478 Epic Hidden Ques

    Divine Marksman's Skill: Dusk's Bow was a powerful skill but it could not be compared to the powers of Forbidden Spells. Even so, the value of the skill lied not at the range of the skill but at the targets.

    A Forbidden Spell was a large nuke spell which was akin to a nuclear bomb. The destructive power lied in the massive area and killing power. The Divine Marksman's skill, on the other hand, was one that had the destructive power of a railgun-a straight line that would effectively kill all that was in it. It was a sniping skill that could instantly kill the enemy's commander.

    A Divine Marksman would be the perfect counter to a Forbidden Spell user. Their skill range was much further than a magician and they could kill him or her before they knew it!

    The skill book that Jiang Fei had just obtained was not considered to be the strongest as its range was not the longest, nor was its power the strongest. It did have its own weakness. Once the skill was activated, anyone could dodge it if they could see it coming. Those that had been stunned or bound would feel the most threatened.

    A Forbidden Spell user would be completely helpless against this skill. When a magician cast a powerful skill that required a long period of time, they would use Mana Shield on themselves as well as have many warriors and other players protect them. The biggest drawback was that once the magician started to cast, they could not move. Dusk's Bow was a skill that could penetrate all protection, be it warriors or Mana Shields. If the enemy had this skill and was able to detect the presence of a Forbidden Spell user, that Forbidden Spell user would surely be killed before the Forbidden Spell could be unleashed.

    That was why Dusk's Bow was the ultimate counter for a Forbidden Spell user.

    "Who should I give this book to...?"

    Now that he thought of it, there were not many bow users in his guild and even fewer that stood out. The main problem was he was not close to a single one of them! He could not just simply give out the skill book even if he had a guild member that was really strong.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.

    "Might as well keep it first."

    Jiang Fei kept the skill book in the ring's inventory and looted the other items.

    The last item was a small letter that was sealed with a wax seal.

    Top Secret: The Divine Light Fortress' Plot (Quest Item, Epic)

    Use: Starts an Epic-tier Hidden Quest.

    Level Requirement: 60

    "A hidden quest!"

    Jiang Fei was delighted. Hidden quests would surely garner a large number of Experience Points as well as rewards! What's more, it was an Epic-tier Hidden Quest! The rewards would surely be grand!

    Jiang Fei activated the letter and the system notification popped out.

    Quest: Urgent Document!

    Quest Description: Deliver this top secret letter to Frontline Commander Ivan.

    Quest Time Limit: One Hour!

    Quest Reward: 200,000 Experience Points, 50 Gold Coins

    "Not much but good enough!" said Jiang Fei. Even though the first quest was a running quest, it would surely lead him to better ones.

    The location of Commander Ivan was not hard to find since the quest would automatically show his location on the minimap. Most importantly, he was in the Dark Faction's Giant Fortress, the Demon Flame Fortress. The Divine Light Fortress that the quest had mentioned was the giant golden fortress that he saw in the Light Faction.

    After collecting all the items on the ground, Jiang Fei quickly headed toward the core of the fortress. He then claimed this entire fortress with the authority as a guild master.

    After that, Jiang Fei flew toward the Demon Flame Fortress with the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. He needed to go there anyway since he needed to hire NPC workers for the fortress construction as well as the quest submission. Since he needed to be quick, Jiang Fei skipped the NPC hiring and went straight to the main hall to search for Commander Ivan.

    "Hold!" said one of the NPC guard that was standing guard at the entrance.

    "I need to speak with the commander in chief!"

    "Respected Demon Explorer, you may not enter the commander's hall as you do not possess enough authority!" said the guard politely as Jiang Fei was both an Explorer and a Demon race. He had the priority then.

    "I have an important top secret document for the commander!" said Jiang Fei as he showed the quest item to the guard.

    "Please wait, my lord. I will report this to the commander!" said the NPC before he left.

    In less than 30 seconds, the NPC came back and said, "My lord, if you would, please follow me!"

    "Thank you!"

    The NPC guard opened the doors and led Jiang Fei inside the hall. No matter how Jiang Fei looked, the hall was designed to be the central commanding station. Desk and tables filled the room and there were papers and scrolls scattered everywhere. Naturally, there were decorations designed to look like the hall of the Dark Faction. Banners and sigils were that of the Dark Faction.

    "Lord Commander, the Demon Explorer is here!" said the NPC guard as he announced Jiang Fei's presence to Commander Ivan.

    There were three other NPCs. Jiang Fei could see all their names and properties due to the ring's cheating ability. Sitting in the middle of the huge meeting table was the Pure-blood Nephilim Frontline Commander Ivan. The other two were mixed-blood demons. The one on the left was a Mo'arg demon race, Demolition General Frizt. The one on the right was a Vengeful Knight, Knights Commander Heinz.

    They were all Level 85 Peak Lord-tier bosses that were almost as strong as an Overlord-tier boss.

    "Brother, what brings you here?" said Ivan. He saw Jiang Fei as someone close since they were both pure-blood Demons.

    "Lord Commander, I have incidentally acquired this top secret document. As it seemed urgent, I have decided to come to you!" said Jiang Fei as he handed over the quest item to him.

    Ding! Quest Completed! You have obtained 200,000 Experience Points, 50 Gold Coins!

    The first step of the quest was easy, hence the amount of Experience Points and gold coins received were not too grand.

    "This is the handwriting of Walkers..." said Ivan as he started to tremble.

    "General Walkers had perished..." said Jiang Fei, unable to admit that he was the one that had killed him. Technically speaking, Walkers had already died when Jiang Fei arrived. He had merely killed his wandering spirit. If he had fought Walkers when he was still alive, Jiang Fei would not be talking to Ivan then!

    "Sigh... Looks like the worst case scenario has occurred!" said Ivan.
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