482 Ring of Decimation

    There was only one Teleportation Circle left in the town and it was situated right behind the huge church. Countless soldiers came pouring out of the church, but Isabella's powerful attacks killed them all like a sickle cutting through weed. Taking this chance, Jiang Fei was able to plant the explosive easily uninterrupted.

    "Stop that man!" someone cried, spotting Jiang Fei. In the beginning, they were all paying attention to how strong Isabella was and knew that it would be safer to hide at the back. That was how they were able to spot Jiang Fei's fishy actions. They understood that the four Defense towers and one Teleportation Circle were destroyed by him. Knowing what he was doing and what he would do next, they could not stand idly by. If Jiang Fei destroyed the last Teleportation Circle, they would be cut off from any support and reinforcements. The closest fortress would be 3 hours away. Isabella, the Demon Dragon, would have killed them all by the time anyone came to save them.

    The NPCs understood that there was nothing but defeat if Jiang Fei were to destroy the Teleportation Circle. Hence, with nothing else to lose, they charged in, hoping to save their one last beacon of hope.

    "Bella! Stop them!" cried Jiang Fei as more than ten of the high officers that were charging toward him were at least Level 70 Lord-tier bosses. Even though Jiang Fei was able to fend them off in his Demon Form, there was still a chance for him to lose since he had no time to plan the counterattack. Moreover, there were too many of them. If even one of them got past him and destroyed the explosive on the Teleportation Circle, Jiang Fei would fail his quest!

    Isabella roared and glided downward to ram the officers.

    Having higher artificial intelligence, these NPCs started to retreat as a huge dragon came down from the sky. Even though it was a now or never situation, they could not even hope to defeat a 30-meter long Demon Dragon!

    "Bella! I'm counting on you now! Please hold on for at least 30 seconds!" cried Jiang Fei as he charged forward to plant the explosive on the Teleportation Circle.

    Isabella nodded her dragon head and started to spew fire all over the route to prevent anyone from coming closer to Jiang Fei. Dragon Breath was powerful but it was only able to stop the NPCs in their tracks and nothing more. They were all too good in dodging attacks. Still, the attack was large enough to deal a significant amount of damage in just one hit.

    "There's no time left! We cannot allow that man to set off the bomb! It's die trying or die either way!" cried one of the officers. They were truly desperate then. The soldiers that were coming out of the Teleportation Circle were stopped by Jiang Fei and the huge dragon was blocking their path!

    Desperate, the officers rushed toward Isabella and started to attack.

    Even though all of them had the Level advantage against Isabella, she had an exorbitant amount of Defense that those Level 70 Lord-tier bosses could not break!

    "Thank you, Bella! Please go as far as you can!" cried Jiang Fei when the bomb was near to detonation. He immediately activated Qilin's Protection. With Invulnerability, Jiang Fei would be safe from the explosion.


    A huge mushroom cloud rose up to the sky and the last Teleportation Circle connecting this town to the outside world was destroyed. All reinforcements were cut off!

    "Oops! Looks like you're on your own now! Time for me to summon my own reinforcements!" said Jiang Fei as he laughed. He took out the device that Ivan had given him and opened it up to form a small Teleportation Circle.

    "Damn you! You're one of the Demon race!" cried one of the officers.

    "Huh? Are they blind?" said Jiang Fei as he rolled his eyes. He was fighting in his Demon form the whole time and Isabella was in her Demon Dragon form. How could they not know what he was? His transformed form was a pure-blood demon! It seemed that the NPCs were only programmed to recognize the Demon race via special methods instead of relying on their eyes.

    "How dumb are they? The officers of the Light Faction have been fighting for ages against the Dark Faction! How could they not know that I am of the Demon race?"

    Naturally, there was a good reason why this happened. It was the fault of the designers and programmers. They were just too lazy. Implementing higher artificial intelligence in NPCs was not an easy task. Each NPC must have their own specific coding that required weeks or even months of work! The designers and programmers must have thought that these NPCs were not important to the story plot, hence, their lack of attention to detail. Due to this conception, only NPCs and bosses that were of higher levels and were not part of dungeon maps were granted higher artificial intelligence. Other NPCs such as dungeon bosses as well as NPC guards and soldiers were only granted a specific set of programming to follow. Those were the kind that responded to only a certain input.

    Currently, Jiang Fei finished setting up the mini Teleportation Circle. He no longer cared about the reason behind how dumb the officers of the Light Faction were. Right now, there was a sea of soldiers coming through the portal and into the small town!

    "Well done brother! I'd never thought that you would finish the mission this quickly! I haven't even finished my meal!" said Heinz the Knights Commander as he stepped out of the portal.

    "Haha! This little one is not worthy of your praise!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Hoho! Your humble act of bravery shall not go unrewarded!" said Heinz.

    Ding! You have completed the Hidden Quest, An Eye for An Eye!

    Ding! You have obtained 40,000,000 Experience Points, 1,000 Gold Coins, Ring of Decimation!

    Your Reputation Points in the Demon Race has increased by 1,000 points. You have gained 500 Reputation Points in the Dark Faction!

    Ding! Congratulations to Player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 61! All Attributes +1! Obtained 5 Attribution Points!

    "Nice!" Jiang Fei smiled happily.

    Even though it was just one level, reaching Level 61 was a huge leap for Jiang Fei. Many of the enemies in this map were all Level 70 and above. Reaching Level 61 would immediately remove the Level Suppression System that was in effect when he was still at Level 60!

    Now that the quest was over, Jiang Fei opened his inventory and examined the Ring of Decimation.

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    Magic Attack +1,000

    Intelligence: +200

    Vitality: +50

    Equip: Grants a passive skill - Decimate. Strengthen Forbidden Spells. Increase AoE diameter by 50%, damage by 40%!

    Level Requirement: 60
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