despite giving it her best shot, she had not been able to force Jiang Fei to use his trump card. Jiang Fei was able to fight her to a draw by being just as agile as she was and using low-tier martial arts techniques that were not any weaker than her high-tier martial arts techniques.

    "That's it! I'm done fighting! Brother Jiang, you are a bully!" After a half-hearted attack, Yang Po jumped out of the arena. Although she still had some unused ultimate techniques, those were far too strong for the occasion. Moreover, she could not control them as well as she would like to. Once she used them, there was a chance she might hurt Jiang Fei or force him to use an even stronger martial arts technique to counter her which might cause severe damage upon herself. Those were not consequences she was prepared to face.

    "Hehe, little sister Yang Po, you are far too lenient..." Although Jiang Fei was being polite about it, he was secretly overjoyed. After all, he had only spent a few days training and yet he could already end up with a draw when going against a talented martial artist like Yang Po. On top of that, he did not have to rely on the powers of his equipment, which was already a huge accomplishment for Jiang Fei.

    "Woah! Woah! Brother Jiang, you are amazing! You only used middle-tier Level 3 powers and low-tier martial arts techniques to draw against my sister!" Unlike Yang Po, Yang Qing did not care too much about winning or losing. She immediately hopped over to Jiang Fei and flirted with him by hugging his arm.

    Despite that, Yang Po and Yang Qing were twins. This meant the two had similar minds and thoughts. Naturally, Yang Qing could very much relate to Yang Po's plot to acquire the secret technique from Jiang Fei which allowed low-tier martial arts techniques to exhibit the might of high-tier martial arts techniques.

    If a martial artist were to acquire that secret technique, he would be able to increase his capabilities significantly. He may even be able to use high-tier martial arts techniques to challenge stronger opponents of a much higher level. Therefore, the secret technique Jiang Fei was believed to have was an irresistible temptation to both the sisters and the entire Aquamoon Heavenly Palace.

    For the rest of the day, although Jiang Fei and the sisters continued to train in the martial arts center, Yang Po's eyes never left Jiang Fei. She was seemingly trying to capture traces of his secret technique while observing his training process. Yang Qing, on the other hand, became even more intimate with Jiang Fei. Whenever Jiang Fei took a break from training, she would cling to his arm.

    After returning home in the evening, the sisters became even more diligent. They did everything they could to entertain Jiang Fei's mother and, as a result, kept a smile on her face throughout the evening.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Sigh!" Jiang Fei sighed as he thought to himself. He had conflicting thoughts about what was going on. As Jiang Fei's father was very busy with work and was rarely home, and Jiang Fei had to go to school, his mother would usually be alone and bored at home as a housewife. Jiang Fei rarely saw his mother this happy. Therefore, he was quite glad about how the sisters were able to make his mother experience so much joy. However, he knew that the sisters had ulterior motives. Otherwise, he would not have kept his guard up.

    Jiang Fei could not shake off the dilemma in his heart. After eating dinner with the three women in the house, and after some mindless chatter, he returned to his own room. The Yang sisters, on the other hand, accompanied his mother to watch soap operas.

    At night, Jiang Fei logged in to the gaming world right on time.

    After the full day of hard work yesterday, Jiang Fei had managed to kill most of the small monsters in the Fortress Ruins. There were only two monsters left-one big, one small. After logging in, the first thing Jiang Fei did was transform into his Nephilim form. He then killed the Leader level small monster with Isabella and scouted the area surrounding the Ruins, whilst drawing a map of the resources scattered around.

    Once Jiang Fei was done with those activities, the four-hour cooldown period for his Nephilim transformation was also over. He made the transformation and returned to the center of the Fortress Ruins with Isabella to get rid of the final big monster.

    Ghost Commander Walkers (Specter, Intermediate Lord)

    Level: 75

    Health Points: 15,000,000

    Attack Power: 35,000

    Skills: Death Gaze, Smash, Swipe, Tornado Slash, Deadly Blade Aura, Sword Storm.

    Death Gaze: Ghost Commander Walkers deals 6,000 damage points to all enemy targets in a 50-meter radius every second.

    Smash: Walkers instantly deals a strong blow at an enemy target, causing damage equivalent to 1.5x of Attack Power.

    Swipe: Ghost Commander Walkers' normal attack will deal damage to all enemies in front of him.

    Tornado Slash: Ghost Commander Walkers swings his weapon to deal significant damage to all enemies around him.

    Deadly Blade Aura: Walkers releases a blade aura to deal a large amount of damage to enemies in front of him in a 100-meter radius.

    Blade Fury: Walkers starts to spin with his weapon held horizontally. He continuously deals a large amount of damage to enemies in a 20-meter radius around him and his movement speed is increased by 100%. The effect lasts for 10 seconds. For every enemy Walkers kills, the duration of Blade Fury increases by 3 seconds.

    Remark: A commander who used to guard the Fortress. Although he had already died in battle, he continues to guard the area. Anyone who tries to invade his Fortress will face destructive damage.

    "What a strong opponent!" When Jiang Fei saw his attributes, he could not help but take in a deep breath.

    "Come on! Let's get to it!" After taking in another deep breath, he steered the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon toward the monster. As the monster was Level 75, Isabella would not be able to deal any damage in her untransformed state. Therefore, Jiang Fei decided to leave Isabella behind and attempted to fight the monster on his own.

    Crack! Just as Jiang Fei approached the monster, a purple thunderbolt struck Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei's skin instantly turned purple. Simultaneously, wings began to extend out of his back and a huge horn appeared on his forehead.



    Before Jiang Fei could even lash out, he and the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon were each burnt by the Death Gaze when they had only started to get close to the monster.

    Shuffle! Jiang Fei swayed the giant hammer in his hand as a bright blade shaped like a crescent moon was hurled toward the Ghost Commander.


    After transforming into the Nephilim form, Jiang Fei could completely ignore his enemy's Defense attribute. Therefore, even without Ruthless Barrage's stacked attacks, his damage output was still shockingly high. Moreover, the Lifesteal effect after transforming allowed Jiang Fei to recover Health Points lost by both the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and himself.

    "How dare you invade my Fortress, intruder!" Jiang Fei's move to attack immediately activated the monster's aggro.

    Shuffle! The monster swayed the huge blade in his hand in a similar fashion and struck the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon right on its abdomen.


    'This monster is indeed strong!' Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    Due to the Armor of Destruction, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had a base Defense of 10,000 points, on top of the additional 300 Defense points for every level Jiang Fei currently had. Therefore, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon had a total of 28,000 Defense Points. Additionally, it also had a 50% Damage Reduction. Despite having such strong defensive abilities, the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon still lost close to 10,000 Health Points. Therefore, it was clear that the Attack Power of the monster was truly formidable due to the level difference.

    "Come on! Let's see who wins and who loses!" Jiang Fei immediately swung his giant hammer as strips of crescent-shaped blades landed on the monster's body. The damage output increased as the stacks from Ruthless Barrage increased.

    The monster retaliated without hesitation, as each of his attacks took away a large portion of the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon's Health Points.
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