481 Brute Force

    After Jiang Fei had silently killed all four of the guards in the tower, he moved down instead of installing the explosives. His reason was simple. He did not want to lose the element of surprise yet. Once the bomb went off, the Light Faction army would swarm to this tower and Jiang Fei would not be able to stay hidden for long.

    Once they were out of the tower, Isabella cast Hidden Shadow again and the duo stealthily went into the second tower, the third, and the fourth to kill all the guards. 15 minutes later, all guards in all four towers were eliminated.

    "What comes next relies on speed!" said Jiang Fei as he was about to install the first explosive.

    When the progress bar finished, Jiang Fei immediately rushed toward the second tower without looking back to check on the bomb. By the time Jiang Fei had only just reached the second tower, the explosives on the first tower detonated, destroying it.

    Jiang Fei had no time to turn around to enjoy the fireworks. He had to make haste toward the second tower to install the next explosives.

    "Tsk... 30 seconds is just too short..." said Jiang Fei as he installed the second explosive.


    "Something is happening?! Soldier, go and find out what it was!"

    "Oh no, the Defense Tower in the North-East has been destroyed!"

    "Where're all the guards! Go and find out what is going on!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click  for visiting.


    Just as Jiang Fei was headed toward the third tower, the entire town had started to stir. However, the NPCs in the town were not in chaos. It was, after all, a military base. Everyone was organized and mannered. When the first tower was destroyed, the soldier's first reaction was to investigate the site. Since they did not know that Jiang Fei was going to destroy all the towers, the NPCs did not send anyone to the other three towers.

    It was a good chance for Jiang Fei to slip past many unsuspecting eyes as he made his way toward the third tower. Concurrently, the second explosive in the second tower detonated.

    Another burst of powerful shock wave was heard and another tower was reduced to rubble.

    "What is going on?!"

    "Captain sir, the North-East tower as well as the North-West tower has been destroyed! There's no sign of an attack!"

    "Well, why don't you find out who did this and report back to me with more useful information!"



    The third tower was destroyed.

    "Captain sir, the tower in the South-West has been destroyed too. Shall we go and investigate there?"

    "Oh my god. What a waste of ration for you dimwitted lots! Can't you see that someone is targeting all the towers in this base? Go and secure the South-East tower! We cannot allow whoever they are to destroy the last one!" said the Captain Guard.

    While they were having the conversation, Jiang Fei was already in the South-East tower, installing the explosive.

    And by the time Jiang Fei was leaving with Isabella, he saw a large group of guards coming into the tower.

    "Haha, good reaction but it's still too slow!"

    Jiang Fei was literally running against the large group of guards without them noticing him. They were too engrossed with the task in hand that they did not notice a presence moving toward them!

    Jiang Fei did not care to stop the guards from protecting the tower since the bomb had less than 10 seconds before detonation. By the time they arrived, the tower would be destroyed.


    Ding! You have killed a Light Faction Member. Obtained 150,000 Experience Points, 300 Honor Points, 50 silver coins!


    Right after the explosion, Jiang Fei gained a number of system notifications.

    "Not bad! Free Experience Points!" said Jiang Fei happily. Currently, the two of them were rushing toward the South Gate's Teleportation Circle.

    Dong... Dong... Dong...

    The bells in the church rung, alerting the entire town of an imminent attack. All the shops and merchant stalls were closed and NPC guards were all gathered at the nearest Defense Tower that was already been reduced to rubble. The Teleportation Circle had two additional guards as reinforcements but it was nothing that Jiang Fei could not handle.

    At this point, there was no need for him to remain in the shadows. He leaped forward, breaking out of his Stealth and attacked the guards around the Teleportation Circle. He needed to grasp every single second. If the town's Captain Guard was fast enough, he might have already sent his request for reinforcements from a nearby fortress.

    Crack! Thump!

    A bolt of violet lightning struck down and Jiang Fei was in his Demon Form.

    Like hungry lions, Jiang Fei and Isabella charged in without giving the enemy a chance to strike back. They were Level 70 Advanced Elite-tier monsters. It would be fair to say that Jiang Fei using his Demon Form to fight was a massive overkill.

    In less than 30 seconds, all guards that were stationed at the Teleportation Circle were killed.

    "Bella, there's no way but to brute force our way through the next target!" said Jiang Fei after the bomb was planted on the Teleportation Circle.

    "I understand!" Isabella nodded.

    The reason Jiang Fei said such a thing was due to that fact that there were already oncoming soldiers pouring out from the Teleportation Circle. Jiang Fei tried his best to keep the soldiers by pushing them back against the flow. If they were allowed to spawn limitlessly, not even Jiang Fei could stand long.

    "19... 20... 21..."

    Jiang Fei counted until there were 5 seconds left. At that point, Jiang Fei stopped pushing back the enemies and dragged Isabella as far as he could from the Teleportation Circle.

    "26... 27... 28... 29... 30!"


    The bomb detonated just as Jiang Fei had managed to get to a safe distance away. All the soldiers that were coming out of the Teleportation Circle were instantly killed.

    "Bella, I need your help! We're breaking past the soldiers!" said Jiang Fei as he summoned the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon and flew up without her. Isabella immediately understood what he needed and turned into a Demon Dragon.

    There was no need for stealth at this point since there was only one target left. Moreover, there were just too many soldiers that were gathering at the church. Jiang Fei alone could not handle that many enemies.

    "Oh merciful lord of light, please deliver us from damnation!"

    "T-That's a dragon! NO! There are two dragons!"

    "Oh lord, have thou forsaken us!"


    When a huge dragon and a medium sized dragon appeared in the sky, the higher intelligence NPCs were freaked out. Those that were not programmed with higher intelligence merely charged toward Jiang Fei and Isabella, ignoring the fact that they were dragons!

    Jiang Fei swooped down and attacked all that he got close to. With his Demon Form still active, Jiang Fei could still take a hit without being in danger.


    Isabella roared deafeningly and activated a new skill that she had just unlocked; the Dragon Form AoE Magic, Dark Light!

    Needle-like rays of black light came raining down from under Isabella's huge wings. Those that were inflicted by the skill melted like candle wax.

    Cries of pain and suffering were heard as the skill was unleashed. Thousands of soldiers that came out from the church were killed with just one swoop.
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